The Royal Canadian Baseball Association

The league was originally started by a bunch of people who regularly got together for some pickup softball in the
downtown Toronto area circa 1975. It quickly grew, and permanent teams were established so that by the early
80's it had grown to its present format of 8 teams, and firmly established its identity with a formal championship
and consolation trophy. The name of the league was borrowed from an associates squash league and legend
has it that royal consent was granted for the use of the name by some person of dubious royal heritage.

The philosophy of the league has always been to have fun, and the weekly get together after the games is one
of the main attractions. We are a co-ed league and we play 3 pitch softball. The team at bat supplies its own
pitcher, and each batter gets a maximum of 3 pitches regardless of outcome. It's a lively game with lots of
offense and many opportunities for prolific hitting and dazzling defensive plays.

Everyone makes the playoffs with a 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 format for the first round of playoffs. There is a championship
round pitting those winners of the first round in a semifinal round then a final game. There is also a consolation
round for the losers of the first round playoff games. The league champion and the consolation winners receive
their trophies and props at a star studded gala affair following the championship game.

The championship trophy which can be seen below is rumoured to have strong reproductive powers. So much so
that whichever team wins is guaranteed to have some member produce a child in the following year. Great personal
care needs to be taken when handling the trophy by the winning team.

Looking for a fun league to join and play some softball every Wednesday evening during the summer?
Contact the Commissioner, Christopher Bassels. PLEASE NOTE however we are not accepting any TEAM Applications.

RCBA Commissioners

Here are some of the people that do the work that has kept this great league going for nearly 30 years now. Give 'em a big hand.

2016 - Present Christopher Bassels
2012 - 2015 Jansen White
2009 - 2011 - Joe Galeazza
2004 - 2008 - Paul "Rocket" Verkuyl
2002 - 2003 - Rob McKelvey
1997 - 2001 - Jerry Jordan
1975 - 1996 - This information has been lost. Contact us if you can help.

Previous Parks

Over the years there have been many famous and not so famous places that we have played.

Home of the first Grey Cup game in 1909, it is also famous as the starting point of the our league.
We are waiting for our plaque to be placed there also.

Behind the Summerhill LCBO and next to the Toronto Lawn and Tennis Club. More rules than we
could mention here, but most notable were the tree in right field and the tennis courts just over
the short right field fence (ouch!). Now just remnants are left as a parkette surrounded by condominiums.

Right below the Don Jail adjacent to the Parkway, this place will be remembered always for "The Hill"
in left field. Many a left fielder learned the hard way that it's always easier to come in (downhill) than
to try the impossible task of going backwards (uphill).

Located in the middle of Yorkville. Another small park, but beggars can't be choosers.

Expensive field at expensive all-Girl's school that we rented for a year or two.

Greenwood and Danforth, watch out for the soccer players in center field.

Right on Yonge Street, with a very short left field, and more tennis courts in right.

A nice park at  - only one problem there, the city issued a simultaneous permit to an
Ultimate league. They won.

Right behind the corner of Dufferin and Bloor

I also have heard historical references to a schoolyard at the Duke of Connaught that we used a few
times in the mid to late 1980's when we were unceremoniously kicked out of one of our other haunts.

League Bar

The RCBA has called the Duke Live home since 2016. Located on the corner of Leslie and Queen in the
east end of Toronto, it has given the league a great place to eat, drink, and laugh together.

Previous Bars

Over the course of our history there have been many other notable and sometimes notorious places we have
frequented after our games on Wednesday evenings. Among them are . . .

Near the Cherry Street Bridge was where we hung out for many years up to the 2015 season.

In Yorkville, comes and goes as a league meeting place, and who knows it may someday again.
It seems to be the only place that has stayed in business all these years, in fact it's been there
since 1944.

On the Danforth. Home for much of the nineties, until numerous LLBO violations closed them
down. Huge place with outdoor patio, backwards TV where players ran to third base from home,
pool tables, video games, and one nasty waiter.

A rooftop patio on Bloor Street West

Church Street just south of Carlton, formerly a gas station, currently a parking lot. We spent a
season or two there in the early 80's. Upon showing up the following year, we were told that
our business was no longer wanted. Wonder why they closed?

South of Yonge and Eglinton. Although the sign claims they are known for their wings, to me
they will always be best remembered for Sunny the waitress.

On Front Street just east of the St Lawrence Market.

In Cabbagetown on Parliament Street. They had a big outdoor patio on the south side of the
building that was our home for a year or two.