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 The EPAA would like to thank all coaches for your help.

Township Ordinance requires all coaches to complete a background check every 3 years.

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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner is a place where links to numerous coaching resources across the core sports are made readily available for our coaches to utilize in shaping their plans for their teams. These links do not represent an endorsement of any one organization. They are maintained simply as reference material for coaches and the community. If anyone is aware of other excellent resources, please submit them to the EPAA.

Fingerprint Form


It is an Edgewater Park Ordinance that all Board Members, Commissioners and Coaches have their fingerprints taken and submitted to the Edgewater Park Police Department for a background check. The form with all information is attached.  Please print this form and use the reference numbers at the top to schedule your appointment.  Please click this link, http://uenroll.identogo.com/. to schedule an appointment, enter 2F1J3Y as the Service Code when promted.  The company is MorphoTrak and is the only company that we accept.  The cost of the fingerprints will be re-imbursed by the EPAA once we receive the completed receipt.  This will need to be completed on a 3 year basis. Be advised that you will not be allowed to coach without having taken and passed the background investigation!  No exceptions!


For more information on the background check go to the state site here - http://www.state.nj.us/njsp/about/serv_chrc.html#vcp

New Link to Schedule Appointments: http://uenroll.identogo.com/.

Enter 2F1J3Y as the Service Code when promted

Click this link to download form: Background Form


You will need to put C08003 in box #7, and you will need this number to schedule your appointment. You must also bring the form to your appointment.



Sportskool: Coaching Videos for Many Sports

Sportskool is a unique website offering instructional coaching videos for many sports. The video segments are taught by professional athletes and coaches alike and are in small increments so its easy to watch in digestable amounts. Click on the graphic to the right to view sportskool.

Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Tips

All the best coaches, from youth leagues to the NBA, will tell you the best way to run a practice is to make sure it is well organized. Keep it moving so the players are engaged and on the go. Click on the basketball graphic for more details.

Coaching T-Ball

TeeBall USA Organization has a wealth of information about Tee Ball and some drills for coaches. Click on the graphic for more information

T-Ball Coaching

T-ball coaching website with topics ranging across all areas. Click on Graphic for further details

Grip it and Rip it with Tony Gwynn: Coaching Videos

Comcast On Demand has free video tutorials from Sportskool. Tony Gwyn hosts the show and talks about hitting, pitching, fielding, etc. Click on the baseball graphic for more details

Baseball Tips.com

Free tips for baseball coaches. Click on baseball icon for further details.

Baseball/Softball Player Defensive Handout

Handout to Give Your Players
Excellent handout to give your players to help them understand what they should be prepared to do when playing defense. It covers the basic rules of thumb of what to do on each pitch and then gives more detail scenario's per position.

Soccerhelp.com Tips for Coaches

Soccerhelp.com has many tips and drills for soccer coaches. Click on Soccer graphic to the right for more details

US Soccer.com

US Soccer organization. Click on graphic for further details

US Youth Soccer

US Youth Soccer. click on soccer graphic to the right to link to the pages.

NJ Youth Soccer

Click on the soccer graphic to the right to get to their pages.

The Ultimate Coach: Parents

Ten Commandments of Sports For Parents

1. You should be sure that your child knows that “win or lose, scared or heroic” you love him or her, appreciate their efforts, and that you are not disappointed in them.

2. You should try your best to be completely honest about your child's athletic capability, their competitive attitude, their sportsmanship - and their actual skill level.

3. You should be helpful but don't coach him or her on the way to the field - or on the way back home.

4. You should teach your child to enjoy competition for competition sake, remembering that there are lessons to be learned in winning as well as in losing.

5. Parents: Try not to re-live your athletic life through your child or try to create an athletic career to replace the one that you never had.

6. You should play the sport with your kids when you have time, remembering the time is for fun and not necessarily coaching.

7. You should not compare the skill, courage or attitudes of your child with that of other members of the team

8. You should get to know the coach or instructors so that you can be sure that their philosophy, attitudes, ethics, and knowledge are such that you are happy to expose your child to them.

9. Always remember if it’s not nice don’t say it on and off the field

10. You should make a point of understanding courage and the fact that it is relative.

~Author Unknown
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