Flag Football (K-2nd)

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Flag Football Kindergarten Clinic

What:  Kindergarten Flag Clinic
When:  2018 Schedule TBD
What to bring: water
Cost: $25

This introduction to flag football will focus on the very basics of the game. 

Players will learn skills such as:

  • stance
  • snapping the ball
  • pursuit
  • carrying the ball
  • basic football game flow

The 1 hour sessions consist of:

  •  30 minutes of practice
  •  30 minutes of scrimmage
  • Water as needed

Expectations of parents:

  • Please stay for the duration of practice
  • If there are behavior issues, give coaches a few minutes to resolve, but step in if needed
  • Notify coaches as soon as possible if you cannot make a session

Please spread the word to friends about this program.  It is tough getting in touch with current pre-school students.  Our goal would be to get 14-20 players registered, but will run camp with as few as 10.

As always, send any questions to jrpolars@gmail.com

Flag Football 1st/2nd Grade


  • F - FUN - This level of flag is for fun.  We do keep score, but the goal is to get boys and girls excited about football
  • L - Learning - Players will learn the basics of the game, carrying the ball, blocking, pursuing, evading, and STANCE
  • A - Attendence - We expect our coaches, parents, and players to make as many games and practices as possible.  Excessive abscenses may affect game playing time
  • G - Game - It is a game, but not the superbowl.  Coaches are expected to provide equal playing time and opportunities for success.

Season Information:

  • Registration opens May 1st, closes when full or when season starts
  • We are planning for (5) 1st/2nd grade teams.  We are looking for (5) parent coaches to volunteer
  • 1st/2nd grade teams are limited to 12 players, but 10 is best
  • We play Oakdale, but if we get enough teams, we may be able to keep it in house
  • Referees - We are looking for 2-4 reliable high school age or higher to "ref" our games.  Our refs are paid a small fee for their time


Jr Polars provide:

  • Jerseys (players keep)
  • Flags

Players provide:

  • Mouth guard
  • Cleats (non-metal) are recommended
  • Football pants (padded) and cup protection not required, but some players do wear them


  • Flag Football takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Picture day in August will kick off the start of practices
  • Preseason Kickoff Scrimmages - 2018 dates TBD
  • Game #1 - Thursday, TBD
  • Game #2 - Thursday, TBD
  • Game #3 - Thursday, TBD
  • Game #4 - Thursday, TBD
  • Game #5 - Thursday, TBD
  • Game #6 - Thursday, TBD
  • Note:  Other games may be added on Tuesdays to play an 8 game season
  • Other Special Events:
  • Friday Night Lights - Date/TIme TBD - All flag teams play during Halftime of a North Polar football game.  Currently, spectators have to pay, but we are working to resolve that


  • Home events (games and practice) will take Richardson Elementary
  • Away games
    • Skyview Elementary
    • Tanner Lake (Oakdale)
    • Bailey Elementary (Woodbury)


2015 OAA/Flag Football Rules - Rules are not expected to change for 2018





Flag Football Schedule

2018 Schedule TBD.