Football Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season start and end?

The season starts with our football camp in late July and ends in early/mid-November (depending on our involvement in Playoffs!).


When is the Football camp & is it Mandatory?

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How are teams split & who is my kid’s coach?

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If I have multiple kids in the program (multiple football players or kids in cheer as well as football) can I ensure that my kids are together on the same team or my cheerleader cheers for my football player's team?

If the children’s ages work out that way, yes. However, due to safety concerns and age restrictions we must follow when it comes to forming our competition/football teams, we will not move a cheerleader or football player out of their age-assigned team. In the past our TJF program parents have been great at working together and taking turns carpooling to games and practices to make the lives of those with kids in multiple activities easier.


When & Where are Practices?

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When & Where are Games?

Football games are most often held on Saturdays. All Home games are held at the Timberlane Regional High School field. Addresses and check-in times for away games will be sent out the week of the game. Furthest away game in prior years has been about an hour drive, depending on traffic.


What kind of gear does TJF provide and what does my football player need?

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Can my football player be involved in other sports during the season?

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