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2017 All-Stars!

June 1, 2017
Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star (Majors, 10/11's and 9/10's), which will be played from June 18th through July 2nd, and District 39 tournaments (7/8's and 8/9's - see article below for names of players), which will begin June 4th and run through June 14th.
THIS LINK to District 39's 2017 Tournaments page should be the most up-to-date information available, regarding most recent scores and locations and times for games.  The game brackets are in Google Docs, and my experience was that if you are signed into your own Google account, it might cause errors in viewing them. I am using the Chrome browser, so that might also be part of the problem.  IF you are using the Chrome browser, sign out of your Google account.  Please let me know your experiences.
9/10-year old All-Star Team
(Co-osted by Watsonville American and Pajaro Valley Little Leagues)
Managers – Mike Ayers/Bill Berridge
Coaches – TBA
Dominick Aguilar - AAA Bees
Wesley Berridge - AAA Emeralds 
Marlon Braun - AAA Emeralds
Keenan Buntz - Majors Indians
Jack Dagan - AAA Bees
Jonathan Giandana - AAA Emeralds 
D'Rell Hopkins - Majors Giants 
Devin Merchant - Majors Indians 
TJ Richardson - AAA Bees
Brody Shults - AAA River Bandits 
Noah Steiger - AAA River Bandits
Chase Thomsen - AAA River Bandits
Haden Woolworth -  AAA River Bandits
10/11-year old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Morgan Scarborough
Coaches – TBA
John Clinkenbeard - Majors Nationals
Nick Frey - Majors Indians
Owen Garrahan - Majors Athletics
Anthony Griffis - Majors Athletics
Malakhi Higbee - Majors Indians
Cody Houston - Majors Nationals
Nathan Kueny - Majors Giants
Jaden Moyer - Majors Athletics
Josh Rudrow - Majors Nationals
Connor Scarborough - Majors Indians
Carson Seeger - Majors Athletics
Benji Stretch - Majors Athletics
Lukas Williams - Majors Giants
11/12-year old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Santa Cruz LL)
Manager – Mike Kelly
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Majors Giants
Jackson Amos - Majors Nationals
Max Baxter - Majors Giants
Wyatt Berridge - Majors Athletics
Nathan Davison - Majors Indians
Tristan Dean - Majors Indians
Cash Ebright - Majors Athletics 
Jaden Hunter - Majors Nationals
Mike Kelly - Majors Nationals
Erika Kindred - Majors Indians
Kai Kiyabu - Majors Giants
Dean Ricigliano - Majors Nationals
Jaden Shabry - Majors Nationals
Skylar Thayer - Majors Athletics

2017 7/8 and 8/9-year old Tournament Teams

Congratulations to the following players,
who have been selected to the
7/8-year old Tournament Team!
Emmet Arnott - AA Giants
Spencer Bruce - AA Astros
Jaden Devonshire - AA Giants
Eli Gardner - AA Pirates
Luke Lemus - AA Giants
Traynor Mooney -AA Rangers 
Samuel Oliver - AA Pirates
Ashton Rush - AA Astros
Colton Ryssemus - AA Astros
Ryder Schram - AA Astros
Bray Scoma - AA Giants
Regular season AA managers Rob Scoma and Loren Rush will be co-managing this team.  
They began play on June 4th (1 PM) at Pinto Lake Park in Watsonville.  
Click HERE for the 7/8 Tournament brackets (NOTE: if you are signed into your own Google account, clicking on the link seems to generate an error message; try signing out and then clicking).  
District 39 will update the brackets as games are completed.
 8/9-year old Tournament Team!
Sawyer Amos - AAA River Bandits
Justin Griffis - AAA Bees
Jackson Haddad - AAA Emeralds
Kolbe Handley - AAA Bees
Wyatt Himmelstrup - AAA River Cats
Sean Johnson -AAA Emeralds 
Ian LeBarre - AAA River Cats
Gabe Machado - AAA Emeralds
Kingston Mattair - AAA River Bandits
Vinny Noce - AAA Bees
Chase Petersen - AAA River Cats
Colton Scarborough  - AA Giants
Nathan Welch - AAA Emeralds 
Regular season AAA assistant coach Sandor LeBarre has stepped up to manage this team.  
They began play on June 4th (1 PM) at Siltanen Park in Scotts Valley.  Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz Little Leagues are co-hosting the tournament.  Locations listed on the bracket as "Lower Field" and "Upper Field" are Scotts Valley fields.   
Click HERE for the 8/9 Tournament brackets.  (NOTE: if you are signed into your own Google account, clicking on the link seems to generate an error message; try signing out and then clicking).  
District 39 will update the brackets as games are completed.

2016 Post-Season Tournament Brackets (FINAL updates 6/6/16)!


Division Brackets (will be updated as game results become available)

MAJORS (FINAL update 6/6/16) - Majors NATIONALS going to TOC's!

AAA (FINAL update 6/6/16) - AAA NATIONALS going to TOC's!

AA (FINAL update 6/6/16) - INDIANS AA Champs!

2016 All-Stars!

June 3, 2016
Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star (Majors, 10/11's and 9/10's), which will be played from June 25th through July 10th, and District 39 tournaments (7/8's and 8/9's), which will begin June 12th and run through June 22nd.
7/8 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by SLV LL)
Manager – Morgan Scarborough
Coaches – TBA
Sawyer Amos - AA Indians
Graham Baxter - AA Indians
Anderson Bibbey - AA Braves
Justin Griffis - AA Braves
Jackson Haddad - AA Indians
Kolbe Handley - AA Indians
Wyatt Himmelstrup - AA Giants
Sean Johnson - AA Athletics
Kingston Mattair - AA Giants
Vincent Noce - AA Athletics
Chase Petersen - AA Giants
Colton Scarborough - AA Athletics
Mikey Sijher - AA Giants
8/9 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Loren Fontinell
Coaches – TBA
Dominick Aguilar - AAA Chihuahuas 
Marlon Braun - AA Indians
Keenan Buntz - AAA Chihuahuas
Jack Dagan - AAA Nationals
Luke Fontinell - AAA Chihuahuas
Johnny Giandana - AA Indians 
Ian LeBarre - AAA River Cats 
Devin Merchant - AAA River Cats 
Carson Seeger - AAA River Cats 
Noah Steiger - AAA Nationals 
Chase Thomsen - AAA Sounds
Hayden Woolworth -  AA Indians
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Mike Olmsted
Coaches – TBA
Nick Frey - AAA Chihuahuas
Anthony Griffis - AAA Sounds
Malakhi Higbee - AAA Sounds
D'Rell Hopkins - AAA Nationals
Cody Houston - AAA Twins
Nathan Kueny - AAA River Cats
Jaden Moyer - AAA Nationals
Connor Scarborough - AAA River Cats
Jaden Shabry - AAA Nationals
Mason Stark - AAA Twins
Benji Stretch - AAA Sounds
Josh Rudrow - AAA Chihuahuas
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Aptos LL)
Manager – Mark Edgemon
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Majors Nationals
Jackson Amos - Majors Astros
Max Baxter - Majors Astros
Wyatt Berridge - Majors Astros
Billy Bowers - Majors Athletics
Nathan Davison - Majors Athletics
Tristan Dean - Majors Nationals
Kenai Dindia - AAA Nationals
Cash Ebright - Majors Athletics 
Quinn Edgemon - Majors Athletics
Erika Kindred - Majors Astros
Kai Kiyabu - AAA Nationals
Skylar Thayer - AAA Sounds
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
(Co-hosted by Cap/Soquel and Live Oak LL's)
Manager - Jared Austin
Coaches – TBA
Dylan Arroyo - Majors Nationals
Cooper Austin - Majors Athletics
Tyler Cambron - Majors Athletics
Alex Crandall - Majors Nationals
Ryan Hodge - Majors Athletics
Jaden Hunter - Majors Nationals
Micah Jewell - Majors Nationals
Michael Kelly - Majors Nationals
Robbin Matajcich - Majors Athletics
Jackson Parmenter - Majors Astros
Josh Purtscher - Majors Nationals
Rider Saunders - Majors Astros
 Noah Wyman - Majors Astros


Local Post-Season Tournaments! TOC's and All-Stars Brackets!

Starting Sunday, June 12, SLVLL will have four teams competing in local competitions  - 7/8 Tournament, 8/9 Tournament, and the Minors/AAA and Majors Tournament of Champions, which will run from June 12th through June 22nd.   (** Please note - all brackets below are from the District 39 website; THEY will update - I have NO control over how quickly or slowly that takes place. **)

Our 7/8 and 8/9 teams are listed with our upper division All-Star teams HERE.

The 7/8 Tournament is being hosted right here in SLV (bracket HERE)!  Due to prior field maintenance commitments at the high school, we will be hosting most (if not all) of our tournament at Highlands fields.  We hope the 7/8 families will chip in and help with Snack Shack and field prep and clean up duties, along with many board members who have already committed their time to the task.  SLV eliminated in Game 13, Cap/Soquel defeated Scotts Valley and became 7/8 Champion after winning Game 14. 

The 8/9 Tournament (click HERE for the tournament bracket)  will be hosted by Scotts Valley LL.  SLV was eliminated in Game 10, Santa Cruz American was ultimately triumphant against Scotts Valley, claiming the 8/9 championship in Game 15.

Our AAA Nationals will be representing SLVLL in the Minors/AAA Tournament of Champions (bracket HERE), hosted by Pajaro Valley LL.  (Seventeen-game tournament, nine teams - LOST first game (Game #3) to Cap/Soquel, 8-2; WON second game (Game #7) over Live Oak, 5-2; WON third game (Game #11) over Santa Cruz American, 10-8; WON fourth game (Game #14) over Aptos, 12-11; WON fifth game (Game #15) over Cap/Soquel, 11-7; WON sixth game (Game #16) over Scotts Valley, 6-5; LOST seventh (and final, for the championship) game to Scotts Valley, 12-3.)

AWESOME job, Nationals!  

You may not have won the district championship, but you are OUR champions!


