A note from the Referee and Field Coordinators concerning cancelling games.

Procedure For Cancellations :

1. On game day if a cancellation is made it is up to the Coach scheduled at our fields to make the call immediately notifying the referee coordinator that the game will not be played. (Note: if games are in process then it may be necessary to come to the field and make the referee’s aware of a cancellation at least one hour prior to start time. Failure to notify the referee(s) prior to their arrival at the fields will cause the Home Association to be liable for payment to the ref’s for the canceled game(s). If a youth referee is already at the field then it also may be necessary to stay with them till they can contact a ride and the ride shows up. Under NO circumstances should a minor be left at the field alone to wait for a ride even if they say it is OK. IT IS NOT !!) If at that time you have an idea when you would like to make up the game ….. please let the Referee Coordinator know so he can start the process of scheduling a referee to cover the make-up time slot. We are limited already on the number of referee’s we have so multiple games on any evening may NOT be possible.

2. The Second call should be made to Field Coordinator informing him that the game will need to be re-scheduled and what field will be needed to play on. (U10, U12, Full Field). At that time you can REQUEST the date and time if you have already discussed it with the opposing coach but the field will still need to be secured, the referee scheduled and the field painted ready to go. Requesting a field does not necessarily guaranty availability of the field or referee(s).

3. For those coaches with teams playing without referees on the upper fields, please contact Poncho to reschedule. No call to the referee coordinator is needed.

Just a note to all the coaches concerning players at the field …. I mentioned not leaving a youth referee at the field alone in the case of a cancellation. We should all be aware of the climate we live in these days and hopefully realize that we should NEVER leave a Youth Player, or Youth Referee alone after a game or practice. It is the coaches responsibility to stay with a youth until an adult has arrived to pick them up. Sometimes we stop practice a little early for what ever reason but need to know that not only do we create a great liability issue for ourselves, the Sissonville Association, the KVSL, and also the State but we create an unsafe atmosphere where one of our kids could be hurt or lost. Always keep this in the back of your minds.

AND ANCHOR THE GOALS ALL THE TIME !!!!!!!!! Even after practice when they are moved from the fields.

Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation with the procedures required for Cancelled games. And coaches please remember that it may be you that needs the field to make up a game in the future. Please consider games a priority and look for an alternative practice spot for those exceptions.