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COMMITTEES……………………………………………………..…………….   6


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LEAGUE RULE…………………………………………………………..…...…  12


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This organization shall be nonpolitical, nonsectarian, and non-profitable.








1.     The officers of the JCP Soccer League shall consist of a President, Vice President, Statistician, Secretary, Treasurer, and Commissioners.  It is advisable to have an Attorney and a Physician on- call.




2.     Officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year and shall remain in office until their successors are elected or are removed for disciplinary reasons. There shall be no restriction on the number of terms an officer may seek to be re-elected.  Any vacancy which may arise will be filled by the Area Representatives until the next election.




3.     Anyone holding an office in the league or Commissioner cannot be an Area Representative.








1.     The President shall preside at all meetings of this organization and shall have general supervision and direction of all affairs.  He/She may elect to create sub-committees and will appoint all standing committee Chairmen.  He/She shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and have the right to vote only in the case of ties.  The President will sign with the Secretary/Treasurer any contracts, obligations or other instruments which the Area Representatives have authorized to be executed.




2.     The Vice President shall preside at all regular meetings of this organization in the absence of the President.  He/She shall perform all other duties that are delegated to him/her by the Area Representatives.




3.     The Secretary/Treasurer may be one or separate offices.  He/She shall keep a correct record of receipts and expenditures and shall pay out funds by check as authorized by the Area Representatives.  The Treasurer shall present a statement of account at every meeting of the organization and shall make a full report at the April meeting.  The Treasurer’s accounts shall be examined annually by an auditor who is qualified, who is satisfied that the Treasurer’s annual report is correct, shall sign a statement of that fact at the end of the report.  The auditor shall be appointed by the Area Representatives at the October meeting of each year. The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings held by the organization.




4.     The President will have the authority to temporarily suspend coaches and/or players until heard by the Disciplinary Committee within five (5) days of the infraction.




5.     The Disciplinary Committee will be responsible for hearing cases involving temporary or permanent suspension of coaches, players and area representatives for actions detrimental to the values of the JCP Soccer League.  All affected parties can be heard within five (5) days of the suspension.  All decisions are final.




6.     Any question or situation not covered by the enclosed rules, or officials, interpretation shall be referred to the Commissioners for a final determination in writing.







1.    The President shall appoint a nomination committee of at least three (3) persons, in September of each year.  The nominating committee shall report at the October meeting the names of the candidate for each office to be filled.  The consent of each candidate must be obtained prior to his/her name placed for nomination.


2.     The President shall ask for any nominations from the floor at the October meeting.  The consent of each candidate must be obtained prior to his/her name placed for nomination.


3.     Election of office shall be by a majority vote of the Area Representatives present at the League meeting.  There will be no voting by proxy at the election of officers.

4.     The Board of Commissioners, a group of three (3) or five (5) persons, shall be selected by the President with the approval of the majority of Area Representatives.  An alternate can be elected in case a Commissioner is unavailable or has a conflict of interest. 


 5.     The JCP Soccer League Board of Commissioners will be a nonpartisan group and are welcome to attend all meetings, if they desire, and can make recommendations, concerning the League By-Laws to the representatives.  In the event the league cannot reach a decision involving disputes, the President or Vice-President will refer the matter to the Board of Commissioners for final disposition.  If a dispute is forwarded to the Commissioners for disposition, the following must occur within seven (7) days:  a face-to-face meeting must be held with only three (3) Commissioners or two (2) and an alternate, a representative from each side, and a board member, and a decision on the matter must be reached.  No suspension or action will occur until the meeting has taken place.






1.     Each area shall select one (1) individual to represent their area as the Area Representative in the JCP Soccer League.


2.     Each area is allowed one (1) vote on any and all matters brought to the JCP League for disposition.


3.     The area representative is obligated to attend every monthly meeting as well as meetings deemed necessary by the league.


4.     The Area Representatives will have the power to approve new teams into the organization. 


5.     The Area Representatives shall also take action in disbarring or suspending Elected Officers and Area Representatives from the organization for any justifiable reason by 2/3 vote of area representatives through e-mail or special impromptu meeting.






