Laker Coaching Staff


The Laker Lacrosse Coaching Staff welcomes you to contact them with any questions you may have on the great sport of lacrosse, including off-season individual player skill development, playing summer/off-season lacrosse and planning to play college lacrosse.

With the completion of the Spring 2017 season, Head Coach Rick Gruen has been a Laker Lacrosse coach for the past 5 Springs.    There is no doubt of the many benefits of having a committed, experienced and returning Laker coaching staff translating into on-field success for our Laker players and teams!


Laker Coaches


    Phone Email
Varsity Head Coach  Rick Gruen 503-708-5662

Associate Head Coach  Eric Ginsberg    
Offensive Coordinator Chase Clausen  


Defensive Coordinator Dustin Lyons  



JV Head Coach - Offense

Jeff Gates  503-784-1770

JV Asst. Coach - Defense Walter Munns  


JV Asst. Coach  Reed Oliver