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Reschedule Information

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Florissant games that are rained out:

Managers reschedule info will be given the night of the rainout so please check the rainout line for info regarding rainouts

Hazelwood games that are rained out:

On the old Hazelwood baseball website I loaded dates that have field availability.

If you view the calendar, you are able to see at a monthly view the fields that are available.  You will see the "home" team listed as A1_A2, meaning that those are the only age groups that can play on that field.  Hopefully you're able to figure it out.  Once you and the other manager have settled on a date, there is a "form" that you can fill out on that website and after submitting the form, an email is automatically sent to me with your request.  Once I review your request, I will make the change on the website as well as remove that game from the field availability.


A1- Atom 1

A2- Atom 2

B1- Bantam 1

B2- Bantam 2

M1- Midget 1

M2- Midget 2

J1- Juvenile 1