Toudown Club - Join Today!

The Touchdown Club is a volunteer-run organization. The Touchdown Club works with Coach Sams to improve the program with revenue generation, capital improvements, game day support, marketing, recruiting, and communications.  Without it, the football program would struggle to exist and achieve the goals we all want for our boys. 

Please contact any of the board members below to see how YOU can join and/or support the Touchdown Club.

Thanks and GO KNIGHTS!!


Touchdown Club Board Members

 Head Coach  Shane Sams
 President  Tim Sperier
 Treasurer  Wendy Player
 Registrar  Ron Barbas
 Corporate Sponsors  Denise Sperier / Susan Major /
 Concessions  Katy Humphrey / Keisha Hill /
 Media and Communications
 John Player
 Game Day Operations
 James Wooden
 Member at Large  Randy Major  
 Spirit Wear  Lisa Winokur  
 Team Meals  Katy Humphrey / Keisha Hill
 Jr Knights President  Tim Sperier