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The BCML provides the following health and safety information as guidelines only to provide the basic knowledge for the player's parents and managers to make decisions in the best interest of the players. This information should be used a guideline only and any health nor safety issues should be addressed by a professional in the appropriate field.

The BCML incorporates pitching limitations in the rules as a means to limit pitcher over use or abuse. These limitations are no way the end all to arm problems or misuse by managers. The BCML is predominately a Sunday only league, leaving 6 other days for the player to pitch in other venues. We only have control of BCML league games and what happens during those games. 

It is the responsibility of the parent to know their son or daughter and what is best for them. Seek assistance from those who can provide the information required to understand pitching options and limitations.

Below are several documents that may assist in deciding what is best for your son or daughter regarding pitching limitations.

Additionally, general information is provided for concussions and ball bats.

Concussions are a serious youth sports issue that has recently provided the impetus for some organizations to establish specific guidelines to address all head injuries.  Each member organization may have different requirements, please contact your organization for specific information.

New composite ball bat regulation information known as BBCOR is at present in place for the older age groups. This specification will most likely be applied to the younger age groups in the next year or two. Beware when purchasing new bats, reduced pricing is not a bargain if the new bat you purchase cannot be used in league play.

BCML Concussion Guidelines (LINK)

USA Baseball Pitch Smart Website (LINK)

Information on Pitching Recommendations for Youth Baseball Players (LINK)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19) 
Considerations for Youth Sports (LINK)