2018 Local League Game Rules

Major Division - Updated 4/18/2017

Minor Division - Updated 4/18/2017

Rookie Division

Game Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel only out of necessity, not convenience.
  • Cancellations reported by home team to assigned umpire, opposing coach, town representative, and website scheduler.
  • Cancellations due to weather require 2 hour notice or you will be liable for the umpire's fees.
  • All other cancellations require 24 hour notice or you will be liable for the umpire's fees.


Team Rosters

  • Minor and Major division teams must have between 12 and 15 players or have special permission from the League.
  • If a team will have fewer than 10 players for a game, the team may call up enough players from a lower level rostered team to make a team of 10.
  • If a player is called up five times in a season, they will be re-rostered to the higher division.
  • Players may only participate in the playoffs for the division they are rostered in. This means that callups during playoffs are not permitted.
  • 12 year old players must play in the Major division or have special permission from the league. Note that 12 year olds are not permitted to pitch in the Minor division if the exception is granted.
  • Towns with more than one team in a division must hold a draft that distributes the talent evenly. No "stacking" teams. The town's league representative is responsible for making sure this happens and is accountable.
  • Towns must make an honest effort to field a Major division team. Minor division teams that are "stacked" with otherwise Major players create disparity within the league and a negative experience. If a town is at risk of not fielding a Major division team, the league must be notified so options can be discussed, such as offering rosters spots in other towns that have space.
  • The intention of these rules are to encourage fair play and parity within the league. Any violation of the above rules may be subject to discipline from the league, which may include playoff ineligibility.

Local League Playoff Procedures

2017 Tournament Hosts

Minor Division - Barnstead

Tamra Burke

Major Division - Loudon

Breane Mullen


We use pool play tie breakers to determine the standings.
  1. Win/Loss Record. Ties equal 1/2 win.
  2. Head-to-Head Record
  3. Runs Against
  4. Run Differential (Max of 10 runs per game)

*The website standings feature does not support Head-to-Head record tie breakers, so actual standings may differ from what is shown.

Playoff Procedures

  1. Tournament playing rules apply (11.05).
  2. All local league rules apply except there is no time limit and games must end with a winner (No ties).
  3. Only players listed on the team roster may participate. No callups. A game played with a player not rostered on the team will be forfeited.
  4. Use the player's first and last name on the lineup card and score book.
  5. The official score keeper is the official book for the tournament. The book must clearly record the score and pitches thrown for each pitcher.
  6. After each game, the head coach from each team must sign the official score book.
  7. If a game is tied after 6 innings, the game will go into extra innings until there is a winner.
  8. Rainouts and reschedules are to be notified by e-mail and a phone call to the coaches of the affected teams.

Playoff Host Responsibilities


  1. One person must be named as the 'Tournament Coordinator'. This person will be accountable for ensuring the Tournament Host responsibilities are fulfilled.
  2. Each game must be scored by an official score keeper.
  3. After each game, have the head coach from both teams sign the official score book. If a game is played off-site, someone attending the game must be appointed to conduct these tasks and forward the necessary information to the Tournament Coordinator. Contact the town representative for assistance in identifying that person prior to the start of the tournament.
  4. If there is an issue with the roster or pitch count that may result in a forfeited game, the League President must be notified for a final ruling. If the League President is not reachable, the Vice President has the authority to rule in the President's absence.
  5. The latest bracket should be publicly posted on-site.
  6. Use only official Cal Ripken stamped baseballs.
  7. One patched umpire may be used for all games except the championship games. Championship games or series will have two patched umpires.
  8. A copy of team rosters can be acquired from the league President.
  9. Tournament awards can be acquired from the league President.