Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I join?
A. Once registration is open for the season, the captain of the team registers first under a special link on the registration page. Once your captain has registered they will let the players on that team know its time to visit the league website and register online.  While registering you will insert the team name in the appropriate box.  Once you have registered and paid with your visa/mastercard your name will appear in the Teams/Roster section under your team name. During registration you will be asked for the nickname and number you would like on your league issued t-shirt. You will receive your shirt the morning of your first game.  Please note that it may take up to twelve hours after you register for your name to appear online under your team name.   Some options might be limited during the winter seasons.

Q. I was told to look here for information about signing up for the Competitive division.  Why?
A. This is mainly for new teams that feel that their group of superstars is ready for our most competitive divisions.  You are hereby warned that this division is very hard core.  Games are decided on errors and keeping your defense air tight and precision kicking.  If you are excellent group of  volleyball players and think you are going to rock it out in competitive I would consider starting off in Intermediate.  We have had a lot of teams quit the league because they felt they were misinformed about the level of play.  You are still welcome to sign up for Competitive but do not be suprised if you get a call from the commissioner asking "are you sure".  Bring it!

Q. Can you help me find a couple players to fill the minimum number of players needed to form a team?
A.  We certainly have a good number of people that are looking for teams and we should be able to help you.

Q. Whats up with the individual registration instead of a flat team registration?
A. We decided from the start that asking the team captains to act as debt collectors isnt fair and takes away most of the fun for them. Any experienced captain would tell you that he/she has been shorted on money from players and we wanted to put an end to that.  If the players take the time to register and pay individually they are more likely to show up and play. This also serves our purpose to issue individual team shirts and knocks out the waiver in one punch.  If you want to pay a single payment for your team we can work something out.

Q. I want to play but dont have a team, can I still register?
A. Each season the league has a wild card team.  This team is automatically placed in the Novice Division. You would simply click on the registration link and select on the looking for a team option on the registration page. The wild card team is basically formed by individuals wanting to play but dont have enough people together to start a team. This is a great way to make friends and find a team that is looking for additional players for the following season. This team will be managed by league officials until a captain has been selected and you have been in contact with him/her. 

Q.Do I have to pay a processing or membership fees?
A. No.  We don`t see any need to add any additional charges to play kickball.

Q. What will show up on my credit card statement for this registration?

A. You should see Midwest Kickball LLC listed on your statement.

Q. I noticed that all the teams in the previous seasons have awesome team logos, am I required to make one for my new team?
A. No, BigBalls may provide these logos for all the teams after they registered.  We do not guarantee that this will be done.  We try our hardest but please don`t hold your breath as conditions may change.  This logo is for multi-media purposes including the website, league advertising, flyers, documents, and for teams personal use (myspace, facebook, etc.).  These logos will appear on your shirt.

BigBalls General FAQ

Q. Do adults play kickball?
A. Yes, Adults gather to play kickball to have fun with their friends, get outside, and drink a few beers.

Q. Why did you start a kickball league?
A. The demand for kickball in St Louis is impressive and overwhelming to the other kickball leagues.

Q. Why should I pick a independent league instead of a corporate league?
A. Independent leagues have more fun, less rules and your allowed to drink. We also do not charge additional fees to cover corporate overhead costs.

Q. Does your league have corporate sponsors or connections?
A. The BigBalls league is an independent league that is owned by a guy that lives five minutes from the park and doesn't want to be tied to any corporations or obligated to use any brand or any of that nonsense.  The reasonable league fee covers all the expenses and you get a shirt without being a walking billboard for Widgets Inc. We will accept donations from companies (beer, beer, and beer) and give them a little lovin on the website.  Local bars and establishments might opt into our seasonal lineup sheet and promos.

