RATIFIED:  11/20/2016




Article 1     Administration




     Section 1    The executive board of the York Adams Youth Basketball League will consist of representative from Bermudian Springs, Central York, Columbia, Dallastown, Dover, Eastern York, Hanover, Littlestown, New Oxford, NEYSA, Red Lion, South Western, Spring Grove, South Eastern, Susquehannock, West York, York Boys’ Club and York Suburban.




     Section 2    The basketball board will consist of a President, Vice-President,
                        Treasurer, Secretary, and one (1) representative from each team in the 
                        league.  These representatives shall be called the Board of
                        Commissioners.  The board will elect all officers.  The President shall
                        be the chief officer and will be responsible for enforcing the by-laws
                        and rules and regulations of the program.  Other officers and/or
                        committees will be appointed by the President.




     Section 3    Each organization participating in the program will be entitle to one 
                        vote.  In order to pass a proposed motion, at least fifty percent of the
                        organizations must be present at the meeting.  All votes will be decided
                        by a majority of those representatives present.  In case of a tie vote, the

                        proposed motion will be decided by a vote of the officers.




     Section 4    Following acceptance of these by-laws, the YAYBL will accept only one
                        youth organization per school district.  Any conflict with a provision in
                        existence on the date of the by-laws acceptance is accepted as is.




     Section 5    New organizations will be admitted with a majority vote of approval by the board.  Any new organization being considered must offer a minimum of three teams.  The first year of play will be a probation period.  Final approval will be made at the end of the first season.




Article 2     Athletic Board Responsibilities




     Section 1    The board will establish basic guidelines for the sport:


                        A.  Reaffirm the objectives of the YAYBL.


                        B.  All players, coaches, and observers must abide by the objectives of
                              the YAYBL and project the ideas of good sportsmanship.


                        C.  The board encourages the use of the maximum amount of players
                              in each game.




     Section 2    The board will establish the schedule and officials for each team.


     Section 3    The official PIAA Rules will be used by the YAYBL except specific

                        rules modified in the by-laws.


     Section 4    All players must have legal numbers on front and back and same color
                        uniforms.  Teams are allowed to have a 3” x 3” advertisement on their



     Section 5    The board will establish the divisions for competition.



Article 3     Eligibility Requirements



     Section 1    A player must reside within the organizations school district or be a current student in the respective public/private school.  The representative from an organization desiring an exception to the eligibility requirements will be permitted to state their case at the October board meeting.  The Board of Commissioners will then vote for permission or denial.  Any team using an ineligible player will forfeit all games the player(s) participated.




     Section 2    Senior boys/girls 


                        A.   Participants must be under 15 years of age on or before August
                               31st, prior to the season, and must be in the 8th grade or less.  Any
                               child who is repeating the 8th grade will not be eligible to

                               participate in the YAYBL grade school basketball programs.  An
                               exception to this rule can be made by the board of commissioners
                               only after the team presents them with a letter stating why such an
                               exception should be granted and they feel an exceptional
                               circumstance does exist.  Any child on a school 7/8th grade
                               basketball team will be eligible to participate in the YAYBL.  Any
                               7/8th grade child on a 9th grade team who participates in a regular
                               scheduled game shall be ineligible to participate in the YAYBL.


     Section 3    Junior boys/girls


                        A.   Participants must be under 13 years of age on or before August 31st,
                               prior to the season and be in the 6th grade or less.


     Section 4    Rinks


                        A.   Participants must be under 11 years of age on or before August
                               31st, prior to the season, and must be in the 4th grade or less.


     Section 5    For any violation of the above rules, when a protest has been presented
                        to the board, the penalty for that violation can result in forfeiture of the


     Section 6    If a participant moves, he/she remains eligible for that particular
                        activity until its completion (current season), unless he/she decides to
                        quit and join the new organization.  This must be done with the
                        approval of the board


     Section 7    Boys/girls playing in the YAYBL are not allowed to be on two different
                        YAYBL rosters.


