College Bound Athletes READ THIS

If you plan on playing D1 or D2 baseball, you will need to follow these steps.



Also this is a terrific timeline for all athletes who want to play college baseball. 

Playing college baseball

To play college athletics requires a tremendous amount of time and resources. Not only athletic skill is assessed by colleges but grades, character, amount of time in weight room and the kind of teammate a player works to become is looked at by colleges.  

Scholarships are very difficult to achieve. Athletes and parents need to be aware that most players will not get a scholarship but the showcases are used as a tool to become a walk on as well.  This is a great way to get a foot in the door of a collegiate program.  This will be the path of most high school players.  There are TONS of colleges out there that will give opportunities to athletes that WANT to play.  

If a player wants to play college baseball, it starts in the classroom and weight room.

College Showcases

For available college showcases, please visit


  • College showcases are for athletes that hope to continue on playing baseball at the next level.  It is a great opportunity to visit a college campus and get exposure for college coaches and other athletes.