Equipment List

**What your player needs for the season**

  • Softball Glove Should be age and size appropriate. A leather glove is preferable; you cannot break in a vinyl glove and it will remain stiff. Glove chosen should accommodate the appropriate size ball for your age division. Divisions 8U use a 10" ball, 10U use an 11” ball; divisions 12U, 14U & 16/18U use a 12” softball. Most stores have all size balls so that you may see how the glove accommodates the ball.

  • Helmet w/Face Guard and Chinstrap Amateur Softball Association (ASA) has passed new legislation that, as of January 1st, 2005, all helmets must be equipped with a face guard. Softball face guards are recommended and designed not to hinder player vision. They can be purchased as a set (helmet with attached faceguard) or separately. All helmets must be equipped with a chinstrap. 

  • Baseball/Softball Shoes “Cleats” Football, soccer and metal cleats are not acceptable. You need to purchase Baseball/Softball shoes with rubber or soft nylon cleats. No player is allowed on the field, for practices or games, without cleats.

  • Sliding shorts “Sliders” Also known as compression shorts, these are meant to fit tight. They can be stretchy nylon, cotton or padded styles. Many girls prefer to use boy's slider shorts because they have extra padding.

    These following items are optional, but recommended.

  • Knee guards These are sold in single or double packages, and come as knee only or knee & lower leg lengths. You can mix or match them and the most common colors are red, white, black and royal blue.

  • Batting Gloves Are sized to fit, please try them on your 
    player, they should fit snug.

    The following item is recommended.


  • Softball Bat This is a purely optional item, as the league will provide bats in the team equipment bag. If you decide to buy your player a bat, make sure of the following: No Wooden bats; Tee-ball bats, Slowpitch softball bats; or Baseball Bats. They must be for fastpitch softball only, and they must have the ASA Certification stamped on the barrel of the bat. It is recommended that you allow your child to practice for a couple of weeks so that you purchase the appropriate length and weight. Bats may not be returnable prior to use and cannot be returned after use. Your coach can help you with choosing the correct size bat.
    Choosing the right bat

    All of these items listed above can be purchased at any of the following stores or other stores that carry sports equipment. Big 5, Sportco, Sports Authority, Sport Chalet, Wal-Mart, Turf Sporting Goods, etc.