1.     Each team may only have one (1) official coach and one (1) official assistant coach, with regards to the children being drafted on the same team.  Only three (3) coaches are allowed on sidelines for J.V. and Varsity teams.  Minor Teams and PeeWee Teams are allowed four (4) coaches.




2.     All Coaches and Assistant Coaches shall have a background check completed prior to any Involvement with the players.  Background checks must be re-conducted every three (3) years for all individuals involved in coaching the players.




3.     If at any time the conduct of a Coach shall be determined to be detrimental to the best interest of the program, such Coach may be suspended by the President as defined in DUTIES OF OFFICERS item # 4.





1.     The President shall designate such committees as they deem necessary to fulfill the objectives and purposes of a properly functioning JCP League, Inc.




2.     All committee chairpersons, vice chairpersons, and members shall be appointed by the President, subject to the approval of the Area Representatives.




3.     No committee shall expend any money without the approval of the Area Representatives.  Authority for expenditures shall be submitted as a budget of expenditures in writing for approval.




4.     All committees shall have the power to adopt regulations for their own government and course of proceedings consistent with these By-Laws, and any committee may, by rule, provide that two (2) successive unexcused absences from the meeting of his committee, shall be deemed a resignation by the absent member of his/her place upon the committee.  Vacancies occurring on any committee shall be filled within ten (10) days by the President, with the approval of the Area Representatives.










1.     The regular scheduled meeting of the JCP Soccer League shall be on the fourth Monday of each month beginning in April and June thru October.




2.     A special meeting for a specific purpose may be called by the President.




3.     The President will have the authority to poll the Area Representatives in case of emergencies through a special impromptu meeting or through e-mail.




4.     At any regular JCP meeting, a majority vote of the Area Representatives present will constitute the right to transact any League business.




5.     All meetings are mandatory for Area Representatives in April and June thru October. Each area MUST have a representative present at the meetings.  If the Area Representative cannot attend, they must find someone to attend the meeting in their absence.  They must notify the league secretary of their absence and change in their Area Representative prior to the meetings.  Failure to do so will result in a fine of Fifty Dollars ($50.00).  The second offense is a fine of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) and that Area Representative must be replaced immediately by their Area.  The fines will come out of the forfeiture fee and must be replaced within two weeks or the area will be suspended from the league.




6.     All coaches MUST attend the August Coaches Meetings to be held the second Monday of the month.  Any coach unable to attend must notify his/her Area Representative.  It shall be the responsibility of the Area Representative to notify a league officer prior to the meeting of the anticipated absence.








1.     Each new area, upon entering the league, must submit to the League Treasurer a forfeiture fee of Fifty Dollars ($50.00).  This fee will be used by all teams in that area for fines accrued for any violation listed in these by-laws.  If a team forfeiture fee becomes depleted for any reason during the season, the Team shall be notified and have two (2) weeks to resubmit Fifty Dollars ($50.00) or be dropped from the league.  Once the Fifty Dollars ($50.00) is depleted, it is the responsibility of the Area Representative in that area to get the monies from the team that is in violation and to replenish this money to the League Treasurer.  Each forfeited game shall result in a fine of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).




2.     On or before the meeting in July of each year, each team must pay a registration fee.  Fee will be determined on or before the April meeting of each year.  The area rep will present a check at the July meeting.  This money is non-refundable and will be deposited in the general operation fund of the JCP Soccer League, Inc.




3.     On or before the meeting in July of each year, each player must pay to have insurance.  Fee will be determined on or before the April meeting of each year.  The area representative will present a check at the July meeting.  This money is non-refundable and will be deposited in the general operation fund of the JCP Soccer League, Inc.










1.     There shall be no limit to the number of players an area may register.  However, the areas are encouraged to field as many teams as the number of players permit, in order to develop as many players as possible.  There will be open registration for all interested players.  The league will also advertise the registration process in order to spur growth and promote the game of soccer.




2.     Any Area that does not have active teams in the league will have their players placed on teams based on an as needed basis by the Elected Officers.