The Majors Nationals will represent SLVLL in the Majors TOC's (bracket HERE), co-hosted by the Cap/Soquel and Live Oak Little Leagues.  (Seventeen-game tournament, nine teams - WON first game (Game #3) over Santa Cruz American, 11-2; WON second game (#9) over Santa Cruz National, 16-0; WON third game (Game #13) over Cap/Soquel, 4-1; LOST fourth game (#16) to Cap/Soquel, 2-4; WON fifth game (#17 - for the championship!) over Cap/Soquel, 8-7!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Nationals, District 39 Champions!


Starting June 25th and going to July 10th, All-Star games will begin (for us, that means the 9/10, 10/11 and 11/12 year old All-Star teams.  More details will be posted soon!


Congratulations to all players moving in post-season play to be the face of SLVLL across the county!

SLV Majors WIN District 39 Tournament of Champions!

Playing a total of five games in the 17-game Majors Tournament of Champions, the SLVLL Majors Nationals won four of five games, of course the MOST important one being the last one, for the District 39 Championship!  They beat Cap/Soquel with a score of 8-7.

CONGRATULATIONS, SLVLL Majors Nationals, District 39 TOC Champions!


Follow Former SLVLL Stars in the Pony -13's Super Regional!

Former SLVLL Stars Trent Walker and Mark Carling help lead the Santa Cruz Pony 13s all stars to their third tournament! They left Thursday Morning and begin play on Friday!  Follow this link to see how they are dong and if you wish to donate to help with their travel expenses.


2016 SLVLL End-Of-Season Tournament Information

To See the Calendar and Brackets on their own Web Page (latest update 6/2/16) Click HERE

For a copy of the rules, expectations of managers, parents, etc. (says 2015, rules are the same this year) - click HERE

Some tournament rationale and apology to SLE parents:

The Tournament at AA level is for fun only. There is no advancement at the AA level to a district championship.

Our tournaments at AAA and Majors serve to determine a season champion and entry into District 39's Tournament of Champions (TOC) that begins on June 12. This is the fifth year that SLVLL has used a tournament method to determine our  TOC representative in AAA and Majors.

The Science Camp Issue:  Science Camp officials have traditionally been very accommodating to SLVLL as far as releasing players to play on those game nights.  We will have 8 teams (AAA and Majors)  over two nights needing release of players and the logistics of that effect.  SLVLL understands that parents have paid money for this camp experience and most of us have had to (in the past) remove our own kids and do the whole interruption of their experience. We apologize to SLE 5th grade parents for this hassle and will look in the future to try to better configure school commitments or our tournament process. Thank you for understanding.

Follow the All Stars!

The 8/9s: Coach Joe and the 8/9's begin their tournament vs. SCN Saturday June 27 1pm @ Pajaro.

Game 1:  1-11 Loss vs. SCN

Game 2: 13-19 Loss Pajaro Valley

Game 3:  3-9 Loss vs. Scotts Valley

Game 4:  3-9 Loss pm vs. SCN

 Follow the 8/9's by clicking here

The 9/10's:  Coach Mark and the 9/10's begin their tournament vs. Aptos Saturday June 27th 1 pm @ Scotts Valley.  

Game 1:  0-8 Loss vs. Aptos

Game 2:  18-9 win vs. Pajaro Valley

Game 3: 1-14 Loss vs. Scotts Valley

Game 4: 0-10 Loss vs. Watsonville

Follow the 9/10's by clicking here

The 10/11's:  Coach Nick and the 10/11's begin their tournament vs. SCA Saturday June 27 10 am @ Harvey West.  

Game 1:  11-5 WIN vs. SCA

Game 2: 2-6 Loss vs. Cap/Soq

Game 3: 2-11 Loss vs. Aptos

Game 4: 20-10 Win vs. Watsonville

Follow the 10/11's by clicking here

The 11/12's: Coach Mike and the 11/12's begin their tournament Vs. Capitola/Soquel Saturday June 27th 10 am @ Aptos.

Game 1:  5-1 Win vs. Cap/Soq

Game 2:  3-19 Loss vs. Aptos

Game 3: 1-2 Loss vs. SCN

Game 4:  2-12 Loss  vs. Live Oak

Follow the 11/12's by clicking here.

2015 All-Stars!

June 13, 2015 – 12:01 AM
Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star tournaments, which will begin June 27th (except the 7/8 Tournament team, which begins June 13th)
7/8 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by Cap/Soquel LL, June 14th - 26th)
Manager – Sandor LeBarre
Coaches – TBA
Dominick Aguilar - AA Giants
Graham Baxter - AA Pirates
Keenan Buntz - AA Mets
Jack Dagan - AA Giants
Jonathan Giandana - AA Rock Hounds
Kolbe Handley - AA Giants
Wyatt Himmelstrup - AA Rock Hounds
D'Rell Hopkins - A Tigers
Ian LeBarre - AA Mets
Brody Shults - AA Athletics
Noah Stieger - AA Athletics
Chase Thomsen - AA Athletics
Nate Welch - AA Rock Hounds
8/9 Year Old Tournament Team
(Co-hosted by Live Oak and Pajaro LL's, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager – Joe Stretch
Coaches – TBA
Nick Frey - AAA Tigers
Anthony Griffis - AAA Nationals
Malakhi Higbee - AAA Nationals
Cody Houston - AAA Giants
Nathan Kueny - AAA Tigers
Wyatt McCabe - AAA Tigers
Devin Merchant - AAA Nationals
Jayden Moyer - AAA Nationals
Josh Rudrow - AAA Tigers
Connor Scarborough - AAA Giants
Carson Seeger - AA Rock Hounds
Jayden Shabry - AAA Giants
Benji Stretch - AA Rock Hounds
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager – Mark Edgemon
Coaches – TBA
Jackson Amos - AAA Tigers
Landon Ayers - AAA Rays
Max Baxter - AAA Giants
Wyatt Berridge - AAA Rays
Billy Bowers - AAA Nationals
Nathan Davision - AAA Giants
Cash Ebright - AAA Nationals
Quinn Edgemon - AAA Giants
Kai Groleau - AAA Rays
Erika Kindred - AAA Giants
Kai Kiyabu - AAA Nationals
Sandy Monowitz - AAA Rays
Shelby Monowitz - AAA Rays
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Santa Cruz LL, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager – Nick Purtscher
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Majors Blue Jays
Dylan Arroyo - Majors Marlins
Cooper Austin - Majors Reds
Tyler Cambron - Majors Reds
Matthew Carney - Majors Angels
Alex Crandall - Majors Marlins
Brodie Cusimano - Majors Blue Jays
Ryan Hodge - Majors Marlins
Jaden Hunter - Majors Marlins 
Jackson Kueny - Majors Reds
Robbie Matajcich - Majors Marlins
Josh Purtscher - Majors Marlins
Ryder Saunders - Majors Angels
Dylan Schelegle - AAA Tigers
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Aptos LL, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager - Mike Olmsted
Coaches – TBA
Brodie Brownlee - Majors Blue Jays
Noah Cole - Majors Marlins
Casey Crouch - Majors Angels
Andrew Gudnason - Majors Blue Jays
Marco Nell - Majors Marlins
Reid Olmsted - Majors Angels
Ryan Oropeza - Majors Blue Jays
Jackson Parmenter - Majors Angels
Aden Rich - Majors Reds
Ethan Slaven - Majors Reds
Jamie VanEyck - Majors Angels
Riley VanWickle - Majors Reds


All Star Season Ends for SLV

The 8/9 All-Stars fall 14-12 to Aptos in the semifinals and their season is over.  Aptos moves on to face Watsonville in the 8/9 championship in Pajaro.  You can follow the championship bracket of the 8/9 tournament HERE.

 The 9/10 All-Star team is defeated by Scotts Valley 15-14 in the semifinals.  The 9/10 All-Star Championship bracket can be seen HERE.

Congratulations to all of our teams and families for battling and representing the valley spirit across the district.





Follow Our Champions!

7/8s: 6/19: 7/8's lose 10-0 in championship round to Cap/Soquel, and their season is over.  Six trips to Watsonville was more than any other team, as they fought to get out of the loser's bracket and did it.  Keep an eye on this age group as they grow up!  Great job coach Jeff G. and Coach Morgan S. The boys, the coaches, and the fans represented the best of the valley.

6/18:  7/8s eliminate Scotts Valley, final score 9-4.  They are throwing strikes and have a shot to win it all.  Championship round starts tonight (Thursday) and they must beat Capiitola/Soquel Thursday to stay alive, and Friday to get the banner.  Good luck boys! 5pm in Watsonville

6/16: 7/8s defeat Aptos 13-7!  With only three teams left in the tournament, the SLV team waits for the loser of Scotts Valley/Cap-Soquel.  SLV will play on Wednesday 6/18 5 pm @ Watsonville

6/14--7/8's rebound with hits and lights-out pitching to beat Watsonville 11-6.  They next play Aptos on 6/16, 5 pm @ Watsonville

6/13 7/8s fall to Scotts Valley 8-2. Next they can stay alive vs. Watsonville American Sunday 6/14 @ 1pm

 6/97/8's Win Thriller 13-12 over Santa Cruz National.  Down 12-2, the SLV kids roared back;  Cody bloops game winner walk-off single in the 6th!  7/8's next play Scotts Valley Friday 5 pm at Watsonville 

For a copy of the 7/8 All Stars Bracket, Click HERE


6/16:  Rockies fall to Santa Cruz American 12-8 and their remarkable post-season run is over.  Congrats to coach Jeff and the Rockies on a fantastic turnaround to their season, their SLV tournament win, and their great representation in TOC's!

6/14: Despite Owen Andrews's Huge day, the Rockies fall 12-5 to Scotts Valley; however, they are still alive and within striking distance of a banner...come on down to Harvey West to root them on 6/16 (Monday) 6 pm 

6/12: Seamus, Rockies Roll to 12-3 win over Santa Cruz American!  Their winner's bracket run continues Saturday 6/14 vs. Scotts Valley, Noon @ Harvey West!

