Rivera Div. Rules

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The Rivera Division plays according to the same rules governing the Montgomery Division, with the following exceptions:

1) Whenever the written rule (as stated below) is in conflict with the intent of the rule, the intent will be enforced.

2) A team must have eight players to play a game.

3) Teams must bat a minimum of nine batters, new battters may be added to the end of the batting order (once a batter is added to the line-up he may not be removed). Each team is allowed to use one designated hitter, subject to the rules governing the DH, as explained in official baseball rules – the batting order may not be altered at any time during the game, regardless of defensive changes.  It is a manager’s option to use an A/B alternating line-up anywhere in the lineup..

3) Pitchers do not have to bat regardless of when they enter the game (i.e. a Relief Pitcher enters the game, the preceding Pitcher remains in the game at EH or assumes a defensive position - the RP does not have to be added to the batting order).  If a pitcher assumes another defensive position and is not already in the batting order he must now be added. Relief Pitchers are not required to pitch to three batters before being removed from pitching.

4) If a player is forced to leave a game due to injury or prior commitment a reserve player not previously entered into the game as a hitter must hit in his place. If no reserve player is available, an eligible player may re-enter the game in his place. If a player is ejected from a game, and there is no eligible player on the bench to replace him, an out is recorded every time his spot comes up in the batting order.

5) It is a manager's option to use an A/B alternating line-up. Batter's must alternate AB's during the course of the game, but either batter may run for the AB slot.. Player's 70 years old or older may not be thrown out at first base on a batted ball that reaches the outfield grass, but may be thrown out at first as part of a double/triple play.  These batter's must be part of an AB slot.

5A) A/B runners are able to steal, advance on a PB/WP and in every way play as any other base occupant.  In the event a Courtesy Runner is required for a player that is injured during the game the CR will be the last recorded out and he may lead from the base, but he may not steal or advance on a PB/WP.

6) All base runners must attempt to avoid a collision with fielders; players must slide, or give themselves up, at any base where there may be a play. The umpire may rule the runner out for not attempting to avoid a collision, and if ruled deliberate, he may eject the player from the game. Additionally, if in the umpire’s judgement, a double play could have been made, a double play may be awarded to the defensive team.

7) For safety reasons, there is no fake bunting (slashing). A batter must either bunt the ball or take the pitch. The batter will be called out if he fakes the bunt and then swings away.

8) Infielders are not allowed to decoy a throw or catch. If a decoy throw or catch is detected, all runners shall be allowed to advance one base beyond the base held after all play stops. If the same player decoys twice in the same game, the player shall be ejected from the game. Decoying is referred to as a false catch or throw done in attempt to get a player to slide unnecessarily.

9) All games shall be 7 innings with a three-hour time limit (or shorter where other imposed time limits exist beyond the league's control; no inning can start three hours after the scheduled starting game time). An official game shall be called if the game has completed 4 innings (or 3 1/2 if the home team is leading). Doubleheaders will be seven innings in length. The umpire fees for games is $85.00 per umpire per game. Umpire fees are to be paid prior to the start of the game. If a team is ahead by 12 runs or more after five innings the winning team will forego their remaining AB's and the losing team will complete their remaining AB's one inning of three outs at a time until the necessary 7 innings has been completed.  If the losing team should score enough to bring the score under 12 runs the winning team will resume their AB's.

10) To be eligible to participate in post-season play a player must be registered on a team’s roster by August 1, 2019, and the player must have played in 7 of that team’s games. Players who do not qualify for post season play due to extended illness or injury may seek a waiver from the league.

11) Immediately after each game, each manager is required to post the final score and lineup for his team of the game just played to the website (these will be used to record player participation for post-season play). Managers must give their opponent a lineup including players last names... Each manager is responsible to maintain an accurate recording of his team's player appearances on the website.

12) A player is eligible to play in the Boston Amateur Baseball League Doubleday Division if he is 48 years old or older on or before December 31, 2020. All players are required to submit a copy of a photo ID, as proof of age, along with a waiver form before being allowed to participate in a BABL League game (proof of age is verified by a government issued photo ID – i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc.).

14) Each team is allowed three underage player - these players must turn 44 by Dec. 31 2020 and are not allowed to pitch.