3.     Open registration to be announced by areas and the JCP League in the Cumberland newspaper. With the newspaper’s cooperation the sign-up dates will be run individually by area two (2) days prior to the sign-up date.  Any area that has a newspaper other than the Cumberland newspaper must place an ad in their newspaper also, (i.e. PA teams must also use the Bedford paper; Garrett must also use the Garrett newspaper, etc.).  Only the Secretary of the League shall place the sign-ups in the paper.




4.     Registration forms are to be forwarded to the JCP Secretary to be compared with team rosters to assure fairness and that all interested youngsters are included on team rosters during the June meeting.  Penalty for non-compliance will be forfeiture of the games played while out of compliance.




5.     Registration will be accepted through the adjournment time of the July meeting.  After that time no one is eligible to sign up to play unless the player has just moved into the area or that team has less than two (2) above the format size.  Completed paperwork must be turned in at the meeting in July.




6.     Any player registered with one area and who moves into an area of another team must move to the team as defined in the area boundaries.  Exception made only when the change of residence happens between August 1st and the end of the JCP season.  Player must then move to the new team to begin next season.




7.     All rostered children that play for Calvary, Bishop Walsh, or Lighthouse Christian Academy must remain rostered to that team until a time where they no longer attend the school or home school program as defined in the area boundaries.




8.     No player may register with more than one (1) team, except as stated in Section 6 above.






9.     If a team disbands after the final rosters are set at the July meeting, the players on that team will be split by the elected officials.  Only the area representative of the disbanded team may contact the parents.  If another area rep or coach is found to make contact with any player or parent of those affected will be fined $100 and the area rep and/or coach will be barred from the league.




10. Team Rosters




A.   Rosters must include the name of the player, birth date, grade, school attended and years of JCP soccer experience. League registration forms completed by the parent/guardian and a copy of the players’ birth certificate must accompany the roster.  Non-Compliance players cannot play until all completed forms are turned in.




B.    Players shall play in their home area as defined in LEAGUE STRUCTURE, AREAS AND DIVISIONS Item 10.




C.    Completed uniform rosters must be in the hands of the League Secretary by the adjournment time of the regular July meeting.  Rosters must be typed or printed, and all information completed.




D.   All rosters must be signed by the Area Representatives.  Any team, whose roster, league registration forms and birth certificates are not submitted to the League Secretary, as stated above, shall be fined no more than Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) per roster.  This fine shall be recovered from the Teams forfeit fee.




E.    All parents and players must sign a Code of Ethics with their registration forms.  The Area Representative or coach shall keep these forms in his/her possession.



 1.     The JCP Soccer League, Inc. shall be divided into four (4) age divisions, namely the Varsity, JV, Minor and PeeWee divisions. 









Field Size







100x50  120x75



2 – 30min




70x45  80x55



4 – 15min




45x35  60x50



4 – 12.5min




45x35  60x50



4 – 10min


·        In order to maintain consistency, refer to Attachment C for interior field dimensions for fields smaller than Varsity.


 2.     The Varsity Division shall consist of players the ages of 12 through 14 as of September 1st of the year in grades 7, and 8.  The J.V. Division shall consist of players the ages of 10 through 11 as of September 1st of the year in grades 5 and 6.  The Minor Division shall consist of players the ages of 8 through 9 as of September 1st of the year in grades 3 and 4.  The PeeWee Division shall consist of players the ages of 5 through 7 as of September 1st of the year in grades K, 1, or 2.  Any player that is playing for a high school team or is in the 9th grade is ineligible to play in the JCP League.  It will be left to the area representative discretion whether or not the players entering Kindergarten that are not 5 by September 1st can play.  Children in Pre-K and under 5 years old are not eligible to play. Players turning 15 before November 30th of the year are not eligible to play.  Grade supersedes age except as stated above.  Any special circumstances will be voted on by the area representatives by majority vote.


