Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Mon12/23/2019BYEBYEBYEBYE  Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  BYE
Mon12/23/2019BYEBYEBYEBYE  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  BYE
Mon12/23/20196:00 pm F 58-50 Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  TBA
Mon12/23/20197:00 pm F 38-41 Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  TBA
Mon12/23/20198:00 pm F 73-58 Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  TBA
Mon12/23/20199:00 pm F 57-59 KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  TBA
Mon12/30/2019BYEBYEBYEBYE  Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  BYE
Mon12/30/2019BYEBYEBYEBYE  Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  BYE
Mon12/30/20196:00 pm F 41-53 The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  TBA
Mon12/30/20197:00 pm F 47-49 KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  TBA
Mon12/30/20198:00 pm F 63-62 Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  TBA
Mon12/30/20199:00 pm F 40-49 Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  TBA
Mon1/6/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  BYE
Mon1/6/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  BYE
Mon1/6/20206:00 pm F 69-59 KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  TBA
Mon1/6/20207:00 pm F 58-56 Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  TBA
Mon1/6/20208:00 pm F 46-29 Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  TBA
Mon1/6/20209:00 pm F 62-77 Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  TBA
Mon1/13/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  BYE
Mon1/13/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  BYE
Mon1/13/20206:00 pm F 54-56 Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  TBA
Mon1/13/20207:00 pm F 57-54 Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  TBA
Mon1/13/20208:00 pm F 67-51 Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  TBA
Mon1/13/20209:00 pm F 54-58 KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  TBA
Mon1/20/20206:00 pm F 70-81 Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  TBA
Mon1/20/20207:00 pm F 76-78 Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  TBA
Mon1/20/20208:00 pm F 62-64 Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  TBA
Mon1/20/20209:00 pm F 42-51 The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  TBA
Mon1/20/202010:00 pm F 60-49 Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  TBA
Mon1/27/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  BYE
Mon1/27/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  BYE
Mon1/27/20206:00 pm F 46-63 Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  TBA
Mon1/27/20207:00 pm F 46-39 Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  TBA
Mon1/27/20208:00 pm F 62-58 The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  TBA
Mon1/27/20209:00 pm F 66-71 Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  TBA
Mon2/3/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  BYE
Mon2/3/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  BYE
Mon2/3/20206:00 pm F 77-38 Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  TBA
Mon2/3/20207:00 pm F 42-49 Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  TBA
Mon2/3/20208:00 pm F 64-68 Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  TBA
Mon2/3/20209:00 pm F 60-41 KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  TBA
Mon2/10/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  BYE
Mon2/10/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  BYE
Mon2/10/20206:00 pm F 64-58 Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  TBA
Mon2/10/20207:00 pm F 61-43 Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  TBA
Mon2/10/20208:00 pm TBPN/REmployee #8 (Rami Soro)  The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  TBA
Mon2/10/20209:00 pm F 45-47 Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  TBA
Mon2/17/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  BYE
Mon2/17/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  BYE
Mon2/17/20206:00 pm F 67-73 Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  TBA
Mon2/17/20207:00 pm F 57-50 Black Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  TBA
Mon2/17/20208:00 pm F 52-60 KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  TBA
Mon2/17/20209:00 pm F 51-66 Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  TBA
Mon2/24/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  BYE
Mon2/24/2020BYEBYEBYEBYE  Mamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  BYE
Mon2/24/20206:00 pm TBPN/RLord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  Mr. 81 (Justin Georges)  TBA
Mon2/24/20207:00 pm TBPN/RKB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  TBA
Mon2/24/20208:00 pm TBPN/RBlack Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  TBA
Mon2/24/20209:00 pm TBPN/RThe Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  TBA
Mon3/2/2020BYEBYEBYE  KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  BYE
Mon3/2/2020BYEBYEBYE  The Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  BYE
Mon3/2/20206:00 pm TBPKB-8 (Tony Ballo)  Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  TBA
Mon3/2/20207:00 pm TBPMamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  TBA
Mon3/2/20208:00 pm TBPMr. 81 (Justin Georges)  Kobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  TBA
Mon3/2/20209:00 pm TBPBlack Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  TBA
Mon3/9/202012:00 am TBPBlack Mamba (Jeff Mansour)  KB-24 (Nick Shamasha)  TBA
Mon3/9/202012:00 am TBPMr. 81 (Justin Georges)  Employee #8 (Rami Soro)  TBA
Mon3/9/202012:00 am TBPKobe Wan Kenobi (Marri Shabilla)  Kobe Bean (Wisam Potres)  TBA
Mon3/9/202012:00 am TBPMamba Mentality (Evan Jina)  KB-8 (Tony Ballo)  TBA
Mon3/9/202012:00 am TBPThe Dagger (Wisam Moshe)  Lord of the Rings (Matt Shamoun)  TBA

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