6/11: Rockies Defeat Pajaro  8-4!  They stay in the Winner's bracket and will next play Thursday 6/12 at 7:30 pm  @ Harvey West

For a copy of the Majors TOC bracket, click HERE



6/13 Tigers lose 11-10 to Santa Cruz National and their seaon is over. Congrats to coach Matt and the Tigers for a great season and post season!

6/11:  Tigers beat Live Oak 12-7!  Their march through the brackets continues Friday night, 6/13 5:30 pm a Captiola/Soquel field

  6/9 Tigers Win 11-6 over Pajaro!  They stay alive and will now will face Live Oak at Live Oak on June 11th @ 530 pm.  Go Tigers!  

For a copy of the Minors TOC Bracket, click HERE



For Live Brackets with updated scores of all divisions

and ALL STARS, click HERE

 Congratulations to the AA Red Sox, who won their end-of-season tournament with another shutout, 3-0 over the Angels.

2014 All-Stars!

Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star tournaments, which will begin June 21st (except the 7/8 Tournament team, which began June 8th)
8/9 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Mark Edgemon
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Minors Giants
Max Baxter - Minors Tigers
Wyatt Berridge - Minors Athletics
Billy Bowers - AA Angels
Ben Calden - AA Athletics
Nathan Davison - Minors Tigers
Cash Ebright - Minors Red Sox
Quinn Edgemon - Minors Giants
Erika Kindred - Minors Tigers
Sandy Monowitz - Minors Giants
Shelby Monowitz - Minors Giants
Luke Sherrick - Minors Blue Jays
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Russell Gross
Coaches – TBA
Cooper Austin - Majors Rockies
Tyler Cambron - Minors Blue Jays
Matthew Carney - Majors Rockies
Cody Coleman - Minors Giants
Alex Crandall - Minors Red Sox
Brody Cusimano - Minors Blue Jays
Ryan Hodge - Minors Red Sox
Jaden Hunter - Minors Red Sox
Michael Kelly - Minors Blue Jays
Jackson Kueny - Minors Athletics
Robbie Matajcich - Minors Tigers
Josh Purtscher - Minors Athletics
Noah Wyman - Minors Tigers
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Mike Olmsted
Coaches – TBA
Brodie Brownlee - Majors Rockies
Noah Cole - Majors Dodgers
Casey Crouch - Majors Braves
Andrew Gudnason - Majors Rockies
Marco Nell - Majors Dodgers
Reid Olmsted - Majors Dodgers
Ryan Oropeza - Majors Braves
Jackson Parmenter - Majors Braves
Aden Rich - Majors Braves
Ethan Slaven - Majors Braves
Riley Van Wickle - Majors Rockies
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager - Jeff Kindred
Coaches – TBA
Owen Andrews - Majors Rockies
Clay Brown - Majors Dodgers
Aidan Callahan - Majors Dodgers
Trevor Cambron - Majors Rockies
Christian Carney - Majors Dodgers
RJ Kindred - Majors Rockies
Chris Markey - Majors Rockies
Seamus McMillan - Majors Rockies
Terry Mirande - Majors Braves
Shay Monowitz - Majors Dodgers
Isaac Wallace-Menge - Majors Dodgers

March 24, 2014

SLVLL Hit-a-thon Fundraiser

(click above to be taken to the Hit-a-thon site!)



$11,210.59 RAISED!


2013 All Star Updates

Go SLV All-Stars!

Tuesday Night Update

9/10s season is over after falling to Aptos 11-7.  But what a great run by the boys and their coach Jim Crouch! 

Monday Update

9/10s lose game 1 of double elimination championship 6-5 to Live Oak.  They will play Tuesday night at 5 vs. Aptos @ Pajaro

Sunday Update

9/10s are 4-0 and advance to Double Elmination Championship Round.  Their first game is Monday, July 1st, 5 pm vs. Live Oak @ Pajaro!

11/12's fall to Pajaro 10-8.  They finish pool play 1-3. Trent says goodbye to Little League the fun way, launching a "big fly" HR in his last game.

Friday Update 

11/12's fall 10-8 to Aptos.  They are 1-2 but still have a shot to move on.  Their last pool game is Sunday 1 pm vs. Pajaro Valley @ Harvey West

10/11's lose to Scotts Valley 17-3.  They finish pool play 1-2.

9/10s are 3-0 and have one more pool play game Saturday 10 am vs. Capitola/Soquel @ Pajaro

8/9's fall 12-6 to Capitola/Soquel.  They finish pool play 1-2.

Thursday Update

9/10s (3 and 0 in pool play!) Get walk-off steal of home to defeat Scotts Valley 4-3! They make the most of three hits! Jackson robs two line drives at first and the defense makes 14 of the 18 outs! Next is Capitola/Soquel Saturday 10 am @ Pajaro.

Tuesday Update

11/12's upend Watsonville 16-1.  Both Auldridges go yard.  Each says his went further.  Fans say if Jacob's didn't hit a car....they would have been the same.  They are 1-1 and next face Aptos Thursday 730 pm @ Harvey West

10/11's Even their pool play record with 14-6 win over Live Oak.  Callahan tries to fix the SV scoreboard by driling it with a home run! Next is Scotts Valley Thursday 530 @ Scotts Valley

9/10s Stay hot and defeat Pajaro Valley 9-7. They score 8 in the third, and Ryan O. gets the save.  Next is Scotts Valley 6 pm Wednesday @ Pajaro Valley

8/9's Fall to Scotts Valley 12-6.  Their last pool game will be Thursday 530 vs. Cap/Soquel @ Aptos LL fields


 11/12's lose Pool Game #1 to Santa Cruz American 10-0.  Their next pool play game is Monday 5 pm Vs. Watsonville American @ Harvey West

 10/11s lose Pool Game #1 13-6 to Santa Cruz American.  Their next Pool play game is Monday 530 pm Vs. Live Oak @ Scotts Valley LL felds

 9/10s defeat Santa Cruz National 6-2 in Pool Game #1. Their next Pool play game is Monday 5pm Vs. Pajaro Valley @ Pajaro Valley

8/9s beat Watsonville 17-4! They'll play Scotts Valley 5 pm Monday @ Watsonville 


More All-Stars Announced!

June 9, 2012
The following All-Star teams will be representing SLVLL in upcoming All-Star tournaments.   Congratulations to all!
(Note - due to Little League International restrictions, the 11/12 year old All-Stars can NOT be announced until June 15th.)
Manager Jeff Auldridge
Coaches Sean Castagna & Steve Markey 
Nate Alisago
Chris Anderson
Jacob Auldridge
Julian Auldridge
Reese Castagna
Andrew Chestnut
Cody Edgemon
David George
Stephen Markey
Jaden Swanson
Andy Wise
Manager Mike Olmsted
Coaches Tighe Callahan & Jeff Kindred
Owen Andrews
Clay Brown
Aidan Callahan
Christian Carney
Isaiah Gonzales
Quinn Herzon
RJ Kindred
Chris Markey
Terry Mirande
Reid Olmsted
Vinnie Prograce
Manager Jim Crouch
Coaches Russell Gross & Dylan Rich 
Noah Brown
Brodie Brownlee
William Caddell
Noah Cole
Casey Crouch
Andrew Gudnason
Duncan Milrad
Marco Nell
Ryan Oropeza
Aden Rich
Riley Van Wickle

2013 7/8-year old Tournament Team

Congratulations to the following players,
who have been selected to the
7/8-year old Tournament Team!
Damian Aguilar - AA Giants
Max Baxter - AA Pirates
Wyatt Berridge - AA Yankees
Nathan Davison - AA Cardinals
Cash Ebright - AA Pirates
Quinn Edgemon - AA Giants
Kai Groleau - AA Giants
Erika Kindred - AA Cardinals
Sandy Monowitz - AA Yankees
Shelby Monowitz - AA Yankees
Max Pasa - AA Pirates
Regular season AA manager Mark Edgemon will be overseeing this team with assistant coaches Dave Baxter and Jeff Kindred (with Larry Ebright as a back-up assistant).  
They will begin play on June 9 at Anna Jean Cummings Park (aka Blue Ball Park) in Soquel.

2012 11/12-year old All-Stars Announced!

June 15, 2012
CONGRATULATIONS to the following Majors players who have been selected to represent SLVLL in the upcoming District 39 All-Star games (and have the potential to ultimately go on to the Little League World Series in Williamsport later this summer).  They will be under the capable leadership of manager Scott Murray, who will be assisted by coaches Dave Crandall and Vic Yanez.
2012 SLVLL 11/12-year old All-Stars 
Elliot Brown
Mark Carling* 
Max Crandall
Howard Forehan 
Tyler Goedyk
Blake Kuehl
Scotty MacCool
Tanner Murray
Justin Rudrow
Zane Saunders
Trent Walker
Taj Yanez
Craig Yeomans
*Mark was selected to All-Stars, but will be unable to play due to an injury. 

SLV End of Season Tournaments in AA, Minors, and Majors

Here is the current schedule for end-of-season tournaments in AA, Minors, and Majors.  

In AA the tournament is just for fun, although there will be a champion.  

In Minors and Majors, the tournament winners will head to the District 39

Tournament of Champions, which begins on June 8th.

If these Brackets Change (game times, locations,), I will add the most current date.  

Make sure to check back before tournaments begin.

To view/print the PDF of the brackets and calendar

for the tournament (last updated May 10th...majors game 1 moved to Monday 5/19), click here


To view/print a PDF of the rules for our tournament, click here

2012 7/8-year old All-Stars!

Congratulations to the following players,
who have been selected to the
7/8-year old All-Star Team!
                                              Cooper Austin
Jack Boynton
Matthew Carney
Cody Coleman
Alex Crandall
Brody Cusimano
Ryan Hodge
Jaden Hunter
Michael Kelly
Robbie Matajcich
Jackson Parmenter 
Josh Purtscher
Regular season AA manager Jared Austin will be overseeing this team with assistant coaches John Cusimano and Nick Purtscher.  They will begin play on June 10 at Anna Jean Cummings Park (aka Blue Ball Park) in Soquel.

Opening Day Slideshow

March 13, 2012
Thanks to our very own "unofficial" (official) league photographer, Lynnette Crouch, you can view our Opening Day slideshow. Just click on the link below, and enjoy!
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2011 All-Stars!

