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Hello Everyone!

Just a quick request.  Zehrs is having a Winter Fun Day on December 10th, 11 am - 3 pm, there will be $5 photos with Santa and a sleigh ride.

The folks at Stamford Lions Club (where we had our Trivia Night) are collecting donations of "new, unwrapped" toys to pass on to Toys for Tots. 

The Niagara Falls Ringette Association would love to help them out. We will be collecting  toys every Tuesday until December 6th at the Gale Centre Arena, and at the Chippawa Arena Saturday mornings including December 10th. On the 10th we will give our donations to the Stamford Lions Club on behalf of all the families of Niagara Falls Ringette and help make a difference this Christmas.

Thanks for your continued support!



Trivia Night at Stamford Lions Hall

November 4, 2016 – 07:00 PM

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Come Try Ringette

The Niagara Falls Ringette Association held a "Come Try Ringette for Free" session recently. It's hoped that more girls will become interested and join this fun and fast-paced sport. One more event will be held on Saturday, September 17th from 4-5pm at the Gale Centre in Niagara Falls. Brendan Sylvia reports.


Check out the Video Here 

Niagara Falls Ringette BBQ pictures

Thanks to Everyone for Coming out :)


  Niagara Falls Daredevils Ringette Tournament.





Join us at our upcoming "Come Try Ringette" events! It's free!

Sunday, August 28th, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Rink 1 at the Gale Centre - Pre-register here

Saturday, September 17th, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Rink 1 at the Gale Centre - Pre-register here


******Skates and Helmet required, but we will have some available! ******

Stevensville Spring-fest

Saturday, June 4, 2016  

Come join us at Stevensville Spring-fest.
Shoot at the Net and Win a Prize
Stevensville Memorial Hall, 2508 Stevensville Rd.
Stevensville, Fort Erie

Free admission. Free parking

Niagara Falls Daredevils Ringette Banquet

Thursday April 7th at St. Antoine Hall on Portage Rd

Doors open at 5:30 and dinner is at 6pm

Players, bench staff and executive are free

Additional adults $10 and children $5 – pay at the door

Bar will be open


If you would like to bring a dessert for after dinner, all donations in this respect are more than welcome.



Coaches, please try to collect jerseys at the end of  your least game this weekend, but otherwise, please bring you jerseys, or any loaned equipment to the banquet. If you cannot make it out, please contact Paul at to make other arrangements.



Registration for next season will be available at the banquet. We encourage you to register early so that we will know what teams we are icing before we sign our ice contracts for the coming season. Some incentive to do so, is the following. First, if you register with 25% down at the banquet, it will lock in our current registration fee for next season. These rates may be subject to change if the new executive for next season decides to do so. Second, if you register with 25% down at the banquet, you will also be placed in a draw for a free registration for next season – a $400 value!!


Executive Election

We customarily do our elections at the banquet for our executive for next season, so we ask that you read over the positions attached in a word document, and pasted below too, to see if there is some way that you can help out. You can even sign up for a position with a partner! We have had some fantastic people that have been helping for many years, and a few of them may be moving on to other things. We have also had some new faces on our executive this year, that have done an outstanding job in their positions, and we are very grateful for their help this year. Thank you! Just like our girls do on the ice, our executive works together as a team, to get things done for the kids. If you would like to be nominated, or would like to nominate someone else for a position, please let me know, at the banquet or ahead of time. If you are currently holding a position, and would like to remain there, please also let this be known.



Niagara Falls Ringette Executive Positions


President   (being vacated by Mike Glazier) 

-  Preside at all meetings of Niagara Falls Ringette Association 
- Ensure that other Executive Members effectively carry out their duties 
- Provide leadership to achieve the objectives of the Association 
- Appoint committees, subject to the approval of the Executive 
- Be an ex-officio member of all committees 
- Call special meetings as required 
- Exercise the powers and duties of the Executive if necessary during intervals between meetings of the Executive with such decisions having force only until the next regular meeting of the Executive at which time such actions shall be reported for review and confirmation by the Executive 
- Serve as a signing officer


Vice President   (being vacated by Karen Brazeau)

-  Assist the President as required 
- Assume responsibilities of President in his/her absence 
- Take on the responsibilities of one of the other Executive positions if necessary and assist with all executive functions


Referee In Chief   (presently held by Sandro Vadacchino)

