Player of the Week

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Brynne Smith; Bulldogs- Brynne was able to hit successfully from coach pitch in both games this week.  On defense she made some fantastic stops and was able to get several put outs at first and home. Keep up the great work Brynne!



Hailey Ufer; Decepticons-Hailey has really stepped up this year both in practice and in games. She has helped fill the void at pitcher this season having 4 strikeouts per game and has been putting her bat on the ball with each at bat and has yet to strike out.



Raelynn Brown; Decepticons- Raelynn has been playing at a whole new level this season. Watching her dominate any challenge put in front of her she has been racking up hits with each at bat. Behind the plate she has become a new beast constantly making plays at home and commanding the field. Her transformation as a player from last season has been exciting to watch.  Great Job, Raelynn!



Emalie Livreri; Fighting Squirrels- Emalie constantly amazes us with her small but mighty attitude. This week she had a in the park homerun in each of our games and was outstanding on the mound. She had an impressive seven strikeouts with only four walks. Along with her 2 homeruns, she also had a double and showed her love of the dirt with some great sliding. Thanks for all you do to keep the Squirrels Fierce, Emalie!



Alexis Naehu; Crusaders- Alexis started the week off by pitching a perfect game against her opponent and was leadoff batter as well. She is a natural base stealer and hit the ball hard with a gap double and two hard line drives.  During Saturday’s double header she kept her dominance in the circle going.  She had another shut out win and a strong win in the second game of her double header.  She continued to dominate from the plate as well with OBP of 685.  Outstanding week Alexis!!!