The 2011 All-Stars will be announced and introduced at Closing Day ceremonies (with the exception of the 11/12 year old team, which cannot be announced until 12:01 AM on June 15, and the 7/8 year old All-Stars, which were announced June 4 on our web site).  Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star tournaments, which will begin June 25th (except the 7/8 All-Stars, which begins June 16th)

8/9 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Mike Olmsted
Coaches – Tighe Callahan
             Pete Martinez
                 Charlie Prograce 
Clay Brown – Minors Dodgers
Aidan Callahan – Minors Dodgers
Christian Carney – Minors Dodgers
Isaiah Gonzales - Minors Braves
Nikolai Heinen - Minors Dodgers
Quinn Herzon - Minors Braves 
Chris Markey - Minors Athletics
Ty Martinez - Minors Braves
Reid Olmsted - Minors Dodgers
Kobe Pane – Minors Dodgers
Vinnie Prograce – Minors Braves
Kyle Young - Minors Giants

9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Steve Markey
Coaches – Marty Walker
Chris Anderson – Minors Braves
Jacob Auldridge – Majors Giants
Julian Auldridge – Majors Giants
Reese Castagna – Minors Athletics
Cody Edgemon - Minors Giants
David George - Minors Athletics
Steven Markey - Minors Athletics
Colyn Salcido - Minors Braves 
Jaden Swanson – Minors Braves
Trent Walker – Majors White Sox
Andy Wise - Minors Athletics

10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Mark Mullins
Coaches – Dave Crandall
               Vic Yanez
Elliot Brown - Majors Giants
Mark Carling - Majors Giants
Max Crandall – Majors Giants
Remi Dirck - Majors Braves
Howard Forehan - Majors Braves
Ben Kanter - Majors White Sox
Blake Kuehl – Minors Dodgers
Scotty Maccool – Majors Giants
Justin Rudrow - Majors White Sox
Zane Saunders - Majors White Sox
Taj Yanez - Majors Braves

11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager - Mark Gentry
Coaches – Scott Murray
                  Andy Robustelli
Tommy Andersen – Majors White Sox
Matteo Ballas- Majors Braves
Jack Gentry - Majors Braves
Thomas Moore - Majors Braves
Tanner Murray – Majors Braves
Adam Peters - Majors White Sox
Cody Peterson Majors Braves
Matt Robustelli – Majors Giants
Matt Siordia – Majors Giants
Jackson Turner - Majors Braves
Charlie Weigel – Majors Giants


2013 All-Stars!

Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star tournaments, which will begin June 22nd (except the 7/8 All-Stars, which begins June 9th)
8/9 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Dave Crandall
Coaches – Jared Austin
Mark Mullins
Dylan Arroyo - Minors Athletics
Cooper Austin - Minors Athletics
Matthew Carney - Minors Athletics
Cody Coleman - Minors Giants
Alex Crandall - Minors Giants
Brody Cusimano - Minors Giants
Ryan Hodge - Minors Giants
Jaden Hunter - AA Giants
Michael Kelly - AA Cardinals
Robbie Matajcich - Minors Orioles
Josh Purtscher - Minors Giants
Noah Wyman - Minors Orioles
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Jim Crouch
Coaches – Russell Gross
Steve Van Wickle
Brodie Brownlee - Minors D-Backs
William Caddell - Minors D-Backs
Noah Cole - Minors Orioles
Casey Crouch - Minors D-Backs
Andrew Gudnason - Minors D-Backs
Aiden Largay - Minors D-Backs
Duncan Milrad - Minors D-Backs
Marco Nell - Minors Athletics
Ryan Oropeza - Minors Orioles
Jackson Parmenter - Minors D-Backs
Riley Van Wickle - Minors Giants
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager – Mike Olmsted
Coaches –
Clay Brown - Majors Nationals
Aidan Callahan - Majors Nationals
Trevor Cambron - Majors Nationals
Christian Carney - Majors Rangers
Isaiah Gonzales - Majors Rangers
Terry Mirande - Majors Red Sox
Reid Olmsted - Majors Nationals
Kobe Pane - Majors Nationals
Aden Rich - Minors Athletics
Nick Thorne - Majors Nationals
Isaac Wallace-Menge - Majors Rangers
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager - Stephen Markey
Coaches –
Chris Anderson - Majors Rangers
Jacob Auldridge - Majors Rangers
Julian Auldridge - Majors Rangers
Reese Castagna - Majors Nationals
Andrew Chestnut - Majors Red Sox
David George - Majors Red Sox
RJ Kindred - Majors Orioles
Chris Markey - Majors Red Sox
Stephen Markey - Majors Red Sox
Jaden Swanson - Majors Nationals
Trent Walker - Majors Orioles
Andy Wise - Majors Rangers


2011 All-Star Updates

July 9, 2011



All Star Post Season Ends for SLV...

11/12’s:  lose 11-10 on a walk-off base hit by Santa Cruz American.  Yes, Tanner hit another “donkey” to lead off the game, his 7th Home Run in four games.  Gentry “popped the chain” for his 11th of the year as well, but it wasn’t quite enough.  The whole valley should be proud of the efforts of this year’s 11/12’s!

9/10’s:  lose to Scotts Valley 10-3. But that’s the second year in a row for this age group to move beyond pool play. Wait til next year!


10/11’s Lose to SCA 10-0.  Their season is over, but  what a great run by a bunch of loose, fun, and enthusiastic boys!  Way to go, guys!

8/9’s  Fall to Aptos, 19-9.  Their run is over, but the Valley is proud of their incredible post season and late (and extra) inning heroics!

Come Root on SLV...all four teams are playing tonight (Thursday)! 
Results from Wednesday Championship Opening Round:
11/12s:  Tanner goes off for 3 donkeys (hr’s) and SLV defeats Watsonville 13-4; they play tonight @ Pajaro vs. Aptos 7:00 pm
10/11s:  Taj deals and Crandall goes yard, but it’s not enough as SLV falls to Scotts Valley 9-8; they play Santa Cruz American tonight
@ Harvey West 7:30
9/10s:  Lose to Santa Cruz National 9-1; they will play @ San Juan Bautista field tonight @ 6:30
8/9’s:  Fall to Scotts Valley 8-3.  They will play Aptos tonight @ SLVLL Field! 5:30
Pick a game or two and come on down! 
11/12's (July 1st)  SLV defeats Scotts Valley 8-6!  Tanner pops the chain(home run) to lead off the game...later in the 4th, Tanner and Thomas Moore crush back-to-back Homers and SLV holds on to win! SLV finishes pool play 3-1 and wait to see about advancing to the next round!
11/12's (6/29)  Aptos wins 4-2 in 8 innings @ Aptos.  SLV leads into the sixth, but Aptos tied it.  Gentry pops the chain (hr) for SLV's two runs.  SLV is 2-1 in their pool, and next play Friday Night @ Pajaro vs. Scotts Valley.  Great pitching by both teams on Wednesday!
11/12's (6/26):  SLV wins over Live Oak 13-4.  Gentry wears one (hbp) to load 'em up, then Jackson goes donkey (hr) for a grand slam!
11/12's (6/25):  SLV defeats Pajaro 13-2 in 5 innings; Robustelli throws gem, Jackson pops the play vs. Live Oak @ Pinto Lake City Park Sunday 1 pm
10/11's (7/1)  Win 13-6 over Pajaro!  Mark and Howard deliver from the Hill!  Next game is Sunday 4 pm @Harvey West vs. Santa Cruz National
10/11's (6/27):  Win 11-3 over Cap Soquel.  Taj deals from the hill, whole lineup hits in support!  Next game is Friday Night!
10/11's (6/25):  lose 15-2 to Santa Cruz National, next play Monday 7:30 pm vs. Cap Soquel @ Harvey West
9/10's (7/1)  Win 5-1 over Watsonville American!  Next game is Sunday 1 pm vs. Santa Cruz American @ Scotts Valley
9/10's (6/25):  Stayed in the game but fall to Scotts Valley 14-8; next play Tuesday 5:30 vs. Cap/Soquel @ Scotts Valley
8/9's (7/2) fall to Aptos 12-8; looks like they have earned #2 seed from their pool and should play next Wednesday @ Scotts Valley.
8/9's (6/30) on Thursday, the bats go wild in 15-0 win over Watsonville:   Aidan crushes, Vinnie ropes!   Next game is Saturday 10 am vs. Aptos!
8/9's (6/27):  onMonday, another nailbiter ends in 7-inning 15-14 win over Pajaro Valley for the nines.  Carney gets the win with clutch strikes from the mound.
8/9's (6/25): Win 7-6 over Aptos;  Down to their last strike in the 6th, 9's rally to tie and take the lead.   Vinnie gets the save. Next game Monday 5:30 vs. PV  @ SLVLL field

TOC Results

Props to SLV Majors TOC Braves for making it so far! They dropped to the Scotts Valley Rangers 9-4 tonight but provided a heck of a lot of fun and excitement along the way...and the Minors TOC Braves keep on keepin' on tomorrow in Aptos at noon. Hope to see you there!
TOC Minors from Thursday June 16:  SLV Braves 9, Pajaro Giants 4...Braves run wild, and Isaiah pulls in catch of the year in center!  Braves move on and will play on Saturday, 6/18 @ Aptos Fields vs. Aptos' home team...come support our boys!!
Congrats to our 7/8 All-Star Team as they continue their fierce winning streak! The team bested Watsonville American 8-4 at their premiere game on the 15th, and kept the hope alive with a 16-14 nail-biter of a win over Live Oak on Friday night...get some sleep, boys--you'll need your strength to take down the Scotts Valley team at 1pm on Saturday. May the Force be with you!

7/8 All-Stars Finish Well

June 23, 2011
After a hard fought battle, our 7/8 All-Stars fell to the Scotts Valley team 3-6. The 7/8 year olds had a great run, playing 5 games total and  losing two (both to Scotts Valley).  The boys had a great time and got a good taste of tournament-level baseball. 
 (Thanks to Lynnette Robustelli for this final update.)
We're so proud of our 7/8 team!  