 3.     Because of a lack of sufficient players to field a team (3 more than the format size) a player may move up to an older division.  However, no older player shall move down in age to play in a division consisting of children younger than the player.  However, in the event of extreme circumstances such as physical impairment, an exception can be made by the Area Representatives.  As it pertains to PeeWee level teams or any team with less than 14 players the league retains full rights to allow or disallow players at any time after final rosters have been submitted as long as configuration of area teams does not change.  The player must remain in division until the next season.  The Area Representatives will have the vote.


 4.     In instances when a team possesses two (2) more players than the format size or less players on their roster, a player or players can temporarily transfer from the next lower division to insure enough players for a game. All transferred individuals can return to their original team afterwards, free of restriction. Player transfers must be reported to the opposing team’s coach and scorekeeper prior to the beginning of the game and reported to the league statistician and secretary within 24 hours.  A copy of the transfer players’ original team roster should be present at game time for the scorekeeper’s reference.


 5.     At the Varsity Division, teams shall split at 28 players.  At the JV Division, teams shall split at 24 players.  At the Minor Division, teams shall split at 18 players.  At the PeeWee Division, teams shall split at 14 players to allow for required playing time restrictions.


 6.     Team division structure shall be voted on each year for league style or division play at the June meeting.


 7.     Areas with multiple teams in a single age group shall divide the teams as equally as possible.  Each team must have an equitable number of players for each age level.  No team may consist of one grade level.  Each team must have an equitable number of males and females also separated by grade level.  Players on a team remain the same from the previous year with no exceptions unless the team must split into more teams.  If multiple teams exist and it becomes impossible to balance teams in the same age division with the new players, then all players will be re-split to create even teams.  If a new team is made, then all players will be put into a pool to be divided into teams with the supervision of a League Official.  Any area having two or more teams in the same age group must also have their new and upcoming younger players divided with the supervision of a League Official.


 8.     Any team may be dropped from the League for any by-law infraction by a two-thirds vote of the area representatives or by the commissioners.  This vote shall be by secret ballot.


 9.     Any new areas coming into the league must be located within a thirty-five (35) mile radius of the Cumberland City Hall.  Areas already in the league as of the 2007 season are exempt from this rule. The league shall consist of only those areas defined in Attachment A


 10. Area Boundaries were set and agreed to at the April 2020 league meeting.  No changes to the area boundaries may occur without a league vote. (Included as Attachment A).                                                                                          





1.     Practice shall be left to the discretion of the coaches.


2.     The first regular season game may be held prior to Labor Day, depending on scheduling.  There will be no scheduled games over the Labor Day weekend.


a.      Minimum number of games for each division:  14 for Varsity, 12 for J.V., 10 for Minor and 8 for PeeWee Teams.


b.     PeeWee Team does not have post season play.


 3.     The home team coach has the responsibility to see that the game statistics or game re-schedule dates are called into the League Secretary and League Statistician within twenty-four (24) hours.  There will be no official score kept or turned in for the PeeWee Division games.  No games shall begin before 1:00pm on Sundays for any such reason.  Postponed games must be rescheduled within a week and called into the statistician.  Everyone must start the season on time and follow the schedule the league provides. Any team not calling in their game to the Statistician shall be fined Ten Dollars ($10.00). The statistician shall contact the League Secretary to report any games not called in, and those teams will be fined. This fee shall be taken from the forfeiture fee.


 4.     All team members should wear matching shirts:  full uniform is required, with the exception of the goalkeeper, whose jersey will be different from his/her teammates on the field.  Existing team colors will prevail.  No duplication of team colors already in use within the League can be used by new teams entering the League.  Any Away teams with duplicate colors must have a reversible jersey, pinnies, or change into a white shirt with numbers.  The League Secretary has a list of team colors for reference (Attachment B). Teams may not change colors without permission from the League.  Permission must be given by the July meeting.


 5.     Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their players while they are at the game field.  Improper conduct on the part of players, coaches, or spectators may result in penalties, expulsion, suspension, or in extreme cases forfeiture of the game as decided by the Disciplinary Committee


 6.     Inappropriate conduct by any fan or coach shall be reported to the Area Representative who will report to the League President within 24 hours and recorded in writing in an email.  The complaint should include record of the names of the individuals involved.  The President will then forward the information onto the Disciplinary Committee for appropriate action, which could include suspension or expulsion of the offending individual.  If a complaint is discussed at the meeting, the original letter needs to be at the meeting.


