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Camp Kyle Shiotani (In Memory of Kyle Shiotani, Bushikan Judo Dojo)

Ippon Judo Dojo remembers Kyle Shiotani, Northwest National Team member and friend, who passed away due to liver failure on February 2nd, 2009.

Kyle was a member of Bushikan Judo Dojo for nearly half his life. He made his dojo proud both on the mat and off with hard work and good character. Kyle was a great competitor who medaled in numerous judo tournaments throughout the years. In addition to judo, Kyle was involved in scouting, basketball, and wrestling.

He had a kind heart and an easy smile. He was a great partner for everyone, from helping newer, younger judoka to challenging the experienced competitors. He practiced with great courage and dedication, and according to the kids, secretly made funny faces and made them laugh a lot.

In June 2008, Kyle and his father Dwight were very instrumental in helping us launch our new training center in Yelm, Washington. We named our training center "Camp Kyle" in June 2009.

Our sympathies and prayers are and always will be with Bushikan Judo Dojo, and especially the Shiotani family, including Dwight, Shirley, and Shaun, who have lost an incomparable, beautiful boy. He is terribly missed.