Program Frequently Asked Questions


 Uniform / Equipment Deposits

Cheer Uniforms: $100.00

Football Equipment: $300.00

Deposit check must be post-dated for November first of the season year and provided to the head coach prior to hand-out of equipment/uniform. Uniform/equipment must be returned in full and similar condition as handed out at the end of the season to not have the deposit cashed by TJF&C. 


Volunteer Time

2 hours per child registered during the course of the season. 


Calendar Fundraiser

The calendar raffle is our main fundraiser of the season.  Here is how it works!

You pay upfront for your calendars with your registration fees. Once you have sold the calendars to family and friends, you keep that money since you prepaid for the calendars. Remember to fill out the calendar ticket and return those to us by the deadline set each season. Now sit back and wait for October 1st when we will begin drawing the names of the winners. 

Winners will be posted on our Facebook page.



 As soon as store is open, you will be notified via Email and band notification. 



Band is our communication tool utilized to update parents on practice locations/cancellations, addresses and check-in times for games, volunteer opportunities, etc. Please download the Band app and once you are registered for the season, you will obtain an invite to the Band group your athlete belongs to.