7/8-year old All-Stars

Congratulations to the following players,
who have been selected to the
7/8-year old All-Star Team!
Cooper Austin
Connor Bisby
Noah Brown
Brodie Brownlee
William Caddell
Noah Cole
Casey Crouch
Brody Cusimano
Marco Nell
Ryan Oropeza
Josh Purtscher
Aden Rich
Regular season AA manager Jim Crouch will be overseeing this team,
who will begin play on June 16 at Pinto Lake City Park in Watsonville.

A Heartfelt Thank You

October 22, 2010
After 5+ years of flipping our burgers, grilling our buns and making us laugh out loud, Steven Shabry has stepped down from the position of Snack Shack Coordinator, and from the SLVLL Board of Directors. With one son in Majors and another entering T-Ball, Steven will never be far from the fields. Still, his departure creates a vacancy of laughter, spirit and snark in the board room, as well as a seemingly bottomless well of knowledge when it comes to Little League. For many of us, Steven was the go-to guy when questions arose about running the League, and we've long been grateful to have his knowledge in the room.
And so we take this opportunity to thank Steven for his energy and commitment to our league, its children and its families. You are loved and appreciated, Steven. Thank you for doing all you've done, and all that you'll no doubt continue to do.
P.S. It's never too late to change your mind. 

12's Show Grace, Sportsmanship in Final Loss to Hollister Nat'l

July 21, 2010 – 11:00 PM
Our awesome 12's held their heads high as they faced their final defeat against Hollister National, losing by 10 runs with a final score of 12-2.
All was quiet with our boys until the bottom of the sixth, when their bats started to come alive with two outs on the board. Bryce Nunes, Robbie Carling and D'Shawn Hopkins all chipped in to make sure we didn't face a shut-out in our final game, and they did so with skill, pride and smiles.
San Lorenzo Valley Little League was officially formed in 1958, and since 1987, there has been only ONE other 12-year-old team that has made it past the D39 banner. This year's 12's, led by Tom Jameson and Kevin Neu, made it to 2nd place in Sectionals, and that is an accomplishment that they--and we--should all celebrate.
For 11 of these boys, this was their final game as Little Leaguers, and we couldn't be happier to have had them on our side. To all of them, we wish you well as you continue up the ranks to Pony and beyond, and we welcome you to return to cheer on and mentor the SLV Little Leaguers for whom you have led the way, and to whom you have proven that hard work and perseverance can result in a wonderful combination of sportsmanship, teamwork, mutual respect and friendships that will last a lifetime.
Thank you for taking us on this journey, and for being the kind of players--the kind of men--that you are. You represented our league, our community and our District better than any other team EVER has, and we thank you for that.
With love and appreciation,
Your SLVLL Family


July 21, 2010 – 07:00 AM
For those who attended last night's game against Saratoga, blood pressure medication and a stiff drink were on the menu as the two teams battled to the bitter end.
At the top of the 2nd, SLV had a comfortable lead of 5-0, but Saratoga wasn't letting go. By the bottom of the 2nd, Saratoga had edged into the game, with a score of 6-4. The third inning held status quo, and after four complete innings, it was 8-6, SLV.
In the middle of the 5th, Saratoga fought back; 8-7 with a runner on first. Trader was on the mound, and after a hit up the middle and a pass ball, Saratoga had runners on 2nd and 3rd with only one out. D'Shawn Hopkins threw the next play to 1st and got the runner out, but the runner on third came home, tying the game 8-8 with two outs...then three. Whew!
Keenan Neu was not about to let those Saratoga boys clinch it, so he did what he does best--another home run changed the scoreboard to 9-8, SLV. Blake Snedeker made it to 1st, and Mitchell Kamau took a sacrifice bunt to move Snedeker to 2nd. Ian Macdonell walked, resulting in runners on 1st and 3rd. Bryce Nunes stepped up to allow Snedeker to score, resulting in a 10-8 lead with two outs in the 6th. Robbie Carling's bat brought two runners home on a double, with SLV leading 12-8. Middle of the 6th, Trader on the mound...
One double, no outs. Fly to center, one out, runner on 2nd. Strike out. Next batter: Strike one. Strike two. Ball 1. Ball 2 (come on!!!). Ball two, short overthrow, first runner scores with a runner on 2nd. After that, it was a mix of balls, strikes and stress until Strike 3--and we did it!! Final score: 12-9, SLV.
Tonight our boys take on the hometown favorites, Hollister National. These boys decorate their talent with war paint and dugout chatter, but they're good players--they're the only team we've lost to so far. We need to take them down tonight and tomorrow night to clinch the Sectionals, and we need YOUR HELP! Please grab your bullhorn and Xanax, and come down to Hollister to support our boys! Hope to see you there!

What's Happenin' with Our 12-year old All-Stars?

Here's the bracket for the 12-year old All-Stars Section 5 Division Tournament, which is being hosted by the Hollister American and National Little Leagues (the bracket is updated fairly quickly with scores).  For directions to the field, click here.
If you have been appreciating the wonderful write-ups as the 12s progress through the tournaments, all the thanks go to Christina Wise, league president.  She has attended every game, sent text messages to many of us who couldn't be there, and done the eyewitness report afterwards.  THANK YOU, Christina!!  Don't stop now!
Just scroll down for the continuing reports on our amazing 12-year old All-Stars, capably managed by veteran coach Tom Jameson (they are in chronological order, going down). 

12-year old All-Stars Stayin' Alive in Sectional Tourney!

SLV beat District 59's North Valley in their second game against each other, with a final score of 4-2. North Valley came out of the gate with a HR, leading the game 1-0 until our boys came alive in the bottom of the 4th. D'Shawn Hopkins nailed a triple, Keenan Neu roped a double, allowing Hopkins to score. Ari Solomon stepped up and made it to 1st, followed by Blake Snedeker who delivered a double to bring Neu home.
An exciting game it was, made all the more meaningful by the wonderful sportsmanship of the North Valley parents. They wished us luck post-win, and were gracious in their loss. NV parents, you ROCK!
And we wait to see what tomorrow night brings our awesome 12's. Stay tuned...

12's Suffer First Sectional Loss

July 19, 2010
Our 12-year-old All-Stars lost their first battle on Sunday, July 18th. They faced the hometown favorite, Hollister National, and couldn't compete with their heavy bats (their lead-off hitter hit two home runs in a row) and outstanding fielding. Our boys hung in there and surfaced after six with a final of 4-9.
The boys and their bats are back tonight as they shake it off and fight their way through the rest of the tournament. They meet North Valley, whom we beat 8-6 on Saturday. No doubt the NV team is looking for vindication, so please make the drive to Hollister tonight and bring your SLV spirit for the 7 PM shakedown!
Veterans Memorial Park
950 Memorial Drive
Hollister, CA 95023
Hope to see you there!

12-year-old All-Stars Edge One Step Closer to Williamsport!

July 17, 2010 – 10:30 PM
Our 12-year-old All-Stars are HOT, HOT, HOT! Congrats to all of our AWESOME players for a very exciting win against North Valley (D59) in today's first Sectional Tournament game in Hollister. Bats ripped as our boys made hit after hit on the plate, and made play after play in the field. Manager Tom Jameson played a strategic game of chess with the boys on the mound, helping our team to win 8-6 and leaving our pitchers fresh and ready to take down Hollister National (D9) on Sunday, July 18 at 10am.
I know, I know--Hollister isn't in your own backyard. (It's not in mine, either.) But our league hasn't had a 12-year-old All-Star team break out of the District since 1987. So come on! Grab your sunblock and Gatorade, and head south to support our boys as they march toward Williamsport. Here's the address:
Veterans Memorial Park
950 Memorial Drive
Hollister, CA 95023
Now put on your lucky shorts, punch the address into your GPS and join us as we watch TJ and his boys make SLVLL history! 

12-year-old All-Stars Bring Home the Banner!!

July 10, 2010 – 11:30 PM
In a breathtaking nail-biter of a game against Santa Cruz National, our SLV 12-year-old All-Stars battled for the banner and won! Starting pitcher D'Shawn Hopkins owned the mound aided by strong bats, including a 2-run homer by Robbie Carling. Down 6-5 in the 6th, Ari Solomon hit a double with two outs to bring in the tying run and force the game into extra innings. Solomon stepped onto the hill in the 6th to hold Santa Cruz to a 6-6 tie, and he and his team continued to deny Santa Cruz National in the top of the 7th, only allowing one man on base before closing out the inning. The bottom of the 7th saw the SLV starting lineup emerge from the dugout.  Jared Trader took a walk to first, D'Shawn Hopkins was out on a pop-fly to center, Keenan Neu got a base hit that sent Trader to third, and then Blake Snedeker--who was 0-2 in the game--clocked it to left center, allowing Trader to score and SLV to win the title.
You can view the last inning of the game, courtesy of Paul Firenzi, HERE.
And you can read the Sentinel's coverage of the game here:
Their first game is Saturday the 17th at 10am vs. the District 59 champs. Stay tuned to SLVLL for continuing updates as we cheer our All-Stars to the top of the heap! Way to go, boys! We are SO proud of you!
TJ and his boys will continue their trek to Williamsport via the Sectional Tournament, being held in Hollister from July 17 thru July 22 (click here for bracket).
 . . . keep scrolling to see how the SLV 12-year old All-Stars are progressing . . .  



