Background Check

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All Volunteers Must Meet Fingerprinting & Background Check Requirements

The City Of Vineland requires all North Vineland Little League volunteers to be fingerprinted and to submit to a National Criminal Background Check to ensure the safety of its participants. The Fingerprinting and National Background Checks are being conducted and processed by a private company under contract with the State Of New Jersey. In addition, Little League International also requires a separate background check for all volunteers that is processed using a separate, independent system. BOTH BACKGROUND CHECK PROCESSES ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL NORTH VINELAND LITTLE LEAGUE VOLUNTEERS!
To register for the fingerprinting and background check process, all volunteers must acquire the City of Vineland Fingerprinting Registration Form and the Little League Volunteer Form from NVLL. The Little League Volunteer Form is available for download on the NVLL website under the "Coaches Clipboard" link. Please make sure to include your Social Security Number on the Little League Volunteer Form as it is a requirement to complete the background check! 
To make arrangements to pick up the City of Vineland Fingerprinting Form, contact the clubhouse at 856-794-8806. The Fingerprinting process is quick and easy and the verification is valid for three (3) years. The Little League Background Check verification is valid for one (1) year.
"Check 'Em Out" was developed by the Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation to help non-profit sports organizations in New Jersey pay for state and federal fingerprint checks on their coaches and managers.New Jersey law allows non-profit organizations throughout the state to apply through the New Jersey State Police Bureau of Identification to have background checks done.
In the event that an individual has a conviction on either the state or federal level, the State Police Bureau of Identification will notify the head of the organization that the individual has a record. The organization head is not given any personal information on the individual's conviction only that the individual is not recommended to coach.