Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is SEYFA?

SEYFA is the SouthEastern Youth Football Association. Our goal is to provide boys (and girls) ages 5-12 with the opportunity to learn character, sportsmanship, and work ethic through the avenue of football.

2.) How can my child get involved?

SEYFA offers a 4 evening summer camp to help teach new players basic skills and to help experienced players refine their skills. Afterwards, SEYFA will host free open fields on Wednesday evenings. Basic skills and drills will be taught, followed by mostly playing touch football.

3.) How long is the season?

The season officially starts the first Monday of August and runs through the end of November depending on playoffs. The regular season is usually over at the end of October.

4.) What about practices?

Practices are held 4 nights a week until school starts. Once school starts, there are 3 practices per week. They are at the Kennard-Dale high school practice field located beside SEMS East. Practices are typically 6-8pm until light is lost.

5.) When are the games?

Typically games are Saturdays, occasionally there may be a Sunday game depending on the age group. Younger teams usually get Saturday morning games around 9 or 10AM, older teams are later, occasionally Saturday evenings or even Sunday afternoon.

6.) What equipment do I need?

SEYFA provides a helmet and shoulder pads (with a security deposit). Players are required to purchase football pants, cleats, mouth guard, and groin protector. A jersey must be bought through the program but will be the players to keep. In addition, many players choose to purchase protective undergarments such as Under Armour, Nike, or Riddell Padded shirts and shorts.

This equipment can be purchased online or locally at sporting goods stores such as Dick's. Additionally, SEYFA will maintain a collection of donated football gear that players have outgrown. Players may be able to find what they need there.

7.) Do I have to fundraise?

Running a youth football program is expensive! in order to keep registration low and attainable, the we ask parents to participate in various fundraisers. We do offer buyouts for those not interested in fundraising. Much of our funding comes from the concession stand. We do require parents to operate the concession stand at least once each season.

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