Article 4     Team Responsibilities


     Section 1    The entrance fee is $100 per organization.  Failure to attend a league
                        meeting without proper notice will result in a $10.00 penalty.  Missing  
     3 meetings will place that organization on probation.  During probation the  
organization will not be permitted to participate in the playoffs the
                        following season.  Failure of the home team to call scores into the league 
                        statistician by Sunday     evening will result in a $10.00 penalty.  The
                        penalties will be deducted from the $100.00 entrance fee and at the end of 
                        the year, all monies exceeding the $10.00 per team fee will be returned to
                        the organization.  If less money remains in an organization’s account than
                        what is needed to satisfy the $10.00 per team dues, the organization must         
make up the difference.




     Section 2    Roster with grade, addresses, phone numbers and date of birth shall be
                        turned in to the President prior to the first league game.  There is an
                        exception for senior boys/girls, depending on the school schedule,
                        which will be due by January 1st or they are ineligible.  If a
                        participant moves into the area after the season starts, that person must
                        be added to the roster prior to the first game in which they participate.


     Section 3    To keep a copy of a participant’s birth certificate as proof of eligibility
                        prior to the team’s first game.  The copy will be kept on record with the
                        organization until the end of the season.


     Section 4    The maximum number of players on each team will be 14.  Request for
                        exemptions are to be presented by the organization desiring one prior to
                        the start of the league season.


     Section 5    To see that the gym is opened at least 30 minutes prior to game time.


     Section 6    To maintain supervision of the crowd.


     Section 7    To appoint an official scorer from the visiting team and a time keeper
                        from the home team.  The official scorer is to be identified to both
                        teams and players not reporting to the official scorer will be considered
                        illegal substitutes.




Article 5     Forfeiture


     Section 1    Forfeiture will be granted under the following conditions:


                        A.   A team will forfeit all games in which an ineligible player has
                               participated.  The opposing team will be credited with the win.

                        B.    Teams must be ready to start activities within 30 minutes after the
                               scheduled time; the referee will declare the game forfeited to the
                               other team.  The forfeiting team will pay the officials when


                        C.    If visiting team forfeits but refs show up, visiting team reimburses
host organization for ref fees.  If refs paid in event of forfeit, they
are to officiate scrimmage with available team.


                        D.   If both teams fail to appear within 30 minutes after the scheduled
                               starting time of the activity, both teams will be credited with a loss

                               in the league standings and will split the cost of the officials.


                        E.    Failure to show due to inclement weather is not grounds for a 



Article 6     Schedule



     Section 1    The official league schedule must be followed.


     Section 2    The parties involved wishing to change the official schedule of the
                        activity for any reason must obtain approval by contacting the opposing
                        team and league statistician at least 24 hours in advance.


                        A.   An exception is permitted if a home team cancels and activity due to
                               inclement weather or unfit playing conditions.  The home team
                               must contact the opposing team, officials and the league


                        B.    All make-up games must be scheduled within two weeks whenever




     Section 3    Games will be played as follows:




                        A.   Juniors Boys, Rink Boys, Rink Girls, Junior Girls and Senior Boys.


                        B.    Saturday games will begin at 12:00 and Sunday games at 1:00 unless prior arrangements have been made with the statistician.


                        C.    The exception to the above is that on evening games the Rinks will play first at 6 P.M., followed by juniors at 7 P.M. and the seniors at


                               8 P.M.


                        D.   On evenings where there are only two games, the first game will start at 6:30 P.M. and the second game will start at 7:30 P.M. 


Article 7     Protests


     Section 1    Protests concerning an activity will be submitted in writing to the
                        President within 24 hours after the completion of the involved activity.
                        The protest must be submitted by the Representative of the filing
                        organization, and must set forth the section of these by-laws involved
                        in the protest.


     Section 2    The team against whom the protest is made will be notified
                        immediately by the President with a copy of the written protest.  The
                        team against whom the protest is brought will be allowed a period of 48
                        hours after notification to file a written reply to the President and to the


     Section 3    The President will then turn the protest over to the board.  The board
                        will review the protest and render a decision.


