"Spring" SEASON INFORMATION is updated!!!!
Season will start April 10th 2016.

Spring 2016 season dates are April 10th to June 19th, most gametimes are Sundays at 6:00pm.
We play in 1 mixed level division, the number of teams are based on player registration.
The Spring season will be 10 games.
We need more players! Interested in joining? Register here  
We are the first and original womens hockey league in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Our Womens League started in May of 2000 at Polar Ice in Grapevine.
In 2002, we moved to Ice Training Center in Richardson (StarCenter Richardson now).
We have been playing year-round for 16+ years straight!

We have a great bunch of ladies and are looking to add more! Please let us know if you want to join us!
Hockey is a great way to meet new friends and get some exercise!

Games are usually played early Sunday evenings at StarCenter in Richardson, formerly Ice Training Center (ITC).
Spring 2016 gametimes will normally be 6:00p.

Based on the numer of teams made, there may be some other gametimes used during the season.

Season Length:
The Spring 2016 season will have 10 games, (playoffs only if there are more than 2 teams).
We play three full 15 minute periods (most I league and D2 leagues only have 13 minute periods).
When needed, we have a 5 minute overtime, going to a shootout if necessary.

Age range:
All players in the RWHL must be 18 and over.

Skill Levels:
Our league welcomes female players of all skill levels from beginner to college+ experience.

*For the shorter seasons(10 to 12 weeks), it will be one mixed level.
Mixed level teams for fun, meet and play with those you don't normally get too!

Mixed Level Additional Rule:
“In the summer 2010, RWHL combined our Novice/Intermediate/Advanced divisions to provide a fun, competitive league for the summer. The talent and skill level among the players was a very broad spectrum and can create challenges when combining the leagues. After looking at the first games from the season, the team coordinators made a decision to help keep parity between the teams:
In an effort to maintain competitiveness among all teams, we are instituting a 4 goal cap per game, per player. Our hope is that this will assist us in leveling the teams and competition levels as well as promote passing and team play in the league. This cap will apply to all current players as well as subs and additions throughout the season and any future seasons of mixed level play.
The cap will be enforced/monitored by the players and team captains during the game. Should a 5th or subsequent goal be scored by the same player, it will be null and void and will not be counted towards the team’s score.”

Payments in a timely matter are appreciated!
Payment is due when you register through the StarCenter website using "Max Galaxy" system.

Select Richardson-Womens League:

All Players Must pay and have a current USA Hockey Registration when registering.

USA Hockey Registration may be done here

Full Payments:
$230 paid in full by April 11th, 2015.

$100 per goalie (limited to 1 goalie per team)
Goalies must register in person or by phone to receive their discounted fee.


Teams will have a max number of players allowed.
This exact number will be determined after the rosters are made.
Subs will be used, when needed to reach that number of players.

*Subs must be willing to play ANY position (forward or defense) on the team they are subbing on.
It is the team that will decide what position the sub will play.
i.e.:If a sub is normally a center, but the team needs defense, then the sub will be used as a defensive player.

*In a shootout, ALL rostered players will shoot first, then the subs may shoot.
If needed, this order will repeat with ALL rostered players always going before subs.

Subs for the Playoff and Championship games will only be players currently in the league.
(No playoffs during the Summer season.)

Sub fees do not apply to playing in net, only if a goalie skates out for another team.

Sub Coordinator will take sub payments and decide which team the player will sub into.
*It is the players responsiblity to get on the sub list, not the coordinator's job to track them down.
Subs are placed on teams from the order of signup.
Those that "prepay" for subbing, do not have a spot reserved for them each week. They must still tell sub coordinator each week that they want to sub.

Players not playing in the RWHL for the current season, may sub into 1 game for $20.
2014-2015 USA Hockey registration must be verified and a RWHL form needs to be filled out.

Players that are not known to us, may need to have an evaluation skate to determine play level.

Those wanting to sub will sign up at the rink (with a RWHL coordinator) for the night they wish to play, no more than an hour prior to gametime. Based on first come, first serve listing, subs will be pulled from the list to play as needed. Subs should only get dressed after the coordinators place the subs for the night. Subs will only pay if they play that night, but must pay PRIOR to getting dressed. The team coordinators will try to keep the teams even when placing the subs for the night.

StarCenter has a no-refund policy.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us!