Innerkip Minor Ball (IMB) Release Policy

Out of Town Registrants

It is the expectation (and very strongly advised) that all players from other centres register with their home centres. Players should remain in their home centre whenever possible. If you played for Innerkip last year since your local centre did not have a team, you may register for Innerkip again this year.

IMB will attempt to accommodate players from other centres if they have no other playing options (ie: there is no team in their age group in their home centre). Out of town players MAY be considered, roster size permitting. Final decisions on out of town players are at the discretion of the IMB Exec. committee.

It is also required that the player provides IMB with proof of release.


Release Requests

No player release request will be accepted unless you are signed up in advance with IMB.

Player release requests will be guided by the updated OASA policies. It is IMB policy that releases will not be provided for competitive reasons, we feel strongly that players should remain in their home centre whenever possible.

IMB Executive may consider release requests on an individual basis.

(We recognize that releases are not required for PWSA)


Please complete this form to submit a release request.