GPRC Youth Soccer - FAQs (updated 1/3/16)

January 3, 2016



Q – When is GPRC Rec Youth Soccer offered?

A - We offer three programs during the year: Spring and Fall Outdoor, and Winter Indoor (U08 and Clinic only). Spring and Fall leagues play games on Saturdays at Pikesville area schools and Northwest Regional Park. The Winter program is subject to availability of indoor space in the Pikesville area school gyms.

Q– When can my child begin playing soccer in GPRC Rec Youth Soccer?

A – Participants must be 4 years old to participate. Currently, the age determination is based on the season year starting on August 1 and ending on July 31 with exceptions as determined by the Soccer Board. Clinic children must be 4 years old by the starting date for the season they wish to register.

Q- What ages do you offer GPRC Rec Youth Soccer?

A - The programs are for boys and girls generally between the ages of 4 through 17, with division placement based on (calendar) birth year. 

Q – What is the difference between Clinic and League programs?

A – The Clinic program is offered for young players, generally 4-6 years of age. The focus of Clinic is to teach basic soccer concepts in a non-competitive environment. Each session consists of some practice time, basic skill training, and a brief game scrimmage. The League program is for new and returning players, generally between 7-17 years of age. Teams are determined by blind draft and play competitive games weekly, often supplemented by one weeknight practice.

Q – How often do the teams play?

A – All teams have one game scheduled each week, and for the older kids these are supplemented in the spring and fall programs with weeknight games “under the lights” at Northwest Regional Park as determined by the board. In addition to the games scheduled by GPRC, coaches are strongly encouraged to hold one practice per week (normally on a weeknight evening). Practices are organized and scheduled by the coaches, based on their availability.

Q – My child has never played soccer before. What is the overall ability of players in this program?

A – The GPRC Rec Youth Soccer program is open to all boys and girls between the ages of 4 through 17, regardless of previous experience. League teams are formed using a blind draft to help make sure they are evenly matched with players of various abilities. It is not unusual for teams in all age groups to have at least a few players who have never played before, and our parent-coaches adjust practices to make sure every player receives the attention they need to learn and enjoy the great game of soccer!  We need parents to volunteer to assist coaches; no prior experience or play is needed!  Email the program coordinator to volunteer.

Q – Is GPRC Rec Youth Soccer coed?

A – The program is coed at this time, though this is subject to change on a season-to-season basis depending on the number of registrations received.

Q – Can my child play in an age group higher or lower than the league they would otherwise play in based on their age? 

A – We do not allow children to play in a younger age group, however, players may be allowed to play up one age level on a case-by-case basis.

Q – Can my son or daughter request to play on the same team as their friends, or can I request teammates to facilitate car pooling? Can I request a coach that my child had previously?

A - Due to the instructional nature of the Clinic program ONLY, one teammate request may be considered and the Clinic Commissioner's decision is final.  For League players, we cannot accept requests to be teamed with particular players, or to play for a particular coach. Of course, a parent who coaches will have their own child on the team, and siblings who qualify to play in the same age group will be placed together (unless specifically requested otherwise).

Q- Are shin guards mandatory for all players? Are soccer cleats mandatory for all players?

A – Shin guards are required for all players in the GPRC Rec Youth Soccer program. For the Spring and Fall Outdoor programs, soccer cleats are required for all League age groups, and strongly recommended but not mandatory for Clinic age groups. For the Winter Indoor program, cleats are not allowed: players should wear sneakers or turf shoes.

Q – Does my child get a uniform and soccer ball? 

A – All players receive a uniform consisting of a jersey, soccer shorts, and socks. Unless noted otherwise, Clinic players also receive a size 3 soccer ball unless noted otherwise in the registration advertisement infomation. League children are expected to bring a soccer ball to practice.  U08 - Size 3, U10-U13 - Size 4, High School - Size 5

Q – When and where does registration for each program take place?

A – GPRC Soccer offers online registration for all programs, via link from our website at or you can go directly to We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit and debit cards. Specific information about each program is posted on the website prior to the start of the season.  If you don't have a credit card, major credit vendor debit cards 
 (visa, mastercard, etc.) can be purchased at area grocery stores.

Q – When will I be contacted about the team on which my child will play? 

A – Teams are formed shortly after the registration deadline. You should expect a call or email from your child’s coach shortly after the Coaches Meeting, which is held as soon as possible after registration closes.

Q – What if my child changes his mind about playing after we register, or what if we move prior to the season starting, or my child gets injured?

A – All refund requests should be emailed to the Soccer Coordinator directly from the Welcome Page of the website Please note that all registrations include a $10 non-refundable cancellation fee.  Refunds will not be honored after uniforms have been ordered or as indicated on the season schedule posted on the Welcome Page of this website -

Q – Does GPRC offer or sponsor a referee training program?

A – We do not offer this type of program at this time.

Q – Does GPRC offer or sponsor a coaches training program?

A – Coaches training clinics are offered periodically and will be posted on our website Additionally, coaches reference materials are available on our website.

Q- What if I have other questions that are not answered above?

A- Questions can be emailed to the Soccer Coordinator directly from the Welcome Page of our website

Q- For the fall season only, can I register my child for a reduced fee without the complimentary Baltimore Blast ticket?

A- No.  The ticket is complimentary and the cost of registration is fixed.  You are welcome to give your ticket to another GPRC family as the tickets will be for a GPRC night determined by the Baltimore Blast.

Q- Can I purchase additional tickets for my family to attend the GPRC night at the Baltimore Blast?

A- Yes; additional tickets will be available for purchase at a discounted rate during the season.  They are not available for purchase at time of registration, but you can indicate the number of addtional tickets you would like to purchase.

Q- Why do I receive emails after the season is over?

A- When registering for the soccer program, we add your email to the mass distribution list so you receive up to date information for future seasons. If you do not want to receive future emails, just click the remove link at the bottom of an email and you will automatically be removed. If that does not work, please email the program coordinator directly with your request.