- Recruit officials 
- Schedule referees for the league games and tournaments 
- Provide for evaluations of officials as requested 
- Establish clinics and training programs for officials 
- Serve on the Tournament Committee (or recruit an alternate if necessary) 
- Recommend and get Executive approval for the referee fee schedule 
- Arrange for payment of fees to referees and maintain related records


Treasurer   (presently held by Sheri Smith)

-  Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Executive and ensure that the approved budget is adhered to unless determined by the Executive 
- Recommend fees and financial policies to the Executive 
- Present to the Annual Meeting a report of receipts, disbursements and the financial position of the Association 
- Maintain accounts in a chartered bank or trust company for the safekeeping of all money of the Association

-  Report monthly to the executive with a statement of credits and debits to the accounts
- Serve as a signing officer to issue cheques and pay all accounts which are duly authorized by the Executive 
- Provide oversight with respect to financial management of the Association fundraising activities

-  Complete monthly reports for bingo


Registrar   (presently held by Tanya Royston)

- Conducts several registration sessions throughout the summer and fall, as well as attending Come Try Ringette sessions to recruit new players at the arenas and in the schools

- Completes follow up phone calls for Come Try Ringette and to recruit returning players

- Performs online registration with Ontario Ringette Association and updates official team forms as needed throughout the season

- Provide registration information and news to coaches and players


Bingo Coordinator   (presently held by Kelli Desilets)

-  Coordinate volunteers for bingos and attend bingos for 4 hours, once a month

-      Work with the Treasurer to report information to the City of Niagara Falls

-      Coordinate raffle licensing for events such as the fall fundraiser and our tournament


Secretary   (being vacated by Angela Swan-Martin)

-  Record and distribute minutes of all Executive and Annual or Special General Meetings 
- Send notices and invitation of all meetings as directed by the President 
- Receive and file or distribute copies of all correspondence received by any committee or individual pertaining to Niagara Falls Ringette 
- Prepare and distributed all correspondence on behalf of the Niagara Falls Ringette 
- Maintain a mailing list of all members of the Executive

-  Communicate information to coaches/players about association events throughout the season



Ice Manager   (presently held by Chris Fullerton)

-  Schedule ice time for leagues, tournaments and special events through the City of Niagara Falls 
- Communicate to and provide liaison with coaches, and convenors and the Executive regarding ice times, usage, and related problems

-  Provide ice to the coaches to make up the game schedules for CORL or SRRA


Equipment Manager   (presently held by Paul Lalonde)

-          Distribute equipment to teams at the start of the season
- Purchase equipment/arrange repairs as approved and directed by the Executive 
- Maintain an inventory of equipment and ensure recovery and storage of all equipment at the end of the season


Tournament Chairperson   (being vacated by Mike Glazier)

-  Establish and chair the Tournament Committee 
-  Direct the planning and co-ordination of the annual Niagara Falls Tournament


Coaching Liaison   (presently held by Karl Romphf)

-    Assist with recruiting coaches and guiding them to resources to help them

-    Ensure that coaches have the required information (game sheets, rules, procedures for reporting scores, league and playoff schedules, procedure for rescheduling games, etc.)

-    Provide all coaches with copies of SRRA By-Laws, rules and regulations

-    Act as a liaison between the executive and coaches for communications


Webmaster   (presently held by Chris Fullerton)

-  Maintain the organization’s website for sponsors and information pertaining to registration, upcoming events, schedules, etc.


Volunteer Coordinator  (being vacated by Karen Brazeau)

-      recruits and organizes volunteers for events such as the tournament

-      track volunteer hours for our tournament to determine if volunteer deposit cheque requirements have been fulfilled

-      sign off on volunteer hours for high school students


Public Relations Director (presently held by Laura Waters)


-      coordinate promotional events such as Come Try Ringette, Canada Day Parade, and assist with the annual tournament


Fundraising Coordinator (presently held by Cathy Brady)

-      Coordinate and/or devise all fund raising activities pertaining the league, aside from the annual tournament

-      The fall fundraising event is the main focus of this position, which is currently the Trivia Night


Southern Region Representative   (vacant)

-   attend Southern Region Ringette Association meetings once a month as a rep for NF Ringette


Niagara Falls Daredevils Ringette

Trivia Night Sponsors

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping to make our Trivia Night a great success!

Niagara Falls Daredevils Ringette Sponsors
We are very thankful for your generous support!
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British Canadian Veterans Association




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