 7.     If, during a season game a team takes a six (6) goal lead, they shall remove a player from the field and play a player down until the lead shrinks to five (5) (player is added) only after the 1st quarter to allow for mandated playing times.  If the goal difference becomes seven (7), a net of two (2) players must be removed, eight (8) goals difference, a net of three (3) players, etc.


 8.     The JCP Soccer League shall operate under high school rules with the following exceptions:


 a.      Game Duration


b.     During the regular season, games ending in a tie shall be considered final.


c.      Any player or coach receiving a yellow card or red card must be reported to the president and secretary of the league by each coach.  Said player/players receiving a red card shall have to sit out of the next game at which the player/players is present.  If that person is a coach, then he/she cannot communicate with the players or assistant coaches or attend game.  If said coach violates this rule, they risk sanctions as per Duties of Officers Item 4


d.     Uniforms as defined in League Rule Item 2.


e.      The clock will stop during the last five (5) minutes of play for substitutions for the team that is currently ahead in scoring.


 9.     Minor and JV Rules: follow high school rules except:




a.      A goalie possessed ball may not be drop-kicked, punted or thrown past midfield.  The result will be an indirect kick by the opposing team at midfield.  A live ball played on the ground to the goalie’s feet may cross midfield.




b.     Once a goalie has possession of the ball, the opposing team must provide 10 yards to allow the goalie to release the ball.  A ball is considered live once a goalie lets a ball bounce two (2) times or places it on the ground to be played by his/her feet.




c.      No player in the Minor Division shall be permitted to slide tackle an opponent.  Result is an indirect free kick from the spot of the foul.




d.     No player in the Minor Division shall be permitted to head the ball on purpose.  Result is an indirect free kick from the spot of the foul.


 10. PeeWee Team Rules: follow high school rules except:




a.      Allow two (2) throw-ins




b.     No offsides (unless cherry picking)




c.      There will be penalty kicks




d.     Corner kicks will be kicked from the corner.




e.      Goal kicks: If after two (2) tries the ball is not out of the penalty box, move it to the 18 with the same player kicking from the 18 that kicked from the 6.




f.       Coaches are NOT allowed in the penalty area.




g.     No more than two (2) coaches allowed on the field at the same time for each team.




h.     Coach cannot be officiating if they are coaching.




i.       A goalie possessed ball may not be drop-kicked, punted or thrown past midfield.  The result will be an indirect kick by the opposing team at midfield.  A live ball played on the ground to the goalie’s feet may cross midfield.  (Goal kicks, regardless of kicker, can pass midfield). 




j.       Once a goalie has possession of the ball, the opposing team must provide 10 yards to allow the goalie to release the ball.  A ball is considered live once a goalie lets a ball bounce 2 times or places it on the ground to be played by his/her feet.




k.     Shall play 7v7, unless the opposing team has more than 14 players and they agree to play 8v8 or 9v9.




l.       No player shall be permitted to slide tackle an opponent.  Result is an indirect free kick from the spot of the foul.




m.   No player shall be permitted to head the ball on purpose.  Result is an indirect free kick from the spot of the foul.




n.     Playing Time - All non-adherences to the following playing regulations will result in forfeiture and a One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) fine.


 11. Each J.V. Division player shall play a minimum of 15 continuous minutes (1 quarter) in each game.


 12. Each Minor Division player shall play a minimum of 12.5 continuous minutes (1 quarter) in each game.


 13. Each PeeWee division player shall play at least ½ of each game consisting of any 2 full 10-minute quarters in each game.


 14. There is no minimum playing time for Varsity players. 


 15. A player not playing in the game because of being disciplined by the coach, parent, or legal guardian shall have it documented prior to the start of the game and made record in the statistics sent to the League Secretary.


