Tournament Results

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February 24, 2013
1st Place
Danny Medina (55)
Joey Brucato (85)
Third Place
Giovanni Alejandro (60)
Xavier Laracuente (65)
Fourth Place 
Christian Vega (90)

Mid Jersey Junior Varsity B League Tournament

February 10, 2013
1st place
Kayden Melendez
Noah Bone
Fabian Warth
Zachary Beadling
Micah Eason
Noah Harris
2nd place
Gavin Yannetta
Anthony Velardo
Mikey Feliciano
Marcus Rodrigues
3rd place
Dylan Harvatt 
Brian Christie
4th place
Jake Harvatt
Matthew Salcedo
Justyn Kranzke

New Jersey Grade School League Varsity Tournament

February 10, 2013
2nd place
Tito Torres
8th place
Nick Nyers

Senior Mid Jersey League Tournament 2012

Jack Quinn......1st place (league champion)

18th Annual Middlesex Novice Tournament

Zachary Beadling 1st Place
Brian Christie 1st Place
Jake Harvatt 2nd Place
Fabian Warth 2nd Place
Matt Salcedo 4th Place
Dylan Harvatt 4th Place

Mid-Jersey League 2012 Varsity tournament

Luke Pero .......1st place (league champion - Undefeated 20-0)
Nick Nyers.......3rd place
Gio Alejandro......3rd place
Johnny Magee.....4th place

2012 Metuchen Novice Tournament

March 4, 2012
Matt Zawacki 1st
Diego Mendez 1st
Fabian Warth 1st
Delanie Streeter 1st
Gavin Yannetta 1st

Brian Christie 2nd
Christian Figueroa 2nd
Mike Feliciano 2nd
Noah Bone 2nd
Justyn Kranzke 2nd
Matt Sternesky 2nd
Zach Beadling 2nd
Brenden Streeter 2nd
Devin Veron 2nd

Gabe Alejandro 3rd
Joseph Balestrieri 3rd
Anthony Dotro 3rd
Luke Tolley 3rd
Alexander Roy 3rd

2012 Mid Jersey B League Tournament

February 12, 2012
1st Place
Jacob Apple
Fabian Warth
Noah Harris

2nd Place
Dylan Harvatt
Noah Bone

3rd Place
Gabriel Alejandro

4th Place
Mike Feliciano
Zack Beadling
Jaylen Ore
Laniyha Rodriguez

17th Annual Middlesex Novice Tournament

January 15, 2012
Gavin Yannetta 1st Place
Dylan Harvatt 2nd Place
Justyn Krankze 5th Place

2nd Annual Kenilworth Golden Bear Tournament

December 31, 2011
Novice Division

PeeWee 43lbs Fabi Warth 5th place
Bantam 76lbs Gabriel Alejandro 5th place
Bantam 53lbs Giovanni Alejandro 1st place
Midget 63lbs Jesse Warth 5th place
Junior 125lbs Nick Neyers 1st place
Intermediate 102lbs Christian Figueroa 2nd place

Chatham Holiday Open Tournament

December 18, 2011
Midget 71 Joseph Brucato 1st place

Chatham Holiday Novice Tournament

December 18, 2011
Tot 40 Noah Bone 2nd place
Tot 42 Fabian Warth 2nd place
Tot 52 Brian Christie 4th place

Bantam 52 Dylan Harvatt 4th place
Bantam 53 Gio Alejandro 1st place
Bantam 64 Gabe Alejandro 1st place

Midget 61 Xavier Laracuente 1st place
Midget 63 Jesse Warth 1st place
Midget 78 Christian Vega 2nd place

Junior 125 Joe Balestrieri 2nd place

Interm 115 Nick Nyers 1st place

South Plainfield Pee Wee Bantam Tournament

December 4th, 2011
Gio Alejandro 2nd Place
Gabe Alejandro 2nd Place
Bryan Christie 4th Place
Fabian Warth 1st Place
Gavin Yannetta 1st Place
Noah Bone 1st Place
Jaylen Ore 2nd Place
Dylan Harvatt 4th Place

Metuchen Novice Tournament

March 6, 2011

Gabe Alejandro 3rd Place
Gio Alejandro 1st Place
Anthony Lam 4th Place
Nick Lam 4th Place
Xavier Laracuente 2nd Place
Vincent Moy 4th Place
Jaylen Ore 2nd Place
Luis Ore 3rd Place
Tyler Ramos 2nd Palce
Jonathan Sandoval 2nd Place
Brenden Streeter 1st Place
Isaak Tommassini 2nd Place
Alex Vega 2nd Place
Christian Vega 1st Place
Jesse Warth 1st Place

Way to finish out the Season!!!!

2009 - 2010 Tournament Results

Metuchen Novice Tournament

March 7, 2010

Dale Alvarez.....1st Place
Elhusan Bachir.....1st Place
Mahmood Bachir.....1st place
Zack Farawell.....1st Place
Cody McMichael.....1st place
Cheyenne McMichael.....3rd place
CJ Miller.....1st Place
Michael Salcedo.....1st Place
Jordan Scher.....1st Place
DJ Scher.....1st Place
Chris Tomolavage.....1st place
Anthony Velardo.....4th Place

Awesome way to end the season guys...Great Job!!!

