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Badge Policy

Downloadable Policy
Important information regarding your new Youth Protection ID Badge

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote the maintenance of a safe environment for ministry with minors, the Diocese of Harrisburg has adopted identification badges for all persons who have completed the requirements of our diocesan Youth Protection Program. For priests, the ID Badge also serves as a celebret when traveling outside the diocese.

WHO MUST WEAR THE BADGE? -This badge must be worn by any adult engaged in a youthserving program or ministry within the Diocese of Harrisburg, or involving minors of the Diocese of Harrisburg.

WHEN IS THE BADGE TO BE WORN? -The ID badge must be worn at any time a person is in the presence of minors during a youth-serving program or ministry. Specific guidelines for teachers, catechists, clergy, religious, CYO volunteers, and youth ministers are available from the appropriate diocesan Secretariat. A school or parish) Badge never takes the place of the diocesan Youth Protection ID Badge, which may be worn in the same sleeve or holder as a school or parish ID badge. If a youth-serving event or program involves extreme physical activity in which a badge may become loose or lost, it still must be worn during assembly and transit to and from the activity, and must be in the possession of the person at all times. During Mass and other liturgies, it is not to be worn in the sanctuary or when vested. Clergy are not to wear it during Mass or while celebrating other sacraments. It is to be worn by babysitters and catechists who assist at Mass.

HOW IS THE BADGE WORN? -The Youth Protection ID Badge is to be displayed conspicuously, above the waist, with the name and expiration date facing outward. It may be worn using any holder or fastening device such as a clip, a lanyard, or a sleeve.

WHAT IF I FORGET MY BADGE? -If you do not have a Youth Protection ID Badge, you may not participate in any youth-serving program or event. This is a simple and inviolable rule, for which there are no exceptions. It is possible that a CYO game may be forfeited if there are not enough volunteers wearing badges as required, or that an event must be canceled or postponed.

WHAT IF I LOSE MY BADGE? -Replacement badges are available from the diocesan Office of Youth Protection, but must be ordered by a parish or school office, or by a diocesan Secretariat. An
individual may not order a replacement badge.
Please sign the badge on the back, and start wearing it today when you are involved in youth-serving programs and events.
The number printed on the bottom of the badge represents the primary place of employment or volunteer status within the Diocese of Harrisburg. This may be used as a security measure by schools and parishes when the number is different from that of the school or parish. Clergy and diocesan employees display 671.
Diocese of Harrisburg youth Protection Program