 16. A protest shall be considered only when based on the violation or interpretation of playing rule or the use of an ineligible player.  No protest shall be considered as a result of a decision involving an Official’s judgment.  Only the Area Representatives or Coaches shall immediately notify an official of the time of the violation.  If a written protest is filed, it must be filed with 24 hours of the end of the game.  A ten dollar ($10.00) fee is to accompany each protest, which will be refunded only when a protest is honored.  All protests should be forwarded to the President by the Area Representative.  The President will forward all protests to the Commissioners who will consider the validity of the protest after a face-to-face meeting with a representative from each side, a board member, and three (3) Commissioners in attendance.  Until the meeting has been held and a decision has been made, no suspension or action will be taken if the dispute or protest involves a coach or a player.  If the suspension is found valid by the Commissioners, then a vote of the Commissioners will be final. Protests must be resolved by the Commissioners within seven (7) days after receipt by the Board of Commissioners.


 17. All regular season games must be played prior to the playoffs unless League requirements dictate otherwise.  The schedule should be with an effort towards playing (3) games per week during the second and third week of the season so to allow time at the end of regular season play for makeup games.


 18. All games shall begin by 5:30 starting the 4th Monday of September and will be reflected on the schedule.


19. All HOME teams must supply a table for the scorekeeper and clock keeper (which can be the same person).  A rule book and a copy of the by-laws shall be at the scorer’s table.  Each team must have one score keeper.  The official clock shall be kept at the table where both teams can see it.  It will be the responsibility of each team to furnish three (3) balls at each home game.  The home team must also supply two (2) ball runners


 20. Team solicitation shall be confined to a Teams Own Field of play.


 21. All property of the JCP League used by any individual shall be returned in good condition by the September meeting.  Replacement costs of materials not returned shall be deducted from the forfeiture fee.


 22. Any existing area in the league may not move their field without the vote of the Area Representative.






1.  MPSAA, PIAA, and WVSSAC sanctioned officials are automatically qualified.  It is recommended that the JCP League have a sanctioned referee clinic each year.  Anyone attending will be sanctioned for five years.


 2.     All referees for Varsity and JV and games must be in the 11th grade and up.  Minor game referees must be in the 10th grade or higher or may be a 9th grader if they have passed the USSF Grade 8(youth competitive) certification.


 3.     Minor Division games may use 1 referee.  The team not using a referee will pay the other team $20.


 4.     If any team shows up to a game without a referee, that team will pay $20 for Minor, $25 for JV and $30 for Varsity for a replacement referee if one is available from the opposing team. Should another referee not be available, the team without a referee will pay the other team’s referee the fee.


 5.     Officials will be required to identify themselves to the Coaches prior to the game.


 6.     The optimal choice would be to utilize a minimum of two (2) officials for every game (a three-man system may be used).  Each team must bring one (1) official to the game and provide that official with a set of penalty cards to be used at each game.  The home team will have the head official.  In the case where a team arrives without a referee, that team would pay for a replacement referee ($20 for Minor, $25 for JV and $30 for Varsity) from the other team.  Should another referee not be available, the team without a referee will pay the other team’s referee the fee and both coaches will need to agree to use a one referee system with an agreement on how to call off-sides. (calling off-sides will need to be mutually agreed upon and cannot be a cause for an official protest.  Any disputed off-sides will need to be discussed with head coaches and game official).


 7.     MPSAA, PIAA and/or WVSSAC Officials are required for Championship games.  Opposing coaches will agree on referees for the playoff games only to eliminate the cost to the League for officials.  The League will assign referees to the Semi-Final and Championship games.  The cost of officials for the Semi-Finals and Championship games will be paid for by the League.  Each team needs to bring an official for post season games.  Both coaches must agree with the option of turning down only one (1) official. The second official must be accepted.


8.     It will be the duty of both head coaches and the head referee to inspect, confirm, and sign both the home and away teams’ scorebooks at the completion of each game and before leaving the field to confirm the score and outcome of the game.






