• Changes And/Or Cancellations Due To Weather Will Be Posted Here


Baltimore County Weather Policy

GPRC abides by the Baltimore County weather policy. Below are the requirements:

  • Games on grass fields can be played unless there is standing water or water comes up from the ground around your shoe when stepping on the field.
  • If you hear thunder or lightening, then you must leave the field and wait in your car for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or flash of lightening.
  • If you hear thunder or see lightening while you are waiting, then the 30 minute clock starts over.

Sign up to receive weather announcements via text message


You can either see weather announcements on this website or signup via this link to receive weather announcements by text message.  The service is free to sign up, but you will need to check your mobile phone contract for any text message costs.

Join Pikesville Soccer text alerts on RainedOut.net  



  The rep from NWRP sends out the information. The site is, www.rainedout.com for the field cancellation system.  It is a free system which enables the administrator to make quick alerts to those who subscribe to the SMS (text) or email alerts.  They are using group: NWRP Spring. 

You can go to https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=39e4094513ae7e028585 to subscribe to either email or SMS.