Varsity ("A") League Tournament

February 28, 2010

Joey Brucato.....3rd Place
Chase Fairbanks.....4th Place
Jack Quinn.....4th Place

JV ("B") League Tournament

February 21, 2010

Cody Mcmichael.....1st Place
DJ Scher.....1st Place
John Poznanski.....1st Place
CJ Miller.....3rd Place
Nate Beauchamps.....3rd Place
Zac Farawell.....4th Place
Justin Farago.....5th Place
Dale Alvarez.....6th Place
Mike Garrone.....6th Place

East Brunswick "B" Bash \ Rookie Rumble

February 13, 2010

Wins By:
48 lbs. Cody McMichael
52 lbs. Nate Beauchamps
54 lbs. Luz Beauchamps
58 lbs. Cheyenne McMichael
70 lbs. DJ Scher
73 lbs. Zachary Farawell
74 lbs. Joshua lopez
74 lbs. Dale Alvarez
80 lbs. CJ Miller
88 lbs. Chris Tomolavage
92 lbs. Michael Salcedo
100 lbs. Elhusan Bachir

Middlesex Novice Tournament

January 24, 2010

48 lbs. Cody McMichael.....3rd place
58 lbs. John Poznanski.....1st Place
59 lbs. Cheyenne McMichael.....4th place
70 lbs. DJ Scher.....1st place
73 lbs. Zac Farawell.....1st place
80 lbs. CJ Miller.....1st place
81 lbs. Johnny Magee.....1st place

East Brunswick "B" Bash

January 23, 2010

Wins By
70 lbs. DJ Scher
74 lbs. Dale Alvarez
74 lbs. Joshue Lopez
80 lbs. CJ Miller
92 lbs. Michael Salcedo

Madison Novice Tournament

January 17, 2010

50lbs. Nate Beauchamps.....4th Place
58lbs. John Poznanski.....1st Place
70lbs. Zac Farawell.....2nd Place
78lbs. CJ Miller.....1st Place

Chatham Holiday Novice Tournament

January 10, 2010

58 lbs. John Poznanski.....1st Place

Hopatcong Jr. Chiefs Novice & Open Round Robin Tournament

January 10, 2010

Open Division
Luke Pero.....1st Place
Sam Pero.....1st Place
Chris Pannone.....1st Place

Novice Bantam \ Midget Division
73lbs. DJ Scher.....1st Place
73lbs. Zac Farawell.....1st Place
77lbs. CJ Miller.....1st Place
78lbs. Jonny Magee.....1st Place

East Brunswick "B" Bash

January 9, 2010

Wins By
44 lbs. Joey Scher.....2 Wins
47 lbs. Cody McMichaels.....2 Wins
52 lbs. Nathanial Beauchamps.....3 Wins
58 lbs. John Poznanski.....2 Wins
60 lbs. Andrew Voynik.....2 Wins
62 lbs. Frankie LaTorre.....1 Win
71 lbs. Joshua Lopez.....1 Win
73 lbs. Zac Farawell.....1 Win
79 lbs. CJ Miller.....2 wins
81 lbs. Jonny Magee.....2 Wins
92 lbs. Michael Salcedo.....1 Win

Wall Holiday Half Day Wrestling Tournament

December 13, 2009

Open Division -
Sam Pero.....1st place
Chris Pannone.....2nd place
Jack Quinn.....3rd place
Joey Brucato.....3rd place

Novice Division -
Nate Beauchamps.....2nd place

2008 - 2009 Tournament Results

12/14/2008 - Wall Tournament

1st place - Johnny Magee - Midget Novice 75lbs
2nd place - Luke Pero - Midget Open 59lbs
2nd Place - William Orak - Bantam Novice 75lbs
2nd Place - Andre Farago - Intermediate Open 110lbs
3rd Place - Jake Pero - Intermediate Open 128lbs
3rd Place - Zach Farawell - Bantam Novice 66lbs
4th Place - Mike Orak - Intermediate Open 116lbs

Middlesex Novice Tournament

Joey Scher.........39 lb.....3rd place
John Posnaski......53 lb.....3rd place
DJ Scher...........63 lb.....4th place
Zach Farawell......66 lb.....3rd place
William Orak.......70 lb.....3rd place
CJ Miller..........74 lb.....3rd place
Brian Meco.........76 lb.....4th place
Giovanni MaGee.....76 lb.....4th place

2/25/2008 - 7/8 league Tournament

1st Place - Pete Melendez
2nd Place - Chris Colon, Francis ???
3rd Place - Dalton Williamson, Jake Pero, Ives Viola

2/20/2008 - South Plainfield Tournament

Sam Pero 3rd Place
Luke Pero 4th Place
Chris Pannone 4th Place
Jack Quinn 4th Place
Chris DiProfio 4th Place

2/11/2008 - Kenilworth Tournament

Luke Pero - 1st Place
Jack Quinn - 4th Place

2/4/2008 - Union State Tournament Qualifier

Sam Pero - 2nd Place - Midget 85
Jake Pero - 2nd Place - Junior 119
Luke Pero - 3rd Place - Bantam 55
Chris Pannone - 4th Place - Bantam 70

1/20/2008 - Monroe Tournament

Sam Pero - 3rd Place
Jake Pero - 3rd Place
January 13, 2008
Amanda Julve - 1st Place
Andre Farago - 1st Place
Michael Julve - 1st Place
TJ Matty - 2nd Place
Jake Pero - 2nd Place
Chris Pannone - 3rd Place
Dalton Williamson - 4th Place
Mike Pohida - 4th Place
Pete Melendez - 4th Place