1.     At the end of the regular season where required to determine playoff teams or opponents, the following tie breakers will take place (2 points for win 1 point for tie):


A.   Record of head-to-head games played during regular season.


B.    Total regular season wins - the team with more wins shall be seeded higher even if tied with points.


C.    If a tie remains, then the higher seed will be the team that gave up the least amount of goals during the season.


 2.     If teams are still tied, then higher seed is the team that scored the most goals during the season.


 3.     The playoff games are to be started within one (1) week after the close of the regular season.  The League will set the playoff dates for everyone to follow.  (First date to be used by everyone unless need to cancel due to weather then the second date will be used).  Varsity Championship games are to be played at the earliest possible date at Mt. Ridge, Greenway, Bishop Walsh, Frankfort High School, or Westmar fields, or any other available field agreed on by the Area Representatives.  JV and Minor playoffs and Championship games will be played at a neutral site that fits the field dimensions of each of the divisions.


 4.     TIE GAME PROCEDURE. When the score is tied at the end of regulation time, the referee will instruct both teams to return to their respective team areas. There will be five minutes during which both teams may confer with their coaches, and the head referee will instruct both teams as to proper procedure.


A.   There shall be one full 10-minute sudden victory overtime period


                                                             i.      A coin toss shall be held.


                                                           ii.      At the end of the 10-minute overtime period if game is still tied, teams will engage in penalty kicks. 


B.    Before penalty kicks begin, all coaches, officials and team captains shall assemble at the halfway line to review the procedure as outlined below:


                                                             i.      The head referee shall choose the goal at which all of the kicks from the penalty mark shall be taken.


                                                           ii.      Each coach will select any five players, including the goalkeeper, on or off the field (except those who may have been disqualified) to take the kicks.


                                                        iii.      A coin toss shall be held. The team winning the toss shall have the choice of kicking first or second.


                                                         iv.      Teams will alternate kickers. There is no follow-up on the kick.


                                                           v.      The defending team may change the goalkeeper prior to each penalty kick.


                                                         vi.      Following five kicks for each team, the team scoring the greatest number of these kicks shall be declared the winner.


C.    If the score remains tied after each team has had five penalty kicks:


                                                             i.      Each coach will select five different players than the first five who already have kicked to take the kicks in a sudden-victory situation, wherein if one team scores and the other team does not score, the game is ended without more kicks being taken. If a team has fewer than ten available players at the end of the first set of kicks from the penalty mark due to either injuries or disqualification, the coach must use all players who have not participated in the first five kicks. The coach may choose additional players from the first five kickers to ensure that five different players participate in the second set of kicks.


D.   Unless participating in the kicks as a kicker or goalkeeper, team members, coaches and other bench personnel shall remain in a designated area as determined by the state association.






A.   Cautioned Players


                                                             i.      When a goalkeeper is issued a caution during any set of five kicks, he/she cannot re-enter until the next opponent completes his/her kick. A substitution is permitted for the cautioned goalkeeper.


B.    Disqualified Players -Any player, including the goalkeeper, who is disqualified may not participate any further. If his/her kick is not already completed, an eligible substitute is permitted.








1.        Each Varsity coach will name one player to the Ebbie Finzel All Area Team.  The League will give individual trophies to the players of the team that wins the Championship game for Minor, JV and Varsity.  Cost of trophies will be assumed by the League.  At least three (3) bids must be obtained prior to purchasing trophies.  All trophies awarded by the JCP League are given to the team and may be accepted by the coach or area representative on behalf of the team.


                   Trophies:   Championship         Varsity     J.V.  Minor


                                      Runner-Up                      Varsity     J.V.  Minor


                                      Season Champions          Varsity     J.V.  Minor


                                      Season Runner-Ups         Varsity     J.V.  Minor














1.        By-Laws may be amended at anytime deemed necessary by the area reps and officers by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given in writing to the general membership no later than the previous October meeting.




2.     Teams allowing coaches, players or fans to use shaving creams, silly string, or any other substance which may damage playing fields or surrounding surface will be responsible for damage. Furthermore, the possession of an air horn at a field is limited to the scorekeeper or clock keeper. Air horns are not permitted at any other location at the field during the game.