Tournament Results

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Final Results

St Joseph Mech. 4-0
Holy Name 2-1
St Catherine 2-1
St Theresa 2-2
Good Shepherd 3-1
St Joan of Arc 3-1
St Leo 2-2
Sacred Heart 2-2
St Joseph Han. 1-2
Resurrection 1-2
Lebanon Catholic 0-2
OMPH 0-2
Seven Sorrows 0-2
St Anne 0-2

9th Annual Bishop Daley JV Girls Final Results

2010 Bishop Daley JV Girls Final Results

St Joseph Mechanicsburg 3-0
St Theresa 2-1
Our Lady of Lourdes 2-1
Good Shepherd 1-2
Holy Name 2-1
St Joan of Arc 1-2
St Joseph Hanover 0-2
St Catherine 0-2

26th Annual Bishop Daley Junior Varsity Boy Brackets

Final Brackets.

Holy Name 3-0
Good Shepherd 2-1
Harrisburg City Catholic 2-1
St Theresa 2-2
St Anne 4-1
Seven Sorrows 2-2
St Joseph York 1-2
St Leo 1-2
OMPH 0-2
St Joseph Hanover 0-2
St Margaret Mary 0-2

Holy Name Varsity boys defeat St Theresa to win the 2011 Bishop Daley Tournament

Bishop Daley Boys Varsity Tournament Brackets

Bishop Daley Brackets
Final Results for Varsity Boys Bishop Daley Tournament