Rules - PW8 & PW7

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Westwood Baseball Association League Rulebook

The Westwood Baseball Association's mission is to implant in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, loyalty, courage, honesty, and respect; so that they may be finer, stronger, confident, happier children and that this positive seed will be left to take into their adulthood. At the same time the association will implement and teach the instructional and competitive game of what is known as “America’s Greatest Pastime”, the game of baseball. It will do so through patient, humble, amicable, understanding, respectful, and reserved leadership via our coaches and parents.

Pee Wee 8 & Pee Wee 7 League Rules

Should there be no rule mentioned in WBA rulebook, the Managers of both games will make a collective decision.

Team Responsibilities

Home Team:

 *Baseballs (Start with 2 per game)

 *Field Prep

 *Pre and Post game

 *Line field

 *Put all field tools, bases away, cover mound and plate area  (Meadowbrook only = MB ONLY) should rain be in the near forecast.  For games at Westvale, place all items in the shed in Away dugout.

 *Lock Shed by batting cage (MB ONLY)


Visiting Team:

 *Concession Stand (MB ONLY)

 *No game can begin unless the concession stand is staffed and opened. (MB ONLY)

 *Make sure that BBQ Grill is completely turned off, cooled down and either covered or left in storage shed.  (MB ONLY)

 *Straighten up concession stand (MB ONLYand be sure field and all lights are turned off (EITHER FIELD)  Be sure concession stand and bathroom is locked. (MB ONLY)


Game times:

There will be no trading of game days or time slots unless approved by all Managers involved in games and League Player Agent.  

 Mon, Wed, Thurs: 6:15 PM; Tuesday 6:45 PM

 Sat 9:30AM, 11:00AM, 12:30 PM, 2:00 PM



 *Entire team will be placed in batting order.  If team bats out of order, they are NOT charged with an out at the time the mistake was realized. 

 *Free Substitution

 *If a player arrives late, he will be added to the end of the lineup.  If a player must leave the game for whatever reason, his spot in the lineup will be skipped.


Call Ups:

 *Call ups are encouraged at the PW 8 & PW 7 League levels.

 *Manager will contact their player agent (Carl Makula) or lower level manager whenever a call up is needed.

 *Request a call up when you are expecting 6 or less players.  The maximum amount of call ups a team can have is 3. 

 *Call ups must bat last and play in the outfield only. 

Playing Time:

 *WBA prides itself on our approach to rec playing time.   All players will play an equal amount of time at a number of positions. 


 *Pitchers must wear cup

 *Catchers must wear throat guards and cup (Catcher is optional at PW7 Level)

 *PW8 players must wear batting helmet with mask

 *Bats – Follow Little League rulebook

 *Only one player in the on deck area at all times

 *No jewelry allowed


Makeup games:

 *Games rescheduled due to rain etc…will be made up at the end of the year or as fields are available.  Player agents are responsible to keep track.

 *League President, Town Rec Department, DPW of Westwood and Player Agents will communicate when games will be delayed or rained out. 


Game Rules:

 *1.5 hour time limit.  No new inning shall start at the 1.25 hour mark.  Managers should make note upon starting game.

 *5 Inning games max

 *No official scores or standings will be kept 

 *No extra innings

 *No playoffs

 *No leading, stealing or bunting

 *The side is retired upon 3 outs or batting through the entire lineup, whichever occurs first.

 *No head first sliding to any base

 *No leading, player may leave base once the ball has crossed the plate

 *Tagging up on all fly balls is permitted

 *Infield fly is not in affect


PW 8 Only:

 *Batters follow traditional baseball rules including balls and strikes.  Coaches will call balls and strikes.  It is suggested to have wide strike zone to ensure the kids are swinging the bats and will help move the game along. 

 *Players and Coaches may pitch.  For developmental reasons having the kids pitch is highly encouraged at this age.

 *Pitching mound is at 40 feet and not 46 feet.

 *Pitcher may pitch a max of 4 innings per week

 *Pitcher may pitch a max of 2 innings per game

 *Pitcher hits 2 batters in one inning and/or 3 batters in one game. He shall be removed immediately.

 *Days rest for rec

 *1-2 Innings – 1 full days rest

 *One pitch equals one inning

 *No intentional walks allowed

 *Unlimited coaches visits to mound to talk with pitcher

 *On a base hit into the outfield, play stops when the ball is in the possession of the pitcher.  Runners will be sent back to previous base if less than ½ ways to next base.

 *Runners may advance on overthrows


PW 7 Only:

 *Coach Pitch only

 *Player will get 5 swings to put baseball into fair play.  If in the event a player does not put the ball into play after 5 swings they will be called out.  A player will not be called out on the last swing if it is determined a foul ball. 

 *Players can use a T if necessary

 *On a hit to the outfield, play stops when the ball is in the possession of any infielders.  Runners will receive the next base if they are more than halfway to the base at the time of possession.

 *Runners may not advance on any overthrows including second base

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