All Star Results

Find up-to-date scores for ALL the All-Star teams at  District 39 Tournament Scores 
Finals From Saturday, June 26
SLV 7/8's Win 18-2
SLV 8/9's Win 12-1
SLV 9/10's lose 17-3
SLV 10/11's lose 13-1
SLV 12's begin play Monday night
Finals from Monday, June 28
SLV 10/11's lose 5-0, play again Thursday @ 7:30 PM
SLV 12s win 9-1, play next Wednesday @ 7:30 PM
Finals from Tuesday, June 29
SLV 7/8's win 12-6 after 5 innings, play again Saturday, July 3, at 10 AM
Finals from Wednesday, June 30
SLV 12's win, 8-1, play again Friday, July 2, @ 7:30 PM
SLV 9/10's lose, 19-2, play again again Saturday, July 3, @ 10 AM 
SLV 8/9's win, 10-0 against Scotts Valley, play again Friday, July 2, @ 5:30 PM
Finals from Thursday, July 1
SLV 10/11's lose 9-8 in a nine-inning marathon.  Play again Sat 7/3 @ 1 pm
Finals from Friday, July 2
SLV 12's lose 3-1, play again Monday, July 5, @ 3:30 PM
SLV 8/9's win 7-5 over Santa Cruz American, play again Saturday, July 8, at 10 AM 
Finals from Saturday, July 3
SLV 10/11's  Bats come through, Gentry blasts grand slam, 11's cruise over WA 11-1.
SLV 9/10's  Lose 0-22, next game Tuesday @5:30pm
SLV 8/9's  9's undefeated in pool, defeat PV 6-3
SLV 7/8's first loss in the tournament, 24-9, play again Monday, July 5, @ 5:00 PM
Finals from Monday, July 5
SLV 12's win 3-1, continue to play-off game against Aptos Thursday, July 8, at 5 PM
SLV 7/8 year old team bows out of the 7/8 tourney, with a loss to Aptos, final score of 12-9!  Great job, Mike Olmsted and the 7/8 year old All-Stars!  For some great pictures of the 7/8 team's games, check out Tara Brown's album on Shutterfly (free, easy registration required to view photos, if you don't already have a Shutterfly account).  Thanks, Tara!!
Finals from Tuesday, July 6
SLV 9/10's lose 2-15
Finals from Thursday, July 8 
SLV 12's win, and go on for the tournament championship Saturday, 4:30 PM, in Aptos
SLV 8/9's put up a good fight, but lose to Aptos, 8-5
Finals from Saturday, July 10
SLV 12s WIN the Division 39 Championship!!! (see news story above for details!) 
Check the schedules below and support the valley teams.  Come on down to the 8/9 tournament at the LL field and enjoy, volunteer, and cheer on the boys! 

2010 All-Star Teams Announced

Congratulations to the players, managers and coaches,
who will represent SLV Little League in the District 39 All-Stars Tournaments!
12-yr old team
Robbie Carling
D'Shawn Hopkins
Nolan Jameson
Mitchell Kamau
Mike LaCapria
Ian MacDonell
Michael Mattoch
Keenan Neu
Bryce Nunes
Blake Snedeker
Ari Solomon
Jared Trader 
manager - Tom Jameson
asst coach - Kevin Neu
11-yr old team
Dylan Bounds
Tommy Chestnut
Jack Gentry
Thomas Moore
Tanner Murray
Adam Peters
Matt Robustelli
Jonah Shabry
Matt Siordia 
Hans Suwinski
Jackson Turner
Elijah Valory
Charlie Weigal

manager - Mark Mullins
assistant coach - Mark Gentry
assistant coach - Andy Robustelli 
10-yr old team
Elliot Brown
Max Crandall
Remi Dirck
Howard Forehan
Vernon Freiberg 
Ballard Greedy
Jake Hogan
Ben Kanter 
Blake Kuehl
Scotty MacCool
Luka Mahkovtz
Justin Rudrow
Zane Saunders
Paul Sofranko
manager - Sean Greedy
assistant coach - Matt Saunders
assistant coach -  Steven Sofranko
9-yr old team
Chris Anderson
Jacob Auldridge
Julian Auldridge
Mark Carling
Reese Castagna
Andrew Chestnut
Cody Edgemon
David George
Trent Hopping
Steve Markey
Jaden Swanson
Trent Walker
Andy Wise
manager - Steve Markey
assistant coach - Jeff Auldridge
assistant coach -  Damien Moore
practice coaches - Sean Castagna, Tom Chestnut, Mark Edgemon,
Joe George, John Hopping, Marty Walker 
7/8-yr old Tournament) team*
Owen Andrews
Clay Brown
Aidan Callahan
Christian Carney
Nicolai Heinen 
Chris Markey
Ty Martinez
Reid Olmsted
Kobe Pane
Vinnie Prograce
Hunter Reynolds 
Aiden St. Arno
Dylan Sandles 
Kyle Young
manager - Mike Olmsted
assistant coach - Stephanie Olmsted
assistant coach - Tighe Callahan
Practice coaches - Pete Martinez, Charlie Prograce, Brian Reynolds 
*The 8-yr old tournament is not officially sanctioned by Little League International
as an All-Stars tournament.

Home Run Derby a Success!

MANY thanks to Charlie Prograce, AA Phillies manager, for coordinating and overseeing our first Home Run Derby!  Those who participated had a great time!
Each division had a certain distance to hit the ball in order to count as a home run, with the Majors players having to hit it over the fence to qualify.  The winner from each division received a $20 cash prize, as well as a giant "check" to commemorate the event and have as a souvenir.
This year's winners were -
T-ball division - Rider Saunders, with 3 home runs
A division - Casey Crouch, with 2 home runs
AA division - Kobe Pane, with 2 home runs
(NO picture available - see note below) 
Minors division - Howard Forehan, with 3 home runs
Majors division - Jared Trader, with 4 home runs
*Note from your webmaster - I have photos of 4 of the 5 winners (thanks to Carmen Bergmann!!).  If the person who took a picture of Kobe Pane (who had to leave before the end of the derby) could send me that photo, that would be great! 

He just did it for the kids...

It is with sadness and shock that we received the news that our District Administrator, Rich Young, passed away June 30th, after suffering a massive heart attack. Many of you have met Rich at one or another of our tournament games over the seasons or at some time during the regular season. He has been a part of the Little League family in District 39 for more than 40 years, and has worked tirelessly on behalf of Little League baseball and for the youth of our community. His presence, contribution and guidance will be greatly missed by all. A Little League foundation in Rich's name will be established, and the family has requested donations to this foundation in lieu of flowers. Checks can be made payable and sent to:
Rich Young Memorial Fund
c/o Santa Cruz Little League
P.O. Box 1723
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

 SLV Little League joins with all the leagues of our district in recognizing and mourning the passing of a friend. If you would care to leave a comment about your experiences and relationships with Rich, the Guestbook function has been enabled for this purpose. Your posts and comments will be forwarded to District 39 and Rich's family.
Sign our guestbook 
(name and email not necessary)
You can read more about Rich in this Santa Cruz Sentinel report

2009 Post Season Information (TOC & All-Star)

If you'd like to follow the Northern California Divisional All-Star Tournaments,
Click on Tournament Brackets, and follow the links.
Lakeside Little League from District 54 in Section 4 won the Northern California State Championship.
You can click here to follow the West Region Tournament.

Here's another great site to check on...
Northern California Divisional Tournament Historical Results (updated with results for the 11/12)
The SLV Little League community is tremendously proud of the accomplishments and efforts of all of the All-Star teams. You gave it your all and we watched you put your hearts and souls into it, and we enjoyed seeing that in every single game. You displayed good sportsmanship throughout and set a fine example as you represented San Lorenzo Valley in this year's tournament. Have a fun summer!
11/12 2009 District 39 Champion - Capitola/Soquel Little League
 SLV 12s made it to the final 3 and were eliminated by Cap/Soq (5-2) and Pajaro Valley (8-4). They beat Aptos (3-1) and Santa Cruz-A (11-0).
10/11 2009 District 39 Champion - Scotts Valley Little League  SLV 11s won their opener against Cap/Soq (7-5), but were eliminated by Watsonville-A (11-1) and Live Oak (14-11).
9/10 2009 District 39 Champion - Scotts Valley Little League 
SLV 10s finished in 2nd overall with a 5-2 record. Before being eliminated in the championship game by Scotts Valley (10-0), they beat Gilroy-N (1-0), Gilroy-A (8-2), Aptos (7-0), Pajaro Valley (5-3) and Santa Cruz-N (3-0). They also lost to Santa Cruz-A (2-1).

8/9 2009 District 39 Champion - Scotts Valley Little League 
SLV 9s also finished with an overall 5-2 record in the tournament. They were eliminated by Santa Cruz-A (18-8) and Santa Cruz-N (12-9). They defeated Aptos (6-2), Gilroy-N (11-1), Cap/Soq (3-2) Santa Cruz-N (5-1) and benefitted from a forfeit by San Juan/Aromas.
(then click on game score with headline for report)

Read reports from the Santa Cruz Sentinel...HERE.
Read reports from the Register-Pajaronian...HERE.
Read reports from the Press-Banner...HERE.
Game results are also being kept on the District 39 website.
Click HERE for the District 39 scoreboard.

(updated with results 6-28, 8:09pm) 
The SLV Padres went the distance in the Tournament of Champions, but victory went to the Scotts Valley Astros 9-3 on Sunday. The Padres overall tournament record was 7 wins and 2 losses, playing in three more games than any other team in the tournament. An impressive record which everyone in SLV-LL is proud of. Great job Padres!!
Click here for a tribute to the Padres written by a Padres' fan.
(updated with results 6-27, 5:27pm)
The Pajaro Valley Cubs won the Majors TOC Championship 6-0 on Saturday defeating the Dodgers for the second time in the tournament. The SLV Little League community is very proud of the job the Dodgers did reaching the #2 overall ranking in our district. They represented the valley with dignity and distinction.  


