Should there be no rule mentioned in WBA rulebook, we will reference and follow the Official Little League Rules.


Team Responsibilities

Home Team: (Handle both sides against out-of-town opponents)

·      Baseballs (Start with 2 per game)

·      Pay umpire fee of $50.00 per game

·      Field Prep

·      Pre and Post game

·      Line field

·      Scoreboard

·      Put all field tools, bases away, cover mound and plate area after game.

·      Lock Shed and Batting Cage after game.


Visiting Team:

·      Concession Stand throughout the game

·      No game can begin unless the concession stand is staffed and opened.

·      Make sure that BBQ Grill is completely turned off, cooled down, covered and moved next to Fieldhouse. 

·      Straighten up concession stand and be sure field and all lights are turned off.  Be sure all Fieldhouse doors and bathroom is locked.


Game times and notes

Games at Meadowbrook:

·      Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM

·      1 or 2 Fridays @ 6:00 PM or 8 :00 PM

·      Saturdays 1:30 PM or 3:45 PM (with some earlier games possible)

·      Coaches and teams absolutely must be on time to their games. 

·      There will be no trading of game days or time slots unless approved by player agent (Yash Risbud).

·      We will use hired paid umpires.


Games against other towns on the road:  TBD




·      Entire team will be placed in batting order and each Manager will provide a lineup for opponent scorebook.  If team bats out of order, they are to be charged with an out at the time the mistake was realized. 

·      Free Substitution

·      If a player arrives late, he will be added to the end of the lineup.  If a player must leave the game for whatever reason, his spot in the lineup will be skipped.

·      A team must have a minimum of 8 players to start a game.  Anything less will be considered a forfeit.



·      Manager will contact their player agent whenever a call up is needed and work with the lower league division to ensure a proper call up is made.

·      Request a call up when you are expecting 8 or less players. 

·      The maximum amount of call-ups a team can have is 3. 

·      Minors should not call up players to get to 10 fielders (With 4 outfielders).  If you only have 9 players, your opponent will play with 3 outfielders that game.

·      Call-ups must bat last and play in the outfield onlyNO EXCEPTIONS!!!


Playing time

·      WBA prides itself on our approach to rec playing time.   It will never be 100% even; however we will try and make it as fair as possible



·      Pitchers and Catchers must wear cups.

·      Catchers must wear throat guards.

·      Bats – Follow Little League rulebook, specifically that ALL BATS must have a legal USA BAT STAMP to be used for play.

·      Players must wear helmets when coaching a base and guarding a pitcher warming up down the first & third base line.

·      Only one player in the on deck area at all times.

·      No jewelry allowed.


Makeup games

·      Thursday’s are designated for make-up games.  If you are rained out for a game scheduled on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in a given week, the game will automatically be scheduled for that Thursday.  Please confirm all rescheduled games with your player agent.

·      If we get backed up with makeups we will go in order of the oldest games first.

·      Saturday rainouts will most likely be made up at the end of the year.

·      League President, Town Rec Department, DPW of Westwood and Player Agents will communicate when games will be delayed or rained out. 

·      Once the game has started it will be the umpires decision on any weather, lightning or game cancellations.


Minors Specific Game Rules

·      2-hour time limit.  For games during the week with a Majors game scheduled after, no new inning shall start after 7:15 PM.  Weeknight games must end by 7:30PM at the latest.  Managers should make note of official start time with umpire.

·      5 Inning games

·      Regular season (non-playoff) there are no official innings. 

·      If a game ends due to a time limit or weather, it will revert to prior full inning.

·      No extra innings during the regular season. There can be ties.

·      4 runs per inning max until the last Inning where runs are unlimited

·      For intra-town games, 10 players play in the field defensively with 4 outfielders. Team cannot put 5 players on the infield.  For inter-town games we will use the traditional 9 defensive players.





Minors Pitching

·      4 innings per week

·      2 innings per game.

·      Managers should be aware of pitchers who play travel on Sundays.  Please coordinate with the Travel Team coaches that impact your rec players.

·      All teams make the playoffs, so please be mindful of innings and more importantly pitch counts. 

·      Week start on Sundays, however “days’ rest” overrides week.

·      One pitch equals one inning. 1-2 Innings requires 1 full day of rest.  No pitcher can pitch consecutive rec days.

·      Pitcher that hit 2 batters in one inning and/or 3 batters in one game shall be removed immediately.

·      Play stops when the pitcher is on the rubber.  The runner must return to previous base if less than half way to destination base.  This is at the discretion of the umpire.

·      No pitcher may re-enter a game as a pitcher once removed.

·      Manager or Coach may visit a pitcher twice in an inning without peril.  The third visit to the same pitcher in an inning will require the pitcher to be removed.  Upon the coach’s fourth visit to the same pitcher in a game, that pitcher must be removed.

·      No balks will be called,

·      No intentional walks are allowed.

·      No drop third strikes will be called.

 Game results

·      The winning manager must report game results on the WBA website

·      All pitchers names and innings pitched must also be included and tracked by league player agent. 

·      Our goal is to post updated standings on Sunday evenings.

·      Game point value will be used for standings:

o   Win is worth 2 points

o   Tie is worth 1 point

o   Loss is worth 0 points


  Minor’s base running, sliding and bunting

·      A player may steal third base only but cannot advance on an overthrow.

·      Absolutely no head first slides into a base

·      Player can slide head first back to a base

·      Must slide or avoid

·      No leading, player may leave base once the ball has crossed the plate

·      Tagging up on all fly balls is permitted

·      Infield fly is not in affect


·      WBA uses only carded umpires and they are always being evaluated.

·      Any questions about the umpires should be addressed to our Umpire in Chief, Dave Dellentash, who is also our league scheduler.

·      Once a game begins the umpire is in charge and has the final say.

·      Arguing with umpires will not be tolerated by the WBA.  This includes players, parents and coaches.  Any issues must be immediately communicated to player agent, Umpire in Chief and League President.

·      No protests will be accepted!


·      A team will be warned once in a game if a player throws a bat, helmet or other equipment.  Every incident thereafter will be at the discretion of the umpire as to the offending player being ejected. 

·      If the offending player throws equipment in anger or rage, an immediate ejection can occur.

·      Profanity will have no warning and will not be tolerated.  The offending player, coach, manager or parent will be ejected from the game and asked to leave.  This will follow with some sort of future game(s) suspension as determined by Executive Board.


Total points will determine final standings.  Should there be a tie (s) for final rankings, below will be final determination.

·      Head to Head games

·      Record vs. opponents with winning record

·      Runs scored in head to head games

·      Runs scored vs. opponents with winning record

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