United States Largest Public Middle School Basketball League

  • NYC BV CHAMPS 2019
    IS 27R
  • NYC GV CHAMPS 2019
    IS 61R
  • City Champs 2019
    NYC BJV CHAMPS 2019-IS 28R
  • City Champs 2019
    NYC GJV CHAMPS 2019-MS 462X

A Message From Michael Connors

On behalf of myself and the Officers of the NYCMSBL we would like to welcome you to the NYC Middle School Basketball League Website! The purpose for this site is to inform parents, kids, fans, volunteers and coaches of all the activities going on in our program. This site will provide specific information on all games & events.
We will actively post news announcements, events, schedules, scores of each game, directions to courts (schools) and league standings. We will also use the main page Alert Feature to display important news on anything that may impact our program, practices or games. For example if we have a a cancellation due to weather or need to change the game date or time due to weather... will be post a News Alert which shows at the top of site. 

Let me assure you, we will not solely rely on this site to keep you informed, our league executives, coordinators and coaches are still the key to making sure everyone is fully aware of the events of the program. The is just another way for you to get information in the event you can not contact anyone via email or by phone. The contacts section and team sections of this site we will have the coaches names, phone numbers and emails for each coach for each league/team.

This site is securely controlled and maintained by a select few NYCMSBL volunteers involved with the program.

No child's full name or personal family information is posted on this site. If you have any concerns, questions or issues please contact me, Mike Connors, via email nycmsblcommish@gmail.com. Enjoy the site and good luck to all this season!   

Mike Connors
President, NYCMSBL

Season Tip-Off
Monday, December 2, 2019   4:00 PM