2009 8s Tournament Bracket
(updated with results 7-8)
Scotts Valley defeated Watsonville-American 10-3 to win the championship. The SLV 8s were eliminated by a technicality, but played valiantly and with great determination. In the middle of an exciting comeback, SLV found themselves beaten by the clock as the game was called for time.
More details

Section 5 All-Stars Tournaments
The 11/12s will be hosted by District 59
The first game for the District 39 champ will be against District 9 on Wednesday, July 16th @ 5:30pm
at the Oak Ridge Little League field at Anderson Elementary School, 5800 Calpine Dr., San Jose
(changed from the Bernal Baseball Complex).
Scotts Valley lost 14-1, to Hollister American in the first round on Wednesday night.
They faced Union tonight, and tied up at 4 in the 6th, ended up going down 10-4.
The best site available to track tournament results is at this website...
The following information was copied from that site...
District Champions in Section 5
D9 - Hollister American
D12 - Union (San Jose)
D39 - Scotts Valley
D44 - Briarwood-El Camino (Santa Clara)
D59 - Oak Ridge (San Jose)

Section 5 Tournament

Host - California District 59
At Milpitas National South and Oak Ridge (San Jose)
Championship Game Host - Oak Ridge (San Jose)

Tournament Schedule/Results:

1 - Briarwood-El Camino 6, Union 0
2 - Hollister American versus Scotts Valley (7/16)
3 - Oak Ridge versus Winner 2 (7/17)
4 - Union versus Loser 2 (elim.) (7/17)
5 - Briarwood-El Camino versus Winner 3 (7/18)
6 - Loser 3 versus Winner 4 (elim.) (7/18)
7 - Loser 5 versus Winner 6 (elim.) (7/19)
8 - Winner 5 versus Winner 7 (TITLE) (7/20)
9 - If necessary (7/21)
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The 10/11s will be hosted by District 39
The first game for the District 39 champ will be on Thursday, July 17th @ 5:00pm
at the Watsonville National Little League field at Franich Park Field, E. Lake Ave (Hwy 152) & Wagner Ave., Watsonville, CA
(opponent to be determined).
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
The 9/10s will be hosted by District 44
The first game for the District 39 champ will be against District 9 on Wednesday, July 16th @ 5:30pm
at the Campbell Little League field at Campbell Field 2, W Hamilton Ave & Millich Dr, Campbell, CA.
Scotts Valley won their first game against Hollister National on Wednesday,
 and will play again on Friday in the winners bracket final.
Check the Sports Section of the Sentinel...HERE (Look for local reports under "Local Sports")
Check the Sports Section of the Register-Pajaronian...HERE
Check the Sports Section of the Press Banner...HERE 
Check out the Links page for links to other leagues in our district as well as other resources.
District 39/SLV 2008 All-Stars Wrap-up
Scotts Valley beats Capitola/Soquel 14-8 to become the
2008 District 39 Champions!
Congratulations to the Scotts Valley 11/12-yr olds,
and good luck in the Section 5 tournament!
 SLV Results:
1st game: SLV 6, Gilroy 2
2nd game: SLV 10, Watsonville National/Salsi 0
3rd game: Scotts Valley 3, SLV 1
4th game: SLV 5, Gilroy 1
5th game: Capitola/Soquel 6, SLV 1
Game report:
 SLV 12-yr olds Season Ends with Loss to Capitola/Soquel
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Capitola/Soquel wins by a run against Scotts Valley 5-4
 to become the 2008 District 39 Champions!
Congratulations to the Capitola/Soquel 10/11-yr olds,
and good luck in the Section 5 tournament!
SLV Results: 
1st game: Watsonville N/Salsi 5, SLV 3
2nd game: SLV 11, Santa Cruz A 5
Game report: SLV 11-yr olds Enjoy Sweet Taste of Victory
3rd game: Aptos 11, SLV 1
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
Scotts Valley beats Aptos 14-7 to become the
2008 District 39 Champions!
Congratulations to the Scotts Valley 9/10-yr olds,
and good luck in the Section 5 tournament!
 SLV Results: 
1st game: Capitola/Soquel 9, SLV 4
2nd game: Gilroy National 11, SLV 1
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Scotts Valley beats Aptos 7-3 to become the
2008 District 39 Champions!
Congratulations to the Scotts Valley 8/9-yr olds!
SLV Results:
1st game: SLV 6, Santa Cruz-N 2
2nd game: Scotts Valley 8, SLV 0
3rd game: Aptos 11, SLV 10
The Tournament Brackets section of the site contains all of the tournament information as well.

SLV Padres Bring 2008 District 39 Championship Back to SLV!!

The SLV Padres made it two out of three against the Santa Cruz American Yankees in another 9-0 victory in their final game of the District 39 Tournament of Champions, hosted by Santa Cruz Little League on Sunday afternoon.

Congratulations to the 2008 District 39 Majors TOC Champion Padres.
The whole valley is proud!
Fan support for the Padres has been tremendous,
and the Padres wish to express their thanks and appreciation to the SLV fans
for being that great 10th player on the field.

Check the Sports Section of the Sentinel...HERE (Look for local reports under "Local Sports")
Check the Sports Section of the Register-Pajaronian...
Check the Sports Section of the Press Banner...HERE

8-Yr Old Tournament Ends Too Soon for SLV

The 8-yr old Tournament hosted by Watsonville American Little League began on June 23rd.
The San Lorenzo Valley team faced Scotts Valley in the 1st round, and were shutout 11-0 in a 4-inning game.
In their  2nd game, they faced Capitola/Soquel, and were eliminated in a time shortened game 9-4.
Thanks to all the fans for coming to support the team!
Game highlights will be posted soon and links made available...stay tuned.

SLV A's Knocked Out of Minors TOC

 - UPDATED 7/4 @ 1:28AM (final results in)
The Gilroy American Angels went on to win the 2008 Distict 39 Minors TOC Championship defeating Scotts Valley 2 out of 3 times to take the crown. Congratulations to the Gilroy American Angels and all the Minors TOC teams!
The A's won their 2nd round matchup on Monday night, but went on to lose a heartbreaker in the following game. Game highlights will be posted soon. Congratulations to the A's on a fine job, and great season.
Game reports for the A's are still to come!

Giants Grab 2008 AA Division Championship!

The AA Giants finished atop their division in both halves of the season to make them the uncontested 2008 AA Division Champions! The team was honored at the Closing Day ceremonies, and received championship trophies for their overall 19-2 effort. Every player contributed throughout the season, and they combined skills, dedication and an enthusiasm for fun in their run to the crown.
There is no TOC for the AA Division, so the Giants season has now come to a close.


Majors Padres Win 2008 Division Championship

The Padres and Brewers faced off in a playoff game to determine the Majors division champ, and the Padres won 3-1. The Padres will go on to represent SLV Little League in the Majors TOC to begin next week. Santa Cruz Little League will host the tournament and all games will be played at Harvey West Park - Field 1.
The Padres first game will be against the Gilroy Rockies on June 17th at 7:30pm.

A's Win 2008 SLVLL Minors Division!

The Minors A's won both halves of the season, making them the uncontested 2008 SLVLL Minors Division champs. Game highlights can be found here. They will advance to the Tournament of Champions (TOC), and face their counterparts from the other leagues in District 39, which will be hosted by Gilroy.
The A's first game will be on June 19th at 6:00pm in Gilroy, Field A1 - opponent to be determined.


Champions Capitola/Soquel Start the Summer For SLV 11-Yr Olds

July 16, 2007

The SLV 11-yr olds packed up their bats as the last run crossed the plate to end the season for SLV. Capitola/Soquel beat SLV 7-3 on Monday night, and claimed the 2007 District 39 Championship. In a great effort by both sides, SLV lost the game but won the hearts of their fans. All of the SLV teams played with class and dignity, and all received fantastic support from the SLV community, with many fans appearing at games with passion and pride. At the final game Monday night the fans without family on the team nearly outnumbered those that did. We all salute the players, coaches, managers and team parents!

2007 SLV All Star Results

July 9, 2007

<This is the full article submitted to the Press Banner this week. There was not enough room in the paper, and it was edited for space (a hard fact of the publishing world I have no control over).>

submitted by Randy Gordon

The Little League's District 39 All-Star Tournament began this past week, and is currently in full swing with the final games set to be played on or by July 17th. Four competitive divisions are participating in the tournament in age defined divisions. SLV has teams representing the league in all four divisions...9, 10, 11 and 12 year olds. Following is a brief recap of the results from the past week. You can get more details and follow the post-season at, including updated brackets, game results and schedule information.
9-Year Olds - Gilroy Sports Complex
Watsonville-American 8, SLV 7
The 9-yr old team opened up the tournament on July 3rd, in a very close game losing 8-7 to the Watsonville-American team. After trailing for 4½ innings, Watsonville-A took the lead with a 3-run inning, giving them a 2-run lead at 7-5. SLV scored 2 runs in the top of the 6th...Mitchell Kamau and Jonathan Davico both scored to tie the game. But Watsonville-American was able to score the winning run in their half of the inning handing the SLV boys their first loss.
SLV 15, Gilroy-American 3
On Saturday SLV faced the Gilroy-American team, who had been beaten 10-0 by Aptos, in an elimination contest. SLV would come out on top, after being in control of this game from the start. Starting pitcher Jonah Shabry, hit a solid double to right field with one out in the first, and another out later, D'Shawn Hopkins hit a homerun picking up 2 of his 4 RBI's on the day. Nathan Pisciotta also singled and scored in the first, giving the SLV 9's a nice lead. They added a run in the second and then 4 more in the third before Gilroy-American scored their first 3 runs. SLV would also score 2 runs in the 4th, and 5 in the 5th. Having been placed in a 12-run hole in the top of the 5th, Gilroy was unable to score the needed 3 runs to avoid being beaten by the 10-run rule, and SLV chalked up their first win of the tournament. Jonathan Davico, Charlie Weigel, and Shabry all had RBI hits in the game. Robbie Carling and Davico both hit triples, and Jared Trader and Ian MacDonell also had basehits. Shabry was the winning pitcher, with Hopkins pitching in relief for three innings.
The 9-year olds will face Scotts Valley in an elimination round Monday (7-9) at the Gilroy Sports Complex.
10-Year Olds - Pinto Lake Field (Watsonville-A)
SLV 11, Santa Cruz-National 5
The 10-yr olds came up with a big win in their first game of the tournament. SLV got on the board first in the 2nd inning with a run and scored two more in the top of the 3rd and never looked back. Starting and winning pitcher Jared Mailey held SC-National to 2 runs through 4 innings, and relievers Brandon Stoddart and Kenny Cellla protected the lead through the final two innings while on offense SLV added three more runs in the 4th and five in the 5th. Nathan Gentry, Kris Chatfield and Cella each had 2 RBI's in the game, and Garrett Kustin, Stoddart, and Derek Wolf (3-3) also had RBI's in the effort.
San Juan/Aromas 14, SLV 11
Friday night SLV suffered their first loss after an early game run fest. It would be the San Juan/Aromas team that would prevail however, sending the SLV team to the loser's bracket. After scoring 8 in the 2nd inning, SLV gave up 9 in the bottom half of the inning, and were never able to catch SJ/A.
Gilroy-National 13, SLV 10
Barely 12 hours later the SLV boys were back in Watsonville to face the Gilroy-National squad in an elimination round. Gilroy-National was able to hit well in the 2nd inning, scoring 7 runs. SLV came back. With the score 7-5 in the top of the 5th, SLV scored 5 times. Cella, Max LaCapria, Gentry and Wolf all had hits, and Jude Sofranko also picked up 2 RBI's on a fielder's choice to give SLV a 10-7 lead. But the Gilroy-National team scored 6 runs in their half of the inning, and SLV watched their lead slip away. The loss eliminated the 10-yr olds from the tournament.
11-Year Olds - Harvey West Park (Santa Cruz)
SLV 6, Santa Cruz-National 0
The 11-yr olds played very well in their defeat of the Santa Cruz-National team. Pitcher Jordan Peabody pitched to all but the final batter having reached his pitch limit. Dayton Landry had the game winning hit in the first inning tripling to right field and scoring Peabody and Robbie Biagiotti. The SLV team had 7 hits from Peabody, Johnny Lucas, Andrew Adams (2-run triple), Biagiotti, Landry, Ben Knudson and Jacob Schwartz.
SLV 18, Live Oak 0
On Saturday morning the SLV 11's obviously ate their Wheaties (or something), as they were unstoppable against Live Oak, ending the game early by way of the 10-run rule in the 4th inning. Ajay Morrison pitched for the win as the offense racked up 15 hits.
The next game for the 11s will be against the Salsipuedes/Watsonville-National team on Tuesday night at 5pm @ Harvey West Park.
12-Year Olds - Aptos Jr. High school (Aptos)
SLV 6, Live Oak 5
Despite allowing 3 homeruns, starting pitcher Lucas Trader still chalked up the win in this game, as his offense outpaced Live Oak and SLV led the game from the 3rd inning. Kyle Fimbrez went 3-4 and had 3 RBI's at the plate, and Larry George and Logan Nance also had RBI hits. Billy Mullins and Ben Snyder also hit doubles.
Aptos 12, SLV 2
On Saturday, the 12s were handed their first defeat by the Aptos team. Mullins and Trader scored the only two runs for SLV in the first inning. The Aptos bats proved too much to handle that day, though, and ended the game early for SLV by the 10-run rule in the 5th.
SLV will face either San Juan/Aromas or Salsi/Watsonville-National in an elimination game on Wednesday, 5:30pm @ Aptos Jr. High School.

