Tackle Football (3rd-8th)

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Jr Polar Tackle Football Philosophy:

  • Success is in the numbers, not wins and losses, but how many players return every year, as well as, how much improvement we see in the players.
  • From 3rd grade up, our job is to develop well-rounded football players, which means our goal is to teach each player all aspects of the game.
  • As players get older, they start focusing on more particular positions or duties, but until then we expect coaches to rotate players and give them equal opportunities
  • Our players are expected to speak up and be leaders.  If they are hesitant or don't know how to or don't want to do something, we expect them them to work with both their coaches and parents to find solution.  Players unwillingness to play certain positions or perform certain skill may result in less playing time.
  • Attendence - we expect players, parents, and coaches to communicate availability for practice and games.  Football is not a game that can be played while missing or being late to multiple practices/week.  Our coaches will work as hard as possible to accomodate, but excessive missed/late practices may affect playing
  • Teams by school - We believe that our players will not remember their yearly records, but instead they will remember playing with the kids from their schools and working together as a team.  Even though the league frowns upon it, we divide our teams by school, so players can play with their classmates.  We also work to keep teams together as much as possible, but a change in participants could force us to alter teams.


3rd - 6th grade football

7th/8th grade football


Jr. Polar Football provides:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Game Jersey (player keeps)
  • Mouth guard (depending on whether we get another donation)

Players provide:

  • Black football pants
  • Cleats