CBA Rules

-NCAA rules for in-game play(if you don't know what they are, google it)
-No game shall exceed one overtime. At the end of regulation, a 3-minute period will be played with the clock stopping during the final minute of play.
-The 35-second shot clock will be used in the final 5 minutes of regulation and in overtime. The shot clock will not start mid-possession but on the following possession when there is 5 minutes remaining. On a foul, the shot clock resets to 35 seconds.

-No fouling out, 6th personal foul and beyond is a technical. With NCAA rules, after a technical, play resumes at the Point of Interruption (look it up). You WON'T get 4 free throws and the ball in most cases.

-Suspensions: Suspensions will be given at the commissioners discretion. We will evaluate any unsportsmanlike conduct and then make a decision. To be clear on this: You CAN still be suspended even if you DO NOT get a technical or flagrant foul. You CAN still be suspended even if you DO NOT get ejected from a game. Again, ANY unsportsmanlike conduct can warrant a suspension.

-Substitutions for regular season: If you're missing a player, you may pick up a substitute that was drafted one round later. You can't pick up a sub the same day of your game. The player on your team who is missing the game, must notify the captain of the team at least one day before the game. If a player on your team doesn't show up without telling the captain by Sunday, you will not be able to pick up a sub on Monday. If you pick up a sub, you have to tell the Commissioners and the opposing team who your substitute is by Sunday. If you do not have a sub ready by Sunday, you can't pick anybody up. YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR SUBSTITUTE BY SUNDAY! YOU CAN'T PICK UP A SUB ON MONDAY!
-Substitutions for playoffs: If you have 5 people, you're playing with 5 no matter what. If you have 4 people, you can pick up a captain who didn't make the playoffs 

-No CBA player can enter the gym until 5:55PM

-Sidelines: If you are not playing in the game, you may not go to the player's sideline. All spectators must watch from the bleachers.

-You cannot shoot around on the court during a timeout or halftime in a game. Also, during pregame, you cannot shoot around unless you are playing in the upcoming game. Please have respect for the players that are about to play.

-Only bottled water will be allowed in the gym. No food or other a drinks are allowed. They just resurfaced the floor guys, let's try and keep it clean.

Notes: I know the suspension rule might seem harsh, but to be honest, between all 3 leagues we have embarrassed our selves and our community too many times. As far as substitutions go, everybody knows that they play in a league on Mondays from 6-10pm, they shouldn't miss games. If you disagree with any of these rules listed, you may remove yourself from any future CBA draft.