Q. Does the league get involved in any community events/charities?
A. Startied in the spring 2008 season we joined with St. Pius V Food Bank to organize a canned food drive. The league also designates a local charity each season to help raise funds.  BigBalls players have graciously donated more than $10,000.00 in total to local charities.
2014 Sherwood Forest Camp $500.00
2014 Mann Elementary School (Tower Grove South Neighborhood) $697.14
2013 Tower Grove Park Benefactor $500.00
2013 Sherwood Forest Camp $1000.00
2012 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation $2,300.00+
2012 Friends of Tower Grove Park $150.00
2010 Sherwood Forest Camp $1,500.00+
2009 Sherwood Forest Camp +$4,000.00
2009 Fox Park Neighborhood Assoc. $500.00 Beautification Grant
2009 Friends of Tower Grove Park "Supporter" $150.00
2008 St Louis Art Works $150.00
2008 Tay Sachs Foundation $150.00
2008 Friends of Tower Grove Park "Supporter" $150.00
2008-2014 St. Pius V Church Food Pantry 7500+ Cans Of Food

Q. How old do you have to be to play?
A. You need to be at least 18 years old on the first day of the season to play.

Q. You are allowed to drink?
A. If you are over 21 you are allowed to drink at our venues. Please drink responsibly!

Q. Where do you play kickball?
A. We play in Tower Grove Park, Jefferson Barracks Park. and other South City locations.
Q. What is the Beer Olympics About?
A. The Beer Olympics is an event to wrap up the season and consist of some pretty silly games like beer pong, flip cup, 3 legged race, and tricycle race.  Each team selects 4 athletes to compete in the games and the winners using bracketology can earn a free season of kickball for their entire team.  Unlike other copycat leagues everyone gets to drink for free at our Beer Olympics which is included in your league fee.  You can get detailed information from the Main Menu under the Beer Olympics tab.  We also use this event as a canned food drive for St Pius V Church Food Pantry.  We usually collect over 500 cans each event!

Q. Will you ever expand out farther west like St Charles or St Peters?
A. Probably not.  We are happy playing in the City of St Louis and South County.

Q. I heard you give out team shirts?
A. Your league fee includes a team shirt that has your nickname and number on the back. Sweatshirts are issued during the Winter season.

Q. How much does it cost to play in your league?
A. We register individuals online and the cost is between 40-50 dollars per season depending on when you pay.  Our leagues prices get you the  most bang for the buck anywhere in the St Louis area.

Q. Do you guys use umpires?
A. We call them officials in our league and we do hire officials. Believe it or not, other leagues actually make YOU officiate your own games and report your own scores.

Q. Are they ASA umpires?
A. No, ASA has a number of regulations that don't mesh well with our league.  We hire our own experienced officials.

Q. Why should I pick your league?
A. We offer individual online registration, great customer service, provide shirts before your first game, and gosh darnit people like us.
Q. I noticed a number of new leagues pop up in St Louis that use your same format and benefits. Whats up with that?
A. Flattery is nice and we always appreciate it but you should be cautious of brand new leagues or copycats and you should
check the fine details carefully.  Some good questions to ask... Is your league BYOB?, Games Guaranteed?, Paid Official On Each Field?, Custom T-Shirts With Team Logos?, and On Site Customer Service?

Q. How many games are included in a season?
A. As of Fall 2010 you will get to play 12 games.
Q. What size and brand of kickballs do you use?
A. We are proud to say we use Baden brand 10 inch kickballs.  Starting in the Spring 2010 season we will be using our new custom made kickballs with the league logo on them.  If you want to purchase one you can ask your game official or email us.

Q. How many players do I need to start a team?
A. We recommend that you have between 14-20 players.

Q. How can I find out when its time to register?
A. Join the email list on the welcome page and you will be notified.

Q. What is your policy on the use of the logos and graphics?
A. Midwest Kickball LLC aka BigBalls Kickball League owns all the images and graphics produced by us and teams/players are granted usage rights for the season they are participating. Any usage outside of that requires written permission from the league commissioner.

Q. Why did you pick the name BigBalls?
A.  Ask me in person and I will show you.

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