Referee Cadet Program

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Referee Cadet Program 


Program Description:   The NYCMSBL Referee Cadet Program is a program designed and developed to offer former Middle School players who are now High School juniors and seniors an opportunity to learn how to become a paid certified N.Y. State Referee.    


Eligibility:  The program is open to a small number (6-8) of High School juniors or seniors, boys and girls who played at some point in the NYCMSBL while in Middle School.   The candidate would have to get a recommendation letter from a current or former coach of the league and also fill out a brief background application. 


Timeframe:  The league hopes to continue the program with rolling registrations in the fall of 2016 and have cadets work from late November to the spring of 2017.   


Job Description:  Referee Cadets must work a minimum of 5 games for the season with a maximum of 15.  The cadet will never work alone but will assist a veteran ref as they learn to become a referee.  Cadets will be paid a half fee for each game from NYCMSBL funds. 


Program Outcomes:  The NYCMSBL hopes the Referee Cadet program will give young people who are graduates of our league an opportunity to learn a new skill which they can use to earn money while continuing their education and beyond.   The league also hopes the referee cadets will become our referees of the future.  The cadets we hope will pass the N.Y. State Referees Certification test after they have finished their apprenticeship with us each season.  The league will help defray the costs of the test fees once a cadet is eligible to sit the exam.