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The September Classic

Schedule: Click Here

Rules: Click Here

1. Pitching: 6' - Unlimited Arc

2. 2 Home Runs Max per team

Reporting Scores

As discussed at the league meeting, the score reporting process has changed for this year.  The winning team rep will email the score to:

Please send the score in this format:

Day & Date  
Game Time  
Winning Team Name: Score  
Losing Team Name: Score  


Monday Aug 14th  
5:45 PM   
Men's Div 4  
Strath A  
Aftershock: 10   
Dugout Mafia: 5  


Monday Aug 14th  
6:45 PM  
Men's Div 1  
Strath B  
The Naturals: 7  
PopATop: Forfeit  

Coed Playoff Pics

2017 SSM Slo-Pitch League Rule Changes