Article 8     Coaches Responsibility


     Section 1    To see that the team is ready to start play on time.


     Section 2    To see that the bench is occupied only by the team, coaches, trainer and


     Section 3    For the conduct of his players at all times while under his/her


     Section 4    To name a captain prior to the game and introduce him or her to the


     Section 5    To provide a good example for the players.


     Section 6    Any coach guilty of behavior detrimental to the League will face      
     suspension, up to a lifetime ban, as determined by the Board of Directors.


Article 9     Playing Rules


     Section 1    Senior boys 

A.   Will play a six (6) minute quarter.


                        B.    May press at anytime during the game if not ahead by 15 or more


                        C.    When a team cannot press, it must drop back to the mid-court line
                               and not play defense until the ball has crossed the half-court.


                        D.   Violators of the full-court press rule will be given a warning for the
                               first violation and will be assessed a technical foul for the second
                               and subsequent violations.


                        E.    Will use the three point field goal.


     Section 2    Junior boys/girls


                        A.   Will play a six (6) minute quarter.


                        B.    May press at anytime during the game if not ahead by ten or more


                        C.    Will use the three point field goal.


                        D.   When a team cannot press, it must drop back to the mid-court line
                               and not play defense until the ball has crossed the half-court line.


                        E.    Violators of the full-court press rule will be given a warning for the
                               first violation and will be assessed a technical foul for the second
                               and subsequent violations.


     Section 3    Rinks boys/girls


                        A.   Will play a six (6) minute quarter.


                        B.    Will not press until the last minute of the fourth quarter and last
                               minute of overtime.


                        C.    May not press if ahead by seven or more points.


                        D.   Will not use the three point field goal.


                        E.    When a team is not pressing, it must drop back to its three point
                               line once the offensive team has control of the ball.  The defensive
                               team must stay at its three point line until the offensive player with
                               the ball crosses the mid-court line.


                        F.    The rink level will use only man-to-man defense, as defined by the


                        G.   Violators of the above rules will be given a warning for the first
                               violation, and will be assessed a technical foul for the second and
                               subsequent violations.


                        H.   Permitted to have momentum carry them over the line on foul shots. 


     Section 4    Overtime periods at all playing levels will be three (3) minutes.


     Section 5    The smaller ball (28.5) will be used by all teams except the Senior


Article 10   Standard Admission Fees


     Section 1    The standard admission fee: 


                   A. The standard admission fee will be one dollar ($1.00) per school age
            child and two dollars ($2.00) per adult.


                   B. Any organization may charge less but not more than the standard

                       admission fee. 




Article 11   Coach/Player Suspensions




     Section 1    If a coach receives a technical foul for behavioral reasons his/her
                        organization will pay a $10 fine to the league.  This will be reported to
                        the statistician with the game results.


     Section 2    If a coach/player is ejected from a game, he/she shall be suspended
                        from the next two league games.


     Section 3    If a coach/player shall touch an official, he/she shall be subject to a two
                        game suspension.


     Section 4    An organization may appeal a coach/player suspension, but only on one
                        occasion.  The appeal must be in writing to the league President,
                        submitted within 24 hours, and contain documentation supporting the


     Section 5    If an appeal is successful, the two game suspension will not be
                        enforced.  If the appeal is denied, the suspension will be doubled to 
                        four (4) league games.


     Section 6    The elected officers will consider and vote on the appeal.


Article 12   Playoffs


     Section 1    At the end of the YAYBL season, a playoff will be held to determine the
                        league champion.


     Section 2    The first seed will be the division champion with the best league
                        record.  The remaining teams will be seeded by league record.


     Section 3    If a tie exists for a playoff spot, the following tie-breaking format will
                        be used:


                        A.   Head to head results


                        B.    Defensive point averages of tied teams in head to head


                        C.    Draw from a hat.


Article 13   Life of the By-laws


     Section 1    Upon ratification of these by-laws, no revisions will be made for a two
                        year period.  Revisions can be made on seasons beginning with an even
                        calendar year.


Section 2         An item in the by-laws must be approved by the Board of Commissioners