Rules & Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1. Team rosters cannot consist of more than 25 players. The final roster date is August 1, and rosters cannot be changed for the remainder of the season. 

2. ID cards should be the players' Drivers License and must have a clear picture on it. If the face of any individual is not clear or recognizable, the referee has the authority to not allow that player to play. Every player has to have a piece of ID at each game. Without it, the referee has the right to deny a player from playing. There should be one game sheet list for the league and one to give to the referee. 

3. There will be a $25.00 fine for any team not clearly printing the names of all their players in order for the referee and the commissioner to be able to identify them.  

4. The referee will call slide tackles and rough physical contact, with the exception of goalies, who are allowed to slide inside their 18 yard area to get the ball. 

5. All teams make the play-offs. The play-offs are to be played in two groups; a Championship group A and a Consolation group B. The groups are determined by the final standings at the end of the regular season. 

6. All team rosters and pictures must be in the commissioner's hand by the teams' first game of the season. All players must meet the minimum age requirement of 45, or have a birthday that will make that player 45 years old by the end of the current calendar year.

  • Players under 45 years old (grandfathered from prior years) are not allowed to switch teams. They may do so in the year in which they turn 45 years old.
  • Once grandfathered players reach 45 or are no longer on the roster, each team can carry a maximum of two players between 40 – 44 years of age at any one time.

7. Every team pays $2,000.00 for the outdoor season. The first payment, in the amount of $1,000.00, is to be made at the annual meeting. The second payment of $1,000.00 is to be paid by the 1st of July. If payments are not received on time, teams will be given a one week grace period. If at that time payment is still not received, such team may be suspended and will have to pay the full season amount on the first payment date the following year. Any fines outstanding or defense fund must also be paid by the first game of the season.

8. The league will keep the amount of teams to a maximum of 10 teams. 

9. The Board is as follows; 
   - PRESIDENT = Manuel Felgueiras, Portuguese Oldtimers
   - VICE-PRESIDENT = Derek Simpson, Thistle

  -  Secretary/Treasurer = Miro Gospic, Croatia

10. The league is not responsible for any player, or individual that gets hurt during the game. Every player is responsible for his own insurance coverage. 

11. Any team not present at any meeting regarding league matters will be fined $25.00 for the first absence, $50.00 for the second absence, and will be subject to a disciplinary meeting if absent a 3rd time. 

12. Teams that fail to put a team on the field of at least 8 players within 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the game will lose the game 3-0 and be fined $50.00 for the first and second offenses. Teams will be subject to a disciplinary hearing and may be kicked out of the league after the third offense. 

13. Teams that start with 8 players but fail to put the 9th player on the field within 15 minutes of the game start time will lose the game by 3-0 and be fined $50.00 for the first and second offenses. Teams will be subject to a disciplinary hearing and may be kicked out of the league after the third offense. 

14. Anyone that is suspended from another league is not able to participate in the Old Timers League until his case is heard by the Old Timers League Commissioner and a decision is made. 

15. To postpone a game, a team must contact the Commissioner 7 days prior to the game. It will be at the discretion of the Commissioner to postpone such game. 

16. Any team in a protest of any kind to the Old Timers League must present a $200.00 cheque to the league. If the protest is lost, the cheque will be deposited and kept by the league furthermore appeals must be presented within 48 hours of notification to the team representative of the suspension.

17. The Old Timers League has its own rules and regulations however the league obeys FIFA's rules on all aspects of the game where any difference is not clearly stated or defined by the Old Timers League. 

18. Any team using an illegal player will lose 3 points for the game, and their bond will be taken away. 

19. All players must play at least 6 games during the regular season in order to participate/play in the play-offs. 

20. New teams in the league are under a one year probation and must present a bond with the league. 


22. The league is formed with a disciplinary commission formed by four teams, and the commissioner. The four teams are; BRITTANIA, THISTLE, POMPEY and PORTUGUESE. If any of these teams are involved in any disciplinary action, they will be replaced by another league team. 

23. No alcohol is permitted on the field of play for the duration of the game. Any member of the team that is not participating in a game and caught with alcohol will lose the points for that game and will be fined. 

24. Any referee that is appointed to a game and does not show up without justification to the commissioner will be fined $50.00. If a referee shows up at the field and the game is cancelled due to circumstances beyond his control, he will be paid a minimum of $20.00. 

25. In order for a player to transfer to another team, the process is as follows;

             a) The player must verbally notify the old team manager.

             b) The commissioner must receive an email from the new team manager confirming that a) has occurred.

             c) The new team manager must contact the old team manager and the commissioner to ensure everything is in order.    

            d) The outgoing player must return the uniform and settle all dues to old team before he is allowed to play on another team.

26. Any team that folds cannot be taken over by any other person or group. Any team or person that comes forward to represent a team must be accepted by the whole league. Should any team be caught in any financial exchange, that team, and any individuals involved, will be banned from the league.

27. For a score line to be considered final and the game to be considered completed, at least 60 minutes (2/3) of the game must have been played. If less than 60 minutes was played and the game is called due to weather (or any other circumstance that forces the stoppage of the game), the time remaining, unplayed time, must be played at some time in the future for the game to be considered complete. The score in effect at the time the game was stopped prematurely will be the starting score in the remaining time to be played in the future.

28. The Home Team must have a second set of alternate uniforms at home games (or pinneys) should both teams have similar colors or at the request of the referee.

29. Any player or team representative who verbally abuses any league official, including referees, will be suspended immediately. The length of the suspension will be determined at a later date by the commissioner and each case will be judged on a case by case basis.

 30. Where the commissioner is present at a game, his report will supersede the referee report.

31. Only the official team representative/delegate on record can communicate with the league commissioner. Any inquiries, requests or comments by non-official team reps will be ignored.