To all managers and coaches...this is meant to be a section of the site specifically for your aid and benefit. Please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or information you would like me to share in this space.

Volunteer Form 2018

Every prospective manager candidate is required to fill out and turn in a 2018 VOLUNTEER FORM before his/her interview.  If you completed and turned in a volunteer form in the 2017 Spring season, you are eligible to use a Returning Volunteer form for the 2018 season.    In addition, a copy of a current, valid drivers license is also required.  If you click on the link above, you can fill out the form on your computer, print it out and sign it, and either mail it (along with copy of your CDL, if needed) to SLVLL at P.O. Box 1208, Felton, CA, 95018 (or give it directly to League Information Officer Sue Sutherlin or SLVLL President Leslie Haddad.
Before any assistant coaches (or other volunteers) may work with the team, they must also fill out a volunteer form, provide a copy of his/her drivers license, and be run through the background check.
Volunteer forms must be filled out EVERY year; your drivers license will remain on file until it expires, or you cease to be involved with SLVLL, whichever comes first.  These are required by Little League International, along with a background check through First Advantage (*Note from your information officer/webmaster - a social security number is required for this check.  I personally white-out the number after I run the check.  I take your personal information very seriously, and take every precaution to protect it.)
If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact league president Leslie Haddad. 

Accident Claim Form

Accident Claim Form (click here to access the form)
All managers need to download this form and be sure to carry it in your manager's binder.

Concussion Information and Form for SLVLL

This information should be presented to ALL parents of players; they should sign the second page, which you should keep on file in your manager's binder.

Approved Non-wood Bat List

2014/15 Little League Approved Non-wood Bat List (Check OFTEN, as the list is updated frequently!)
Click above to view the 8-page list of Little League approved non-wood list. 

Updated Rules Regarding Pitchers & Catchers

Please read and be familiar with updated rules regarding pitchers who also serve as catcher and vice versa.


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 Little League Pitch Count Resource Page - (** Updated 05/05/2010 **) This is the most recent information I could find from LL International, and it coincides with the information currently in the scorekeepers' folders.
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The Coach's Box - Newsletter for coaches from Little

WebBall - This link is very useful for Managers and Coaches. Check it out!  (Note: in order to have full access to all material on the site, an annual membership fee of $39.95 is required.  However, there is some content available at no cost.)

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