2019 All Conference and All State selections

All League Intermountain Conference selections:

1st team: Ryan Stahl (pitcher) Gabe Umbarger (outfield), Ty Beers (infield), Justin Duso (catcher).

2nd Team: Tanner Sweek (outfield), Cooper Roberts (pitcher)

Honorable mention: Quinn Doherty (DH), Kyle Field (infield), Matt Demianew (outfield), Chris Large

Pitcher of the Year: Ryan Stahl



All State

1st Team: Ryan Stahl (pitcher), 

2nd team: Gabe Umbarger (outfield), Ty Beers (1st base), Justin Duso (catcher), 


State Metro All Star Series

Ryan Stahl, Pitcher 



Congratulations to all those players for recognition for these awards.  Lots of hard work and dedication!


2019 Ashlee Tournament Schedule


BLUE DIVISION                                             RED DIVISION

Hodgen Distributing (Pendleton)                    Meridian                                      

Legacy (La Grande)                                        Showtime Baseball

Hammertime Baseball                                    Baker City Brewers

Hermiston                                                       Pasco



BOB WHITE FIELD                                                   BMCC FIELD

1 PM               Meridian v. Baker City


3:30 PM          La Grande v. Hodgen


6 PM               Hermiston v. Hammertime                 5:30 PM          Meridian v. Pasco


8:30 PM          Pasco v. Showtime                




10 AM             Meridian v. Showtime

                                                                                    11 AM             Baker City v. Pasco

12:30 PM        Hammertime v. Hodgen

                                                                                    2:30 PM          Showtime v. Baker City

3 PM               La Grande v. Hammertime


5:30 PM          La Grande v. Hermiston


8 PM               Hermiston v. Hodgen



9 AM               BLUE 4 V. RED 3                               9 AM               RED 4 V. BLUE 3

11:30 AM        RED 2 V. BLUE 1                               11:30               BLUE 2 V. RED 1

2 PM               WINNERS OF 9 AM GAMES            2 PM               LOSERS OF 9 AM GAMES

4:30 PM          WINNER OF 11:30 GAMES              4:30                 LOSERS OF 11:30 GAMES

(CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)                                         (3RD/4TH PLACE)

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Thank you 2019 Game Ball Sponsors!

A big thank you to the 2019 game ball sponsors.  Each sponsor helps with the purchase of baseballs for the season.  


Coldwell Banker Whitney and Associates Gordon's Electric
Hill Meat  Pendleton Electric
Rod C Anderson Cattle Company McDonalds
Hawkins Ranches Prodigal Son
J&B Automotive  


Congratulations to 2018 All League and All state award winners!!!

All League Columbia River Conference selections:

1st team: Daniel Naughton (pitcher), Gabe Umbarger (outfield), Shaw Jerome (outfield), Nick Bower (outfield).

2nd Team: Daniel Naughton (infield), Ryan Russell (1st base), Tyler Chichester (DH), Justin Duso (catcher)

Honorable mention: Ryan Stahl (pitcher)

Pitcher of the Year: Daniel Naughton

Co-Player of the Year: Daniel Naughton


All State

1st Team: Daniel Naughton (pitcher), Nick Bower (outfield)

2nd team: Gabe Umbarger (outfield)


Congratulations to all those players for recognition for these awards.  Lots of hard work and dedication!


For decades, Pendleton baseball has built a tradition of excellence.  We play at the best setting for a baseball field in the entire state: Bob White. We have played for state championships,  multiple semi-finals, and have won 20 league titles.  There have been countless players that have excelled at the next level.   Being a Buckaroo is more than just putting on the uniform and taking the field.  There is an expectation of effort, dedication, and playing the game the right way: the  "Buckaroo Way".

For years, coaches and players have done the little things necessary that have successful seasons.  This system has been in place for decades.  We have named this the "Buckaroo Way."  It is a privilege to wear the green and gold.  Every athlete is aware that they represent something bigger than themselves.  With this privilege comes responsibility to one's self, family, friends, teammates, and community.  

Tradition is more than just winning.  It is a process, a belief, a system that is developed over days, years, and decades.  Previous coaches, athletes, and the community expect Pendleton baseball to compete year after year.  A current athlete should expect to leave Pendleton baseball a better program than when they stepped into it.  

The "Buckaroo Way" is implemented at a young age and woven through a players little league, Babe Ruth, and travel ball teams.  The youth programs play a huge part in the success of high school athletics.  Not only baseball, but all sports.  Maintaining a system throughout the growth period is key to establishing a successful program.  As high school coaches, we will work closely with the different leagues and teams to help aide in this key development period.  Working together will continue to produce the next, great, Buckaroos.  The entire process becomes: the "Buckaroo Way."

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