Capitola/Soquel Emerges As District 39 Majors Champ

June 28, 2007
The Capitola/Soquel Dodgers claimed the Majors TOC championship on Thursday night in Gilroy, defeating the Gilroy Cardinals 9-5. Along the way the Dodgers faced five teams going undefeated throughout. Falling to Capitola/Soquel were the Santa Cruz-American, Santa Cruz-National Cubs, Salsipuedes/Watsonville National Astros, Scotts Valley Cardinals, and the Gilroy Cardinals.
For details from the Santa Cruz Sentinel click on this link:
Congratulations and good luck in the Regional Tournament to the Capitola/Soquel Dodgers!
In the Minors TOC, the Live Oak Astros beat the Aptos Yankees 5-4 on Thursday, and became the 2007 Minors division TOC champion.
Congratulations as well to the Live Oak Astros!
Final Results for the Majors TOC have been updated and posted on the District 39 website.
Here is a link to those results...

Astros & Marlins Bow Out of TOC

June 26, 2007
The SLV Astros reached the end of the road in the TOC on Monday night, after their second loss in the tournament. It was the Gilroy Cardinals who would best the Astros 12-1, in a game decided early by the Cardinals' 10-run lead in the fourth. During the tournament, the Astros won two games, beating the Watsonville-American champs 2-0 and the Aptos Red Sox in their first game 10-8. The Majors Astros suffered their first loss on Saturday, June 23rd, in a close 2-1 game against the Santa Cruz-National Cubs.
The Marlins also have completed their post-season run in the Minors' tournament. After beating the team from San Juan / Aromas in an exciting come from behind 9-8 victory, they would drop the next two games to Live Oak, and then either the team from Santa Cruz-National or Gilroy-National. No further details are available for their last game at press time.
Congratulations to both teams for their efforts and achievements this season.
We're all very proud of our SLV Champs!!

2007 All-Star Teams Announced

June 16, 2007
The 2007 All-Star teams were announced and introduced at the Closing Day cermonies on June 16th. Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season's All-Star tournament to begin in July. Here are the four All-Star teams for 2007:
8/9 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager - Troy Bounds
Coaches -  Scott Mattoch and Mike Pisciotta
Dylan Bounds - AA Athletics
Robbie Carling - AA Tigers
Jon Davico - Minors Marlins
D'Shawn Hopkins - Minors Tigers
Mitchell Kamau - Minors Dodgers
Ian MacDonell - Minors Phillies
Michael Mattoch - Minors Tigers
Nathan Pisciotta - Minors Pirates
Matt Robustelli - AA Angels
Jonah Shabry - AA Athletics
Ari Solomon - Minors Tigers
Jared Trader - Minors Pirates
Charles Weigel - AA Athletics
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager - Richie Cella
Coaches - Kevin Newberry and Glenn Robbins
Kenny Cella - Minors Tigers
Max La Capria - Minors Marlins
Garrett Kustin - Minors Phillies
Nate Gentry - Minors Phillies
Kris Chatfield (Hostetter) - Minors Dodgers
Cody Lipperd - Minors Phillies
Jared Mailey - Minors Marlins
Isaac Newberry - Minors Tigers
Daniel Peters - Minors Marlins
Brian Robbins - Minors Pirates
Jude Sofranko - Minors Dodgers
Brandon Stoddart - Minors Pirates
Derek Wolf - Minors Pirates
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager - Mike Olmsted
Coaches - Michael Mullins and Guy Peabody
Andrew Adams - Majors Dodgers
Elliot Andrews - Majors Giants
Ryan Barton - Majors Astros
Robbie Biagiotti - Majors Dodgers
Ben Knudson - Majors Giants
Dayton Landry - Majors Cardinals
Johnny Lucas - Majors Dodgers
Duncan Mackie - Majors Cardinals
Ajay Morrison - Majors Cardinals
Ryan Olmsted - Majors Dodgers
Jordan Peabody - Majors Cardinals
Patrick Primeau - Majors Cardinals
Jacob Schwartz - Majors Astros
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
Manager - Mark Mullins
Coaches - Dave Scott and Brad Patterson
Aiden Brown - Majors Giants
Kyle Fimbrez - Majors Giants
Larry George - Majors Astros
Tyler Greenly - Majors Astros
Nick Hicks - Majors Cardinals
Jacob Kersten - Majors Dodgers
Billy Mullins - Majors Astros
Cole Morris - Majors Cardinals
Logan Nance - Majors Dodgers
Trevor Patterson - Majors Giants
Trent Scott - Majors Astros
Ben Snyder - Majors Astros
Lucas Trader - Majors Astros

Minors Marlins Clinch 2007 Division Championship!

June 5, 2007

The Marlins clinched the Minors division, when the Tigers defeated the Phillies on Tuesday, and have become the sole Division Champions for 2007 having finished first in both halves of the season. Congratulations to the Marlins, and good luck in the Tournament of Champions.
The Marlins first game in the TOC will be against the San Juan/Aromas champions, and will be played at
Harvey West Little League field on June 18th @ 5pm.

AA Athletics Ascend as the 2007 Division Champs!

June 2, 2007
The AA A's took the 2007 Division Championship when they beat the Angels on Saturday.
The A's also finished in first place for both halves of the season.
Congratulations to the A's and coaching staff for a terrific season!

Majors SLV Astros Claim 2007 Division Championship!

May 28, 2007

Last Monday (5/21) the SLV Astros clinched their division title by defeating the Giants 17-5. The Astros also finished in 1st place for the first half of the season, making them the uncontested Majors Division Champions for the 2007 season. After completing the remainder of their season, the Astros will advance to the Tournament of Champions, where they will face the division champions from the other leagues in our District 39, a double elimination tournament that begins on June 18th. The Astros first opponent will be the Aptos league champs in a 6pm game @ the Gilroy Sports Complex, Field A1.

Congratulations on an excellent season of consistent ballplaying,
and good luck as you represent our San Lorenzo Valley!

First Half Standings & TOC (Tournament of Champions) Information

2008 MAJORS 1st Half Standings
Team Won Lost Tied Pct. G.B.
Brewers 9 1 1 .864 --
Dodgers 4 6 1 .409 5.0
Giants 4 7 0 .364 5.5
Padres 4 7 0 .364 5.5

2008 MINORS 1st Half Standings 
Team Won Lost Tied Pct. G.B.
Athletics 7 1 0 .875 --
Yankees 5 3 0 .625 2.0
Angels 4 4 0 .500 3.0
Rangers 4 4 0 .500 3.0
Padres 0 8 0 .000 7.0

2008 AA 1st Half Standings
Team Won Lost Tied Pct. G.B.
Giants 9 1 0 .900 --
Dodgers 5 5 0 .500 4.0
Pirates 4 6 0 .400 5.0
Cardinals 2 8 0 .200 7.0

The current standings now reflect the second half of the season, and do not include results from the first half.
Congratulations to all of the first half leaders.
In our District 39, two post-season Tournament of Champions (TOC) are held in which the Majors and Minors(AAA) division leaders, for each league in the district, meet to determine a District Champion. The first place team in the second half of the season will meet the first place team in the first half of the season in a single playoff game to determine the 2008 SLVLL Division Champion. This game is to be scheduled. Should the same team finish both halves in 1st place, that team will proudly represent SLV in the District 39 TOC's. There is no AA TOC, but if necessary a AA championship game will be played at 5:30pm on June 13th.