Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun7/22/201811:00 am F 7-13 Straight Kickin' It With Attitude  Mother Effn Ninjas   SB1
Sun7/22/201812:00 pm F 10-0 Mother Effn Ninjas  Raging Homers   SB1
Sun7/22/20181:00 pm F 5-6 Straight Kickin' It With Attitude  The Rack Pack   SB1
Sun7/22/20182:00 pm F 1-5 Raging Homers  Rollin' Stoned   SB1
Sun7/22/20183:00 pm F 1-4 Steady Mobbin'  The Rack Pack   SB1
Sun7/22/20184:00 pm F 2-12 Rollin' Stoned  Steady Mobbin'   SB1
Sun7/29/201811:00 am F 4-11 Rollin' Stoned  Straight Kickin' It With Attitude   SB1
Sun7/29/201812:00 pm F 7-4 Straight Kickin' It With Attitude  Raging Homers   SB1
Sun7/29/20181:00 pm F 5-0 The Rack Pack  Rollin' Stoned   SB1
Sun7/29/20182:00 pm F 11-3 Steady Mobbin'  Raging Homers   SB1
Sun7/29/20183:00 pm F 7-4 Mother Effn Ninjas  The Rack Pack   SB1
Sun7/29/20184:00 pm F 5-6 Mother Effn Ninjas  Steady Mobbin'   SB1
Sun8/5/201811:00 am F 7-6 Steady Mobbin'  Straight Kickin' It With Attitude   SB1
Sun8/5/201812:00 pm F 2-1 Rollin' Stoned  Steady Mobbin'   SB1
Sun8/5/20181:00 pm F 2-4 The Rack Pack  Straight Kickin' It With Attitude   SB1
Sun8/5/20182:00 pm F 0-2 Rollin' Stoned  Mother Effn Ninjas   SB1
Sun8/5/20183:00 pm F 7-6 Raging Homers  The Rack Pack   SB1
Sun8/5/20184:00 pm F 8-7 Raging Homers  Mother Effn Ninjas   SB1
Sun8/12/201811:00 am F 2-4 Mother Effn Ninjas  Straight Kickin' It With Attitude   SB1
Sun8/12/201812:00 pm F 1-9 The Rack Pack  Mother Effn Ninjas   SB1
Sun8/12/20181:00 pm F 9-0 Straight Kickin' It With Attitude  Rollin' Stoned   SB1
Sun8/12/20182:00 pm F 0-3 Steady Mobbin'  The Rack Pack   SB1
Sun8/12/20183:00 pm F 5-6 Rollin' Stoned  Raging Homers   SB1
Sun8/12/20184:00 pm F 2-9 Raging Homers  Steady Mobbin'   SB1
Sun8/19/201811:00 am TBPRaging Homers  Straight Kickin' It With Attitude   SB1
Sun8/19/201812:00 pm TBPThe Rack Pack  Raging Homers   SB1
Sun8/19/20181:00 pm TBPStraight Kickin' It With Attitude  Steady Mobbin'   SB1
Sun8/19/20182:00 pm TBPRollin' Stoned  The Rack Pack   SB1
Sun8/19/20183:00 pm TBPSteady Mobbin'  Mother Effn Ninjas   SB1
Sun8/19/20184:00 pm TBPMother Effn Ninjas  Rollin' Stoned   SB1
Sun8/26/201811:00 am TBPStraight Kickin' It With Attitude  Mother Effn Ninjas   SB1
Sun8/26/201812:00 pm TBPMother Effn Ninjas  Raging Homers   SB1
Sun8/26/20181:00 pm TBPThe Rack Pack  Straight Kickin' It With Attitude   SB1
Sun8/26/20182:00 pm TBPRaging Homers  Rollin' Stoned   SB1
Sun8/26/20183:00 pm TBPThe Rack Pack  Steady Mobbin'   SB1
Sun8/26/20184:00 pm TBPSteady Mobbin'  Rollin' Stoned   SB1

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CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
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N/R Score Not Reported