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Equipment Diagram

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CSA Approves New Goalkeeper Masks
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has recently certified two new goalie helmets, manufactured by the Oldfield Sports Group, for use in ringette.

These helmets, which carry the product name "Olie", come in two models: the MR9900 (injected nylon) and the MR5500 (carbon fiber). Please note that ONLY the MR5500 model can be painted, and that the painting is ONLY to be done by the manufacturer (Oldfield). Painting of the helmet by other than the manufacturer voids its certification.

Two "Olie" wire grids have also been approved by CSA for ringette: the ACR9000 (black or white) and the ACR9200 (chrome). Please note that these grids are certified for use ONLY with the aforementioned "Olie" goal helmets. They are not approved as a retrofit for goal helmets produced by any other manufacturer.

It should be noted that Oldfield also makes a model MA2000 goal helmet. This product is not approved for use in ringette in that it has not been certified for use with the ACR9000/9200 wire grid. The MA2000 is distinguishable from the MR9900 and MR5500 models in that the MA2000 has triangular ventilation holes (versus the round ventilation holes in the two approved models). As well, the MR9900 and MR5500 carry the following label inside the helmet shell: Oldfield Sports Group, CSA Model#8000, Type 3, the date of manufacture and size.

Mandatory Equipment

CSA approved Helmet & Face mask, BNQ Approved Neck Protector, Elbow Pads, Protective Gloves, Hip/Tailbone/Genital Protection, Knee Pads, Skates (no picks), Ringette Stick. Goalie Equipment Goal Pads, Chest Protector, Goal Stick.

Ring Jet 500, with the new ribbed tip, offers terrific power, whip and accuracy and will change your shot forever.

Exel stick

Please be advised that the Exel stick is illegal for play under Ringette Canada rules for the following reasons:

1) The taper and face of the stick does not conform to our current rule 4.2.b which states "Both ends of the stick must be smooth, not cracked or splintered. Tape may not be added to the playing end of the stick."

2) The stick does not meet the minimum width measurements - the tip is less than 27mm.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ringette Canada's Technical Director via email

Technical Coordinator
Ringette Canada
(613) 748-5655 ext. 221