Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Wed5/15/20196:30 pm 8:30pm F 9-9 TAC  Hitmen   Kew Gardens
Wed5/15/20196:30 pm 8:30pm F 9-9 Gonzos  Gorillas   McCleary NE
Wed5/15/20196:30 pm 8:30pm F 9-9 Originals  Burning Sensation   McCleary SW
Wed5/15/20196:30 pm 8:30pm F 9-9 Balco Bulldogs  Sultans   Riverdale West
Wed5/22/20196:30 pm 8:30pm F 9-9 Sultans  Gorillas   Kew Gardens
Wed5/22/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPN/RBalco Bulldogs  TAC   McCleary NE
Wed5/22/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPN/RGonzos  Originals   McCleary SW
Wed5/22/20196:30 pm 8:30pm F 9-9 Burning Sensation  Hitmen   Riverdale West
Wed5/29/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPHitmen  Gonzos   Kew Gardens
Wed5/29/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBalco Bulldogs  Burning Sensation   McCleary NE
Wed5/29/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPTAC  Sultans   McCleary SW
Wed5/29/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPOriginals  Gorillas   Riverdale West
Wed6/5/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGorillas  Hitmen   Kew Gardens
Wed6/5/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBalco Bulldogs  Gonzos   McCleary NE
Wed6/5/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBurning Sensation  TAC   McCleary SW
Wed6/5/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPSultans  Originals   Riverdale West
Wed6/12/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBalco Bulldogs  Gorillas   Kew Gardens
Wed6/12/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPHitmen  Originals   McCleary NE
Wed6/12/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPTAC  Gonzos   McCleary SW
Wed6/12/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPSultans  Burning Sensation   Riverdale West
Wed6/19/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGonzos  Burning Sensation   Kew Gardens
Wed6/19/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPHitmen  Sultans   McCleary NE
Wed6/19/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPOriginals  Balco Bulldogs   McCleary SW
Wed6/19/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPTAC  Gorillas   Riverdale West
Wed6/26/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPTAC  Originals   Kew Gardens
Wed6/26/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBurning Sensation  Gorillas   McCleary NE
Wed6/26/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBalco Bulldogs  Hitmen   McCleary SW
Wed6/26/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGonzos  Sultans   Riverdale West
Wed7/3/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPHitmen  TAC   Kew Gardens
Wed7/3/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPSultans  Balco Bulldogs   McCleary NE
Wed7/3/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBurning Sensation  Originals   McCleary SW
Wed7/3/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGorillas  Gonzos   Riverdale West
Wed7/10/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPTAC  Balco Bulldogs   Kew Gardens
Wed7/10/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPOriginals  Gonzos   McCleary NE
Wed7/10/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGorillas  Sultans   McCleary SW
Wed7/10/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPHitmen  Burning Sensation   Riverdale West
Wed7/17/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBurning Sensation  Balco Bulldogs   Kew Gardens
Wed7/17/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGonzos  Hitmen   McCleary NE
Wed7/17/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPSultans  TAC   McCleary SW
Wed7/17/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGorillas  Originals   Riverdale West
Wed7/24/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPOriginals  Sultans   Kew Gardens
Wed7/24/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPTAC  Burning Sensation   McCleary NE
Wed7/24/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPHitmen  Gorillas   McCleary SW
Wed7/24/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGonzos  Balco Bulldogs   Riverdale West
Wed7/31/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBurning Sensation  Sultans   Kew Gardens
Wed7/31/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGorillas  Balco Bulldogs   McCleary NE
Wed7/31/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGonzos  TAC   McCleary SW
Wed7/31/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPOriginals  Hitmen   Riverdale West
Wed8/7/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBalco Bulldogs  Originals   Kew Gardens
Wed8/7/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPSultans  Hitmen   McCleary NE
Wed8/7/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGorillas  TAC   McCleary SW
Wed8/7/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPBurning Sensation  Gonzos   Riverdale West
Wed8/14/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPSultans  Gonzos   Kew Gardens
Wed8/14/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPGorillas  Burning Sensation   McCleary NE
Wed8/14/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPOriginals  TAC   McCleary SW
Wed8/14/20196:30 pm 8:30pm TBPHitmen  Balco Bulldogs   Riverdale West

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TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
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N/R Score Not Reported