Insurance & Waiver Information

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Waiver / Release for Communicable Diseases, Including COVID-19 (LINK)


2020 Player Waiver Release Form (LINK)


2020 Volunteer Waiver Release Form (LINK)

Additional Insured Certificate Request Form

Request a new Additional Insured Certificate for your Team's Policy  (LINK)

2020 BCML Insurance Rates and Policy Information

Submit request for new Team Policy (LINK)          

Downloaded Insurance Coverage File (LINK)   




Insurance Policy Requirement For Adding/Changing Players

Please note all players and volunteers must provide a signed copy of the BCML Medical Waiver regardless of insurance policy of your Team.  This includes Teams who have purchased the BCML Policy.

Any one team adding or replacing  from the original roster 6 players at anytime during the year (March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021) must apply for new insurance coverage.

Any organization adding and/or replacing 15 or more players anytime during the policy year (March 1, 2020through February 28, 2021), must submit an application for an additional team, at the team cost pursuant to the older player added.

All teams must submit, provide, and keep in the team binder a copy of the additional insured certificate naming the BCML as the additional insured.

A $25 fee will apply to all rush transactions. Any account that requires proof of insurance within five (5) business days is considered a rush transaction.


Term Definitions for Insurance Discussions


Certificate of Insurance - This certificate provides the policy holder a certificate that shows proof of insurance and the limits, deductibles, Riders, etc., The certificate of insurance generally provides limited information relating to the policy maintained and is not considered an insurance policy or an insurance endorsement, only proof of having insurance.


COI - an acronym for Certificate of Insurance...............Would think it should be POI (Proof of Insurance)  


Certificate - Document that designates the person(s) or firm, Insured and additionally insured, covered within the limits of the policy. Has the policy number identification.


Certificate Holder - The legal name on the certificate of any additional insured or team in our case covered under this policy.


Additional Insured - A person, firm, or venue named on the certificate as being covered within the limits of the policy and releases to named additionally liability from the insured. For liability prevention purposes, insureds are required to name specified persons or organizations onto their insurance policies. Such requests are accommodated by adding endorsements to the insurance policies. Collecting actual copies of the required insurance endorsements along with the certificate of insurance is essential, as certificates generally do not alter, extend or afford coverage to any party other than the named insured(s).


AIC – Acronym for Additional Insured Certificate.


Waiver Release – Legal document used for the following; waiver of indemnity for liability, proof of age, authorization for medical treatment.