Safety is the Riegel Ridge Rams Top Priority!

Heads Up Football Program

The Riegel Ridge Rams along with the WCMFL proudly support USA Football’s “Heads Up Football” Program!  Heads Up Football is a safer way to practice and play football.

The Heads Up Football program ensures that every coach is thoroughly trained in the fundamental aspects of football safety, injury prevention, and injury recognition.

The Riegel Ridge Rams coaches are certified in the skills and principles of Heads Up Football.  The coaches incorporate this training in teaching football fundamentals at every level!

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Player Safety and WCMFL

The WCMFL was the first league in New Jersey to mandate the exclusive use of protective headgear for Flag Football.  As of the 2017 season, the WCMFL required all teams in the Flag Division to supply and use a soft protective headgear made exclusively by Gamebreaker*.  The Riegel Ridge Rams were the first organization that initiated the wearing of the protective headgear for their flag players in 2016!

*Gamebreaker's uniquely designed protective caps have also achieved accreditation from the International Rugby Board.