Weather Cancellations

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Weather Cancellations

Any games cancelled because of weather will be posted on the home page the same day as follows:

T-Ball - 3:30pm

All other divisions - 4:30pm

Also, an email will be sent out at approximately the same time.

If the cancellation is not on the website or you have not received an email then the players are expected to be at the field for their game. Sometimes it may look like we made a bad decision but we cannot predict the weather any better than the news networks

Sometimes it may not be raining but we will cancel games because the field is unsuitable for play. Baseball can be a dangerous game when it's wet.

If you are not comfortable with bringing your child to the field when we have not cancelled ball because of the weather, then you as parents can make that decision.

If it starts raining at the field then the coaches and umpires can consult with each other to decide if they will play or not.

I have a day job and I may not have time to post the email. I will, however make sure that the weather cancellation is put on the website by the times indicated.

It is up to you to check the website for weather cancellations.


Brian Hunt


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