Mike O'Hara Tournament

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Tournament Bracket

Local Rules

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1. The Ontario Baseball Association (OBA) constitution and its’ official rules shall apply (rules can be found on the OBA website click on Baseball Ontario Playing Rules 2019, See the local rules for tournament format and tie-breaking rules.

2. Payment of the entry fee will apply as an appearance bond and will not be refundable.

3. Teams will no longer be required to complete a tournament sign-in sheet. You will still need to provide your OBA team number (4-digit #). Teams must have copies of affiliate-approved or OBA-approved rosters with them upon request of the convener to verify a player, but do not have to leave a copy with the convener.

4. Managers and coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players and anyone involved with their team, both on and off the field.

5. Line-up cards must be presented to the official scorer at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the game on the official form provided.

6. Infield practice will not be allowed before any game. No batting practice against fences will be allowed.

7. The home field team will be determined by the toss of a coin prior to each game. The team that has travelled the furthest will make the call. If the Tournament Convener does not provide one, the home team will be the Official Scorer.

8. Pitch Counts of the “Official Pitch Counter” will be the only numbers used by the Umpires during a game regardless of what numbers (Pitch Counts) any coach or spectator may have – no appeal or protest of the numbers recorded will be permitted.

Note: It is recommended that coaches check the Pitch Count of a pitcher as recorded by the “Official Pitch Counter” at the conclusion of each inning.

9. In the event that a game is suspended because of rain, lightning, darkness and/or other circumstances prior to it becoming an official game; (OBA P7.3 m): A 7-inning game will be considered an official game after 4 innings of play or 31/2 innings if the home team is ahead.) the game shall be resumed from the point of suspension. In cases of rain and/or other delays the tournament schedule may be revised at the discretion of the Tournament Convener.

10. All protests must be ruled on at the time of their occurrence by a committee set-up by the YBA. The committee will consist of the on-site convener and two other members appointed by the convener. The decision of the committee will be final.

11. Ejection from any game will result in suspension from the next scheduled game and/or balance of the tournament depending on circumstances. The decision of the tournament committee will be final.

12. Tournament awards are set at eighteen (18) per team. (Champions and Finalists)

13. The York Baseball Association (YBA) and its officials accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to any equipment and/or for any injuries to any player, team officials or any other persons in the park during the tournament.

14. The Tournament Convener reserves the right to alter and/or make any changes necessary to ensure completion of the tournament in the allotted time.

15. Mercy rules in effect as per OBA rules.

16. Time limit – During bracket play there are no new innings after 1:45 hours. All games are 7 innings maximum or time limit is reached unless the teams are tied at the end of regular play. If time limit is reached and the game has not reached the 7th inning, no other regular inning will be played the International Tiebreaker will be implemented at that time to determine the winner.

Playoff (Championship) games G14 & G15 are 7 innings with no time limit. During the Championship round, if the game is tied after 7 innings, we will play Extra Innings until there is a winning team.

17. If the game remains tied after the completion of seven (7) innings, in all games except the Championship, the following procedures will be implemented during extra innings:

International Tie Breaker

a) Each team will begin the 8th inning (and any subsequent necessary extra innings) with a player on first and second, no outs.

b) To begin the 8th inning, representatives from each team will meet at home plate and will indicate (at the same time) to the home plate umpire where the team wishes to begin the batting order. That is, the teams have the option of beginning the 8th inning anywhere in the existing batting order that was in effect when the 7th inning ended. Note that this is not a new lineup (just potentially a different order), and it may very well be the same lineup that ended the 7th inning. The rationale for doing so is to ensure that both teams have an equal chance at having what they consider to be their best hitters and base runners in a position to score in the 8th inning.

c) For example, if the team decides to have the #1 hitter in the lineup hit first, then the #8 hitter will be placed at 2B and the #9 hitter will be placed at 1B. Furthermore, if the team decides to have the #3 hitter in the lineup hit first, then the #1 hitter would be at 2B and the #2 hitter would be at 1B.

d) Once those players/runners are determined for the 8th inning, the order of any subsequent innings will be determined by how the previous inning ended. That is, if the 8th inning ends with the #6 hitter having the last plate appearance (PA), then the 9th inning begins with the #7 hitter at bat, and the #5 hitter at 2B and the #6 hitter at 1B.

e) With the exception of beginning the inning with runners on 1B and 2B with no one out, all other "Official Rules of Baseball & Baseball Ontario Rules" will remain in effect during extra innings required to determine a winner.

f) No player re-entry is permitted during extra innings

g) The traditional system of the visiting team hitting in the top of the inning and the home team hitting in the bottom of the inning will remain in effect until a winner is determined.

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