All-Star Evaluation Procedure and Documents


  1. The All-Star coach appointed by the board will host a tryout for the All-star team at an agreed upon location and time.
  2. The coach must provide evaluation packets for 7 evaluators (one per town). The evaluation packet includes copies of the evaluation criteria and an evaluation form.
  3. Print a copy of the Player Registration and Evaluator Registration Forms
  4. Print a few copies of the Player All-Star Consideration Form.
  5. Have material to attach numbers to player's shirts. Large mailing labels work well.

Tryout Day

  1. Designate one person to manage registrations.
  2. Players must register when they arrive at the tryout. They must show a birth certificate and submit the Player All-Star Consideration Form.
  3. Verify they are the correct age for the tryout. Their 'Cal Ripken age' is their age on April 30.
    • 10U (Must be age 10 or under as of April 30)
    • 12U (Must be age 11 or 12 as of April 30)
  1. On the Player All-Star Consideration Form in the Official Use Only section, verify the player's birth date from their birth certificate and sign form.
  2. Give each player a number that corresponds to their slot on the registration form. The number should be clearly visible and attached to their shirt.
  3. Evaluators must register when they arrive each tryout day. Only one evaluator per town. If there is no evaluator for a town, the coach may ask the audience if there is a representative from the town that would willing to evaluate.
  4. At the end of the evaluation collect all evaluation packets.