Getting Started

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The list below applies to women ages 18 and up. Youth players will have different rules and should check with the group they plan on playing with.

If going to buy gear for the first time, please do some research. Equipment used for street hockey is not meant to be used on ice with a real puck. Some roller equipment will be usable and some will not. It is always best to get the equipment made for ICE HOCKEY.

ALL HELMETS - goalies and skaters need to be HECC Approved. Most manufacturers will recommend getting a new helmet every two years as the padding starts to breakdown. Please DO NOT buy a used helmet, give your brain the best!

For a skater, here's the basics of what you need:

hockey skates
hockey socks
garter or short style to keep socks up
shin guards
pelvic protector (female protector/jill/female jock)
hockey pants
shoulder pads (optional, but recommended)
elbow pads
jersey (color depends on team)
cage or shield (optional, but highly recommended)
mouthguard (optional, but recommended)

If you are interested in goalie:

goalie helmet
goalie chest protector
goalie pants
catcher glove
goalie leg pads
hockey socks
jersey (color depends on team)
goalie skates
goalie stick
goalie jill (female goalie jock/female protector for goalies